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  • Arina Tanemura's works falls into this, possibly due to the art style. As for the stories...not so much. She does some pretty dark stuff before the happy endings including a six-year-old boy committing suicide in front of his mother. Something like that definitely shouldn't taste like diabetes. If anything, Tanemura is more like a Japanese female version of Don Bluth where she does some major breaking the cutie before they earn their happy endings.
  • Azumanga Daioh
    • Chiyo-chan + penguin suit. Or simply Chiyo-chan, period (that song she sings in Episode 1!). It's even pointed out by other characters that it's so cute it breaks your mind.
    • o/ Cooking is so fuuuuun, cooking is so fuuuuun o/
    • The scene with Marco the kitty is caramelized sugar dipped in a cup of sugar with glaze and powdered sugar on top. Poor Sakaki-san.
    • And speaking of Sakaki, that cuddling scene with Maya...
  • Bananya, as exemplified here.
  • The main character from Because I'm The Goddess.
  • The two sisters Kyou and Asu in Binbou Shimai Monogatari are really just endearing enough to pull off their saccharine sweet interaction, depending on how much sweetness you can take in.
    • The level of saccharine is mostly offset by the appearance of the Echigoya sisters. Thank goodness for them!
    • Note that this is not the case with the manga, only the anime suffers from this.
  • Elizabeth Middleford from Black Butler
  • Bottle Fairy. Blargh.
  • Binchou-tan is so cute it hurts.
  • Episode 8 of Carnival Phantasm has the scene with Saber giving Shirou a birthday present, the sweetness of the scene is enough to rot your teeth.
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  • The entirety, and especially the opening sequence of Chi's Sweet Home.
  • Fuko Ibuki from CLANNAD when she enters "starfish mode." This picture should ring a bell.
  • Croisée In a Foreign Labyrinth: Yune and Alice definitely qualify. And just look at Camille as a little girl! Omochikaeri~~
  • Dog Days:
    • So, there's a pink dog-eared princess. Who is also a pop idol songstress. Her country is embroiled in war with a rival nation... where the worst thing that can happen to you is getting turned into an adorable ball of fluff with ears and a tail.
    • Bonus points for nearly every character being named after something sweet. Namely, pastries.
  • Dragon Ball: Invoked as Frieza's punishment in Hell. He is trapped in a cocoon surrounded by fairies, stuffed-toys, and flowers who hold parades and play cheerful music for the rest of eternity, or at least until his soul is purified and he's allowed to be reborn, in which he will lose all his memories. Yet he was still wished back by his minions. Only to be sent back again.
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  • Eureka Seven's ending is this in an overly sappy, cutesy way (at least in the anime; the manga is a full-on Downer Ending). A giant heart gets carved into the moon.
  • Excel Saga
    • The Puchuus are more likely parodies of this trope, since they're evil, and look like Duke Togo when hit.
    • They're also paralyzingly cute in-universe, with Nabeshin and Space Butler unable to resist the cuteness when they're trying to escape a Puchuu spaceship.
    • Subverted (Tastes Like Insulin?) with Misaki Matsuya's encounter with one. She is momentarily entranced by a Puchuu, only to suddenly axe it in half, while saying "I don't like cute."
    • The same with Excel, except substitute the axe with a karate chop.
    Excel: Aw, it's so cute! (punches Puchuu) But who the heck cares?!?!?
  • Free! has moments of this.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Galaxy Angel is the example that has overused this trope and cut everything uncute out of the show, including the male protagonist.
    • Which doesn't even make sense because not only is said male protagonist drawn to look just as cute as the girls, cutting out the romances he shares with the girls actually makes the show LESS cute. But the anime director likely did this for the sake of Pink Bishoujo Ghetto. Blargh indeed.
  • Hamtaro features overly cutesy hamsters and saccharine adventures, though it is quite entertaining.
  • The title heroine of Hayate × Blade is a Badass Adorable to begin with, but cranks it way up when she spends the school festival in a duck suit.
  • Hello Kitty. Pretty much anything from Sanrio or San-X, really.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers
    • The cross dressing toddler form of Italy, Chibitalia. Especially while singing "Maru Kaite Chikyuu."
    • Also, episode 22.
    • How about Chibi-USA? He's adorable, isn't he?
    • Basically, they are the most adorable thing to ever rot you teeth out, ever.
  • Hidamari Sketch. The character designs and Slice of Life situations will have you fearing for your nutbladder.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry. You know, before all the killing.
  • Jewelpet. The intro (first anime series) speaks for itself.. The second entry, Jewelpet Twinkle, brought this trope Up to Eleven, though deep and angsty plot balanced it to some degree.
  • K-On!:
    • The entire Hirasawa family, with the parents as Sickeningly Sweethearts and the sisters in a practically similar relationship (minus the potential incestuous subtext), your teeth will have rot before Mugi offers any cake.
    • Then there are the lyrics Mio wrote, if the reactions of the other club members are any indication.
      • The song in question, Tokimeki Sugar, has been released and is sickeningly sweet.
    • Yui's songs might qualify for this trope too, but most of them are more starchy than sweet.
    • Azunyan. When she has her cat-ears on, when she calms down for some reason (eating cake or being pet by Yui), etc. It is impossible to not love her.
    • Does this series really need examples? Every second of every episode qualifies for this trope really.
  • Kill la Kill: Nui Harime, the Grand Couturier, is a parody of this trope. She is a sickeningly cute girl with a sickeningly cute voice and a sickeningly cute demeanor who wears sickeningly cute frilly clothes that make her look like a Magical Girl. Her actions, however, will make you sick in a whole different way. She keeps up her adorable facade even as she tells the protagonist about how she murdered her father.
  • Kimi ni Todoke centers around teenagers who are kind and understand one another. -Gasp-!
  • Kiniro Mosaic is very saccharine in a British way, especially in the first episode when Shinobu first met Alice in England.
  • A Little Snow Fairy Sugar... the epitome of overly-cutesy moe if there ever was one.
    • The word "sugar" is right there in the name, as is "fairy." That might actually count as a Lampshade Hanging.
  • Love Live!:
  • Lucky Star
    • Konata's little cousin Yutaka qualifies. From the first moment you see her, she rots your teeth—and as soon as you think it can't get any worse, just wait till you see her interaction with Iwasaki's dog in the OVA. On top of that, she's voiced by Starfire's voice actress.
    • Hell, the entire series tastes like diabetes—or more like chocolate cornets.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha was like this before the plot showed up four or so episodes in. And then again at several points through the whole series. But special mention should be made of the ViVid manga which takes it Up to Eleven.
    • And that's not even getting into what the series was originally going to be.Warning 
  • Aqua, a minor villain from MÄR, was so sickeningly adorable that she was killed by one of her own allies.
  • The first 15 minutes of Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors is like this. Then they start preparing for war...
  • Nanatsuiro Drops is so cute, that just watching 5 seconds of the opening will make your teeth fall out and your eyes pop of SO. MUCH. CUTENESS. Gah
  • Non Non Biyori has a number of scenes where the characters constantly show how happy they are.
  • The whole purpose behind Nyanpire: The Animation and the original manga "The Gothic World of Nyanpire".
  • The OP for Ore Shura is a ridiculously cutesy song played over numerous shots of the maximally cute-ified heroines in a bright-pastel-colored world overflowing with cake, candy, and flowers. And, of course, plenty of mild fanservice. It doesn't get much more sugary than this.
  • Oyayubihime Monogatari, and its American counterpart EVEN MORE SO, HNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG!
  • Hina from Listen to me, girls. I am your father!, is strong enough to put you in a diabetic coma.
  • Pokémon
    • Some of the critters, especially those belonging to the main characters of the anime. Granted, some of these start out cute and get progressively... less so, but there are some that stay adorable. Example: Igglybuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff. Even their NAMES are cute!
    • The Chansey family also falls into this, especially Happiny, the baby form of Chansey. It has a diaper! D'awww...
    • The film short Pikachu and Pichu, which plays at the beginning of Spell of the Unown, is SO cute. Heck, any time Pokémon are interacting in a friendly manner without their trainers present probably counts.
    • In the Diamond and Pearl episode Battling a Cute Drama! Ash and friends meet a girl who only cares for cute Pokémon. In fact, when Dawn (and Brock) battle her, she spends almost all of her time giving speeches about her cute Pokémon. Everyone else is both disgusted and annoyed. Or crosseyed.
    • Dawn and Piplup themselves are big offenders of this trope.
    • Steamboat Willies, another Diamond and Pearl episode. The gang's Pokémon play and take charge of the ship while they're gone, with ridiculously adorable results.
    • Most of the anime and movie endings are this as well. For example, the first Best Wishes ending, Kokoro no Fanfare. It involves a Pokémon marching band.
    • The Pikachu shorts may qualify, but Eevee And Friends is one of Pokemon's strongest examples of this trope. It basically is 20-30 plot-less minutes of adorably cute Pokemon playing around and just being sugary sweet, including evolved Pokemon that should not be found in the wild in the first place, because they need stones to evolve.
    • Much (but not all) of the series can qualify, though being an anime for young boys (rather than girls) it isn't the most extreme example. Never Say "Die", The Power of Friendship, and Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains are frequently in full effect, and much of the episodes' running time is filled with cute Pokémon speaking unintelligibly in Pokémon Speak (the series is the Trope Namer for a reason). Many of the series' later dub theme songs, despite being less soft than the original Japanese songs, dealt with The Power of Friendship.
  • While there is some debate over whether the film as a whole qualifies (it is one of the few films from Hayao Miyazaki that is very definitely for young children), pretty much everyone agrees that the song that assaults you during the end credits of the American dub of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is... yikes. Just yikes.
    "She's a little fish from the deep blue sea! / She's a little girl with a round tuh-mee!"
  • Potemayo, on the surface. Then you get to the Brokeback Mountain references, crossdressing and toilet humour (and Ho Yay) and you begin to wonder just what the hell you're watching.
  • Intentionally evoked for parody reasons throughout the Pretty Sammy series. Sammy's "Pretty Space" turns the area around her into a diabetic coma-inducing place saturated by the color piiiink and with hearts floating everywhere. This gets commented on by the other characters a few times.
  • This is how most people react when they first hear about an anime called Princess Tutu. It's about a duck who turns into a girl who turns into a Magical Girl Ballerina Princess! Suffice it to say that this is NOT a Sugar Bowl.
  • Anything not in the Witches' Realm in Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Kyubey. Really, IT'S THAT BAD.
  • Risky Safety. My teeth!
  • The "Super S" season of Sailor Moon was notorious for this.
    • Chibiusa in general is like this.
    • But even she has nothing on Chibi-Chibi.
  • Serendipity the Pink Dragon is a sweet story of a boy and his pink, sappy-eyed sea monster. Look no further than the theme song. "My, what a wonderful world we'd have if we all could be... loving and caring! Giving and sharing! Like my friend Serendipity!"
    • The Actual Books that inspired this series are only sometimes this trope, besides there being a lot more characters then those that show up in the Anime the series did a lot of heady themes albeit in a way that children could understand like racism, domestic violence and helping the environment while the series may run on Aesops at least their good Aesops
  • Strawberry Panic!, to such levels that people tend to dismiss this show as Stealth Parody.
  • Sugar Sugar Rune. The first half of that anime feels like diabetes heaven.
  • Yui from Sword Art Online. Fans thought that she was adorable and contributed to Kirito and Asuna's relationship. Detractors on the other hand saw it as contrived and pretentious and say it contributed to the show's Seasonal Rot.
  • Tamako Market, for pretty much the same reasons as K-On.
  • The anime adaptation of the Tamagotchi digital pets. The colors are bright enough, all the characters look extremely cuddly and adorable, they outright use The Power of Friendship to progress a story arc later on in the original installment, the character Lovelitchi/Lovelin is an Idol Singer who performs plenty of upbeat songs with her friend Melodytchi, the Spacy Brothers are too incompetent to succeed in taking over Tamagotchi Planet (let alone pose much of a threat at all most of the time), and there's another character named Himespetchi who has a such a massive crush on the main character Mametchi that she has very, VERY saccharine daydreams about him that have a Crush Filter with a Bishie Sparkle, Love Bubbles, and an excited Catchphrase from Himespetchi ("Gigakyun!!") in full effect.
  • Played for Laughs in the last episode of Tenchi Muyo!. When Ayeka and Sasami's parents come to visit, Ayeka greets her mother by saying "My mommy!" in a very high-pitched voice and her eyes looking all watery. As a matter of fact, her mother insists on her greeting her this way.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: While the anime in general is very manly, there is still one case. Nia. With Young Nia, it feels like every single pore of her body begs you with puppy eyes, "Please, love me, please love me." Much like the Lucky Star example above, Hynden Walch provides Young Nia's voice.
  • I'm Gonna Be an Angel!. It is a shame that most people are turned off just by seeing the art (or the face of the main character), even though the series is really good and many times it was described as 'reverse Utena' (in terms of main themes and overall surrealism).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
    • Even though up to 95% of the monsters are badass types, some of them are really cute, e.g. Kuriboh.
    • Tea's deck in the anime has some cuties in there, such as Shining Friendship.
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX does this in one episode with a monster called Mokey Mokey. Jaden's friends thought it was so cute, and it actually makes them fall asleep.
    • Rescue Cat! And his fuzzy comrade, Rescue Rabbit!
    • The Madolche archetype definitely qualifies.
    • Some of Yuya Sakaki's monsters are cute enough to cause cavities.
    • Every single member of the Melffy archetype looks like it hopped right out of a pre-K TV show.
  • Yumeiro Pâtissière is ridiculously shojo.
  • My Neighbor Totoro: Mei, the 4-year-old girl who would often repeat the last thing her older sister Satsuki says.
  • Suzy's Zoo: Daisuki! Witzy: Well, you have an adorable little duckling and his plush toy friends going on gentle romps and picnics and whatnot, set to Scenery Porn, and that's technically it.


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