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    Film - Animation 
  • Most fans of the LEGO toys hate the DUPLO toys sold by LEGO, so DUPLO got insulted in The LEGO Movie when the DUPLO toys come to Bricksburg and announce that they're going to destroy all of the characters on the good side.note 
  • Many fans of Disney Theme Parks feel It's A Small World Tastes Like Diabetes. Disney itself has acknowledged this, throwing in a joke about in The Lion King (1994).
    Scar: Don't be so glum, Zazu. Sing something with a little more bounce to it.
    Zazu: ♪It's a small world after all♪
    Scar: NO! No. Anything but that!
  • Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans: "Go" Robin, possibly the most disliked character in Teen Titans Go!, gets his backside kicked the fastest, everyone on both teams thinks he's a loser, and there's a Brick Joke of people speculating on whether he's a human or some sort of wombat.note 
  • In Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, Sarah receives this when the Kankers give her a wet willie and make her a work mule.
    • Kevin gets one too when Nazz destroys his bike because he cared about it more than he cared about her.
  • The Haunted World of El Superbeasto: The scene where Superbeasto hits Michael Myers with his car, for those who didn't like Rob Zombie's version of Halloween.
  • Justice League vs. Teen Titans: For fans who find Damian to be an annoying little asshole, it can be pretty satisfying when after talking a little too much shit, Blue Beetle blasts half his face off.

    Film - Live Action 
  • In the MST3K version of Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell, when Deathstalker is repeatedly knocked out, Mike and bots cheer loud and repeatedly. Crow says it best when the guy has barely spoken two lines and asks, "Is it too early to hate this guy?"
  • A scene from Godzilla: Final Wars features a truly epic Take That! against the much maligned American Godzilla. He's taken down in just twenty seconds; the shortest fight scene in the entire film. After an initial Villainous Breakdown, the Xilian General doesn't care much and decides it has outlived its usefulness.
    Xilian General: I knew that tuna-eating monster was useless.
    • They also intentionally depicted Zilla with poor CGI. And yes, they took the "God" part out of his name.
    • Ironically this played a pivotal role in rescuing him from the Scrappy Heap: by canonizing him as a separate kaiju altogether and depicting him as something of a Villainous Underdog, fans were actually able to judge the creature by its own merits instead of just a lame rip-off and actually warmed up to him. As of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth where he's depicted as intelligent and resourceful, quickly thinking to burrow to avoid Godzilla's atomic breath, pulling Godzilla into the military's line of fire to use him as a meat shield and weaken him while they grapple, and pulling a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! when he realizes he simply can't win this fight, he's actually gained some serious fans.
  • After the massive vitriol directed at Jar Jar Binks in The Phantom Menace, his only action in the rest of the sequel films is positioning Palpatine to rise to totalitarian power and form The Empire. Not only that, but there was also meant to be a scene in Revenge Of The Sith where he basically gets shown just how much he screwed up and is left devastated. By the time of the Empire's final defeat at the Battle of Jakku, he's a street performer on Naboo who's been ostracized by society for his contribution to the rise of the Empire, with some Reality Subtext towards his status as a Kid-Appeal Character, as only children like his performance.
    • In the old EU, the New Republic tends to be an inept government that barely does anything useful in its run, and its members tend to be Obstructive Bureaucrats that hamper the heroes who are trying to stop the latest threat in the galaxy. In The Force Awakens the New Republic ignores the Resistance warnings of the First Order's military build up, and its capital world gets destroyed when the First Order uses its Starkiller superweapon.
  • Billy Madison, when the O'Doyle family gets wiped out in the car crash.
    The O'Doyles: O'Doyle rules! O'Doyle rules! O'Doyle rules! O'Doyle rules! O'Doyle rules! O'Doyle rules! O'Doyle rules! O'Doyle rules! (CRASH)
  • MTV created the My Super Psycho Sweet 16 series for one reason: to provide everyone who hated the girls featured on the reality TV show My Super Sweet Sixteen with some sweet, sweet Catharsis Factor.
  • Puma Man, when Vadinho punches Tony, knocking him out.
    Tom Servo: Yes! The Aztec speaks for all of us!
  • Love or hate the Resident Evil Film Series, one can't deny that Wesker bringing Alice back to normal and killing off the clone Alices in Resident Evil: Afterlife brought a smile to the faces of those who hated the way Alice became over powered in the previous films. She still has the standard action hero powers, but at least no more psychic nonsense.
    • Writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson may have even slipped in a stealth admission of his own writing screwup with Alice, in the form of what Wesker says to her while he kicks her ass. "I'm what you used to be, only better."
    • Sadly, the film still refuses to allow anybody but her to do anything cool and depicts the rest of the cast as helpless. And the end of the next film, Wesker gives her back her powers.
  • A lot of people did not like Detective Hoffman replacing Jigsaw late in the Saw series, so having him chained to a wall in Saw 3D with no means of escape by Dr. Gordon made it oh so sweet for some of the fans.
  • In Scooby-Doo, Scrappy-Doo is the villain and Scooby actually punches him. Earlier on the gang have a fond flashback to how horrible having Scrappy around was, along with how glad they are he isn't around anymore. This actually went too far for some, though, since the flashback involved Scooby, who was described as being Scrappy's guardian, agreeing to abandon him in the middle of a desert highway, despite Velma stating that Scrappy had a glandular disorder that prevented him from growing, and therefore he was not actually a child.
  • In Superhero Movie the parody of J. Jonah Jameson looked like he was in charge of a newspaper who starts shouting that he knows everything, then he gets dragged out by a pair of orderlies, and the real guy in charge says that they share the building with a mental ward.
  • In This Is the End, Michael Cera (playing himself) gets slapped by Rihanna. Later on, he dies a horrible death by being impaled by a lightpost and falling into a hole leading down to the Earth's core.
  • Narrowly averted in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which was going to contain a scene where Mudflap and Skids were killed off during Sentinel Prime raiding NEST. The scene, and their presence in the movie was cut for pacing. The scene does appear in IDW's comic book adaptation of the movie, playing the trope straight, though it makes them more sympathetic compared to their previous appearance.
  • A subtle example in Jurassic World; Spinosaurus, the previous film's antagonist was not very well-liked to say the least. In Jurassic World, not only is she left off of the list of attractions, but the only sign of existence of her species anywhere is a skeleton propped up in Jurassic World's Main Street. To add insult to injury, that skeleton is destroyed near the end of the film, by Tyrannosaurus rex herself.
    • The Dinosaur Protection Group tie-in website for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom reveals that some of the dinosaurs that were first seen in the sequels have gone extinct (again). Among them is Spinosaurus.
  • Alfrid's death in the extended cut for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies via suffocation by troll was met with fan-rejoicing everywhere. Never has a death been so satisfying and ridiculous.
  • Norwegian disaster Movie The Quake, released in 2018, manages this on behalf of a place. The "Barcode" section of Oslo was completed only recently (as built over the last 20 years close to the old eastern Harbor of the town). In the movie, some screen time is used to show the collapse of this rather new part of town - but this Project was contested from the start, and huge public campaigns were launched to get the project cancelled. The section of new blocks were built anyway, but some resentful Norwegians claimed they would rather see "the entire structure slide into the fjord". Well, the movie shows this section collapse good and proper, and the sentiments towards it makes the movie sequence unintentionally hilarious.
  • Dungeons & Dragons (2000): Snails may be one of the most obnoxious and inexcusable Ethnic Scrappies in the history of fiction, but the film makes it up to the viewer by having The Dragon brutally murder him on-screen. Some who saw the film in theaters reported that audiences cheered during his death scene, while even the movie itself seems happy that he dies, playing a bizarrely triumphant and happy score over his murder.
  • In the mid-credits scene of Deadpool 2, one of the things Deadpool does after going back in time is killing the In Name Only version of Wade Wilson from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and unloading an entire pistol clip into his body for good measure.
  • Transformers: The Last Knight: Tessa and Shane, the two least liked characters of the last film, are nowhere to seen. Tessa is studying somewhere, and is implied to have broken up with Shane (as Cade mentions he would instruct Tessa to stay away from guys in a band). Considering the fandom's reaction to Shane carrying a piece of paper he uses to justify dating a 17-year girl, it's also a Fandom Nod.
  • I Still Know What You Did Last Summer: When Tyrell is getting too unbearable, Nancy attacks him thinking he's the killer. And then he gets hooked through his throat shortly after that.

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