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Tear Jerker / Ace of the Diamond

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  • The conclusion of the Seido-Inashiro game, which ends in Seido's defeat. Everyone has Broken Tears, it's especially heart-wrenching to watch Eijun and Yuki's reactions.
  • Chris not making it to the first string and Eijun's reaction.
  • Mei's backstory and the effect it has on him.
  • It's subtle, but seeing young Miyuki having to care for himself as his father is negligent can tease the heartstrings.
  • There is some sadness to every team's loss, as all players have dreams and want to stand on Koshien's stage - and most of them only have that last chance to do it. Sakurazawa's hits particularly hard.
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  • Ugumori's backstory. While it is as a whole very tearjerking, the smaller scenes will be what gets you, like when Nao sitting in the middle of the field staring blankly not even seeming to register that his friends have come.

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