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Tear Jerker / A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky

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  • When Mint dies. Right after saving Yvette, Mint all of a sudden becomes calm and at peace.
    • Seeing how Ivy is still haunted by her death after many years is incredibly depressing. Ivy even stays in the wasteland for decades because she can see her memories of Mint projected
    • Cyril never forgives himself for not taking care of Mint and Ivy prior to their climb. After Ivy leaves he tries for years to leave food for her by the entrance of his basement only to find it cold everyday. Ivy never came back until he left and had passed away
      • After watching his Soul Tear, Ivy simply whispers "I'm sorry I never called you Grandpa, like [Mint] did"
  • The deaths of Jerrick and Clive are quite gut wrenching.
    • Jerrick dies out of exhaustion from trying to dig a hole to escape the Bandit King's Labor Camp. He contemplates the death of his father, and how when he died nothing went through his mind like him before he goes out. It's a sad acceptance of the fate his father had.
    • Clive dies after helping Ivy's party escape from the Bandit King's Labor camp then distracting the guards by running away and getting shot.

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