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Tear Jerker / A Thousand Splendid Suns

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  • Jalil left Mariam a copy of Pinocchio, which she had begged him to see when she was a child. She died before she could claim it, and Laila's left wondering about the significance of the gift.
  • Mariam is executed for defending Laila.
    One last time, Mariam did as she was told.
  • Nana's suicide and from both her and Mariam's prospective:
    • Mariam is not spared from the sight of her hanging body and will feel guilty for the rest of her life for abandoning her and never listen to her warnings, which were pretty accurate but also emotionally abusive to Mariam, making her believe at the point that she was right about not having any place in the world beside her mother's side.
    • Nana commited suicide when her worst nightmare apparently became real, her daughter, the only one person she loves and loves her abandoning her to join her father's side. You can tell by her actions that aside telling some truth about Jalil, she tries to put him in the worst light possible because she fears the day her daughter will abandon her.
    • Nana's entire life is pretty gloomy. She's a victim of society ignorance and intolerance. Her only engagement is broke off because of her "jinn possession" which is heavily implied by Jalil himself to be plain old epilepsy. Born in a different time and place it would have been properly treated and she would have led a normal life. Her master got her pregnant, so she is fired and the blame placed on her, with everyone even his father deserting her. She has to deliver the child herself despite the risk of epileptic seizure. And then raised the kid all by herself in a shabby shack.