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Tear Jerker / Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake

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  • At the end of Issue 6, Ice Queen intentionally melting herself and the Ice Queendom. She's such a dangerous villain compared to Ice King that it can be easy to forget she was likely corrupted by ice magic once.
  • The story about how volcanos are made by Cake. A women made of fire living in an endless sand and rock desert kisses the boulders around her and brings them to life, and lives with them and protects them as a mother would her children... until one day it starts raining, which weakens and shrinks her. Her children gather around her, forming a cone to shade her from the rain, but the rain returns them to their rock state. She's trapped with what's left of her children, crying tears of lava that flow out to the ocean where new life can form. Fionna tells Cake that her story made her feel depressed.

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