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Tear Jerker / Ad Astra

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  • Roy McBride has gone so far in suppressing his emotions in order to comply with SpaceCom's drastic space flight requirements that it took a heavy toll on his social and private life. There isn't a more simple and heartbreakingly effective way to show it than Eve dropping her own set of keys of his apartment on the table before leaving.
  • The meaningful consideration about humanity having imported its worst tendencies (consumerism and conflicts) on the Moon while space conquest was initially thought to be about something else.
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  • The Red Shirt lieutenant who drives Roy on the Moon perishes in the ambush by space pirates, and Roy finds out the man taped a photo of his wife and kid to his rover's dashboard.
  • Helen Lantos reveals to Roy that his father Clifford killed her parents, who were on the Lima Project with him.
  • After not having seen his father for close to 30 years, and thinking he was dead for almost half that time, upon finally being reunited with him after travelling so far from Earth, Roy pleads with him to come home, only for his dad to coldly reply that Earth is not his home and he never cared about Roy or his mother anyway. This actually made Brad Pitt spontaneously start crying, and it was kept in and purposefully not digitally zero-G edited because it just fit so well.
    • Roy's line, "I still love you, Dad," is simultaneously deeply moving — because it shows he is still capable of feeling and expressing that emotion — and terribly sad — because his father will never return it.
  • Clifford was Driven to Madness by his seemingly futile quest to find traces of intelligent life. He is unwilling to go back to Earth, and prefers basically committing suicide by using his thrusters to drift in space.


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