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Tear Jerker / A View to a Kill

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  • The discovery of 003's body, where Bond finds a microship hidden in a locket containing an image of what we can only presume to be the agent's wife and young daughter.
  • Tibbett's death, which leaves Bond visibly angered when confronted by Zorin.
  • Zorin's murder of Pola's fellow agent at the pumping station; the man is desperately fighting for his life as he's condemned to die inside the pipe's lethal turbines.
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  • Chuck Lee's death; We only get one or two scenes with him, but it's a shame to see such a reasonable and valuable ally offed as suddenly as he was; Bond is visibly shocked to learn of his fellow agent's death.
  • Mr. Howe's murder; while he did set himself up for the fall at the hands of a very obviously dangerous man, it's hard not to empathize with Stacey's horror and Bond's disgust when Zorin offs the unarmed man right in front of them.
  • On that note, the murder of all the mine workers by Zorin certainly warrants this, as they had been loyal to him and were utterly defenseless. This said, they were at least complicit, if not willing participants, in a plot to flood Silicon Valley and drown millions of people, which may diminish exactly how weepy you would feel for them.
    • May Day's anguished cry of "Jenny!" upon seeing her corpse.
  • May Day's Heroic Sacrifice. True, she had actively taken part in every step of Zorin's plan, but is genuinely devastated when he betrays her without a second thought, and further distressed at the loss of her comrades. When they finally remove the bomb, May Day refuses Bond's desperate calls for her to get off the rig. Accepting her fate, she leaves this to her former enemy:
    May Day: Get Zorin for me!
    • Grace Jones' real-life hostility with Roger Moore both during and after filming becomes this after Moore's death in 2017, where Jones in spite of their history stepped forward to offer her co-star a moving tribute to his life and career on social media.
  • Even though Mortner is a mad Nazi scientist, one cannot help but feel a twinge of sympathy for the old bastard as he sees Zorin, his foster son, about to fall to his death.
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  • The final shot of the series for Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny is her crying when she overhears her superiors say Bond is missing and presumed dead.


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