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Tastes Like Diabetes / Advertising

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  • The ads for Cuties oranges. Having a little kid narrate the advertisements add about 20% more of this trope.
  • Any commercial by the Foundation for a Better Life, which all feature a completely saccharine skit promoting values like "generosity" and "caring."
  • The aggressively adorable kids in:
  • Played with to the point of parody in the late 2009-early 2010 radio ads for the New York Lottery's "Sweet Million" game, which feature intentionally tooth-rotting things like kittens that meow "I love you" and puppies that croon barbershop harmonies for little old ladies. Television ads, too. Look at the cute bunnies!
  • Any commercial for Snuggle, which is the result of the teddy bear.
  • All of the puppy-fueled Cottonelle toilet paper commercials from the last few years, featuring a really cute puppy that sounds like Zach Braff.
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  • The Pillow Pets commercial and the similar Happy Nappers commercial.
  • Sinupret commercials.
  • Any commercial for Kinder Chocolate. When they're not either the most disturbing or frightening things you've ever seen.
  • This commercial for Puppy Chow.
  • FurReal kittens.
  • During the early 1980s, Washington, D.C.. CBS affiliate WDVM (now WUSA) commissioned a tooth-rotting promo using the branding of "Ours to Share." The campaign was basically one they could have gotten away with if it was a smaller city, but certainly not in D.C., as the reaction was harsh enough for WDVM to fire their creative services director as a result. Watch and look for dentures.
  • The commercials for the Teddy Ruxpin bear are adorable to the point that you'll cry. Case in point: [1]
  • This commercial for the HP Touchsmart 520t. "'Cause, he's bacon!"
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  • Parodied with a Sprite commercial.
  • Mel the Milkbar, a new granola-milk bar from Kraft. Adorable, huggable, and a big woobie.
  • The commercial for the Lego Duplo Zoo playset, especially when those kids giggle.
  • Fairy Liquid adverts from the UK [2]
  • The new Vonage commercial with the puppy. Granted, the puppy was cute, but the neighbors are borderline creepy.
  • The commercials for a Brazilian soda called Guarana Dolly, which features a grotesquely cute anthropomorphic bottle of said soda which talks with a baby-like voice.
  • The new Fisher-Price commercials.
  • "CuddleUppets, CuddleUppets, the blankets that are puppets!"
  • During the early-1990's, there was a commercial for a mail-order children's construction set called Geerios. The set itself was actually quite nifty. It allowed children to build their own non-motorized mechanical devices (robots, etc.) without parental fear of things like electric shocks. However, the commercial for it was so sickeningly cute that it could put just about any other commercial on this list to shame. The most annoying nursery music ever played in the background, while some Hallmark-ish woman described the toy, depicting kids innocently playing with it and even parents getting a kick out of it.
  • Nickelodeon and one of their teen stars, Daniella Monet, managed to do this with a product called My Fruity Faces, which are edible stickers of characters from either Dora the Explorer or SpongeBob SquarePants, which are placed on pieces of fruit or vegetables so that kids will be more likely to eat them. These kids happen to be in the demographic for Nick Jr. and pour on the saccharine.
  • The Oreo "Wonderfilled" advertisements. Special mention goes to this one, narrated by a girl wondering if her dad would let her stay up past bedtime if she gave him an Oreo; what really adds to the adorableness is that it's implied that she doesn't just want to avoid bedtime, but she also wants to spend time with her dad.
  • The Zulily commercials, specifically when a nursery rhyme song is sung by a woman in a soft voice.
  • There was a sappy Pediasure commercial from the early 2000's: A young boy tells his mom that his pet baby rabbit is "so small". His mom assures him that with a proper diet, he'll grow soon enough, just like kids. After mom serves the boy some Pediasure, there's a time lapse to (presumably) a few weeks later and sure enough, the boy notes that his rabbit is "getting bigger".
  • Epically subverted in this Nissin ramen ad.


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