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Tear Jerker / AXIS

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  • Magneto becomes a full hero after seeing Xavier's spirit trying to give him a message. It's heartwarming and beautiful... until Magneto walks away and it turns out that he missed the full message. Xavier was trying to say that Magneto was right all along. Red Onslaught managed to do what no other villain could; he broke Xavier's faith in humanity.
  • Deadpool's fight with Apocalypse/Evan in Axis #7, especially when Apocalypse begins berating Wade for being involved in the killing of the original kidApocalypse way back in Uncanny X-Force. What makes this especially hard to read is that Wade never agreed with the death of the child and spent most of the series trying to atone for not stopping the kid's death. He always saw the good in Evan, and seeing Apocalypse rip his head off as a trophy is very, very unnerving.