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Tear Jerker / A Boy and His Blob

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  • The end of the A Boy and His Blob for Wii has that scene where the character is dead, and the protagonist cries for a few seconds, and then the character is alive again except this time the blob turns into some unbelievably powerful robot immediately afterward and you think that's the end of it, until the surprisingly bittersweet ending where the blob returns to its planet leaving the boy's dark silhouette to gaze up at the moon, alone.
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  • The song "Everything to Me" is an extreme tear-jerker. To break it down, it begins by lamenting how someone deeply loved by the speaker has left the speaker's life, and that their good times together are now nothing but a memory. The someone is so sorely missed, that living without them is metaphorically compared to wandering around surrounded by haze while half-asleep. It goes on wistfully and hopefully yet also slightly doubtfully about the possibility of a reunion, which is not possible here and now, but "maybe far away from here". While the song is certainly applicable to its context in the game's plot, the blob having to go back to his home planet, its lyrics are broadly applicable to any sorrowful parting between two people who will apparently never see each other again, and the fact that it is sung by an adult female who is not attempting to disguise her voice as that of a prepubescent boy suggests that it is not necessarily intended to be read as being specifically from the point of view of the boy. And then you realize that, if you believe in an afterlife, the suggestion that, although a reunion here and now is impossible, "maybe far away from here I'll meet you", could just as easily be directed at a dead person. Looking at the song as a whole, you then realize that it could be played at a funeral and not seem even remotely out of place, but feel totally appropriate. That's how much of a tear jerker this song is.


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