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Tear Jerker / Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

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  • The indiscriminate Allied bombing of Hoffnung. All of it. Plus Pixy's disgusted response at the end of the mission.
    Pixy: Damn them all.
  • In the beginning of "Stage of the Apocalypse", the mission directly after Hoffnung. After the events of this mission and the one previous, his defection to A World With No Boundaries might not be all that surprising.
    PJ: This is PJ from Crow Team. Galm 2, is there something wrong with your craft?
    Pixy: Nah.. I'm just sad.
    • Freaking smartcrack Pixy is sad. You know the war hit the low point then.
  • Fighting the Final Boss, depending on your point of view. Two of you could have been friends.
  • The final interview.
    Pixy: "Trust is vital in a peaceful world, but that will never happen."