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  • In My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic, Rhymey is one of the more hated original characters because he speaks in nothing but rhymes, and unfortunately, not good ones. note  An unintentional example happens when he confronts Ace Ray in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III, who is in the process of making points about Unicornicopia that are more valid than the author realizes.
    Rhymey: There's no need to make a fuss / there is nothing he can do to us.
    Ace Ray: And you... will YOU STOP WITH THAT RHYMING!
    • Rhymey gets an even bigger dose in the recursive Fix Fic Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship, where the majority of his character arc consists of these moments. Over the course of a single chapter, he gets beaten up by Rainbow Dash, loses the ability to rhyme, and is thrown out of Fluttershy's house. Later, Fluttershy breaks free from his attempt to mind control her and lays a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech on him, before he gets beaten down by Raven, who then slits his throat for good measure. He survives that, only to wind up in prison, where he gets disavowed by Grand Ruler and disowned by his own mother. Any potential sympathy for him is averted by his characterization as an abusive, self-serving, treacherous sociopath.
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  • Airachnid, who'd killed one of the series Ensemble Dark Horse characters. Then is only exiled later on without any closer given to her ultimate fate. She is quickly killed off by Megatron near the beginning of the fanfic, Transformers Prime: Time War.
  • Tobias in the Pokémon oneshot of the same name gets one when he's told Legendary Pokemon are banned from competitive play and that since he earned all his badges with a Legendary, they're being confiscated and he'll have to start over.
    • Happens to him again in a oneshot called A Champion's Commupance [sic], where he gets stripped of the championship and banned from competing for using Legendaries, which are then found to be genetically enhanced Pokemon. That happens to be against the law, so Tobias goes to jail, mumbling something along the lines of "I should have never trusted Team Galaxy..."
    • Tobias Is Arrested, Yo appears to be heading in this direction, when two cops approach Tobias after he wins the Sinnoh Conference, arrest him for using banned Legendaries in competitive play, confiscate his badges, strip him of his championship title, and ban him from competing in future conferences. However, it turns out that "Tobias" was never a real person, and was actually a hologram created by Darkrai and the other Legendaries, who wanted to compete in a regional Conference for once.
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  • Shikamaru gives one to Sasuke in The Pride after Sasuke claims to be as strong as Naruto (who's recently gone rogue).
    Sasuke: Some would say I'm at the same level as him.
    Shikamaru: I'm sure there are those who indeed feel that way. However, based on your accomplishments before receiving that temporary boost from the Sage of the Six Paths, I would say that the quality of the opponents Naruto bested surpasses yours. Naruto in short order just before and during the war defeated the Rinnegan using Pain, as well as bested a Rinnegan and Sharingan using Obito, not to mention six of the nine Bijuu at the same time. He then managed to give the entire Shinobi Alliance a chakra boost and still fought against the ten tails until Madara absorbed it, where things got really dicey. I would go into pointing out that shortly before the war your list of accomplishments were limited to killing a weakened Orochimaru, and fighting your brother until his disease killed him, but I feel that would be redundant. Since the truth is that unless you were willing to tag along with any force sent to capture Naruto it is unlikely anyone we send would be capable of stopping him.
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  • RWBY: Reckoning had Cardin's dickish attitude elevated Up to Eleven. Originally just a school bully content with picking on Jaune, Cardin threatens to go after Ruby and Darrel if Yang doesn't spurn Darrel, using her as his 'maid'. As payback, Darrel takes the two fan-preferred options and combines them: set the Rapier Wasps intended for Pyrrha on him, and breaking his legs.
  • In Gundam Seed Bloodlines, the first thing Cagalli does upon meeting Lacus Clyne is punch her in the face.
  • In the fic My Inner Nightmare, Jenna, the infamous Black Hole Sue of My Inner Life, is made into a succubus who wants to feast on Link's life force but is destroyed by Zelda.
  • Paul gets one in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines when Lt. Surge calls him out for his insistence on winning at all costs, especially when Surge forfeits rather than risk his Raichu losing it's limbs to a powered up razor leaf. Paul tries calling Lt. Surge's strategies "pathetic" only for Surge to respond that as Paul is neither a war veteran nor a gym leader, he has no room to talk.
    • Samurai earned a lot of ire for being central to one of the anime's first examples of a Broken Aesop. In Reset, he's a Butt Monkey who gets humiliated every time he appears.
  • A Voice in the Wilderness has Federation President Okeg fire the utterly useless Ambassador Jiro Sugihara, replacing him with Councillor Charivretha zh'Thane.
  • Xendra shows how the Scoobies would react to Kennedy if they met her before Season 7. She's shown to be a Rich Bitch with a definite case of Small Name, Big Ego. Willow isn't remotely impressed when Kennedy first tries to flirt with her, then when Willow turns her down (stating she's already dating Xander/Xendra) Kennedy tries to pay her.
  • Suzaku Kururugi gets several of the reason he sucks speeches in Six Paths of Rebellion for working for Britannia while espousing the evils of fighting the empire that conquered his homeland. After the Black Rebellion succeeds, he's the only Honorary Brittanian to choose against staying in the United States of Japan and once his plans to rule Area 11 as the Knight of One are made known, along with his supporting of atrocities such as the Shinjuku Massacre, he's regarded as the worst traitor in the history of Japan by the populace.
  • 3 different Danganronpa ask blogs have featured easily the most hated character in the franchise, Haiji Towa, being Killed Off for Real:
  • Much like Pokémon Reset Bloodlines above, Samurai in Challenger suffers badly in his first appearance. Upon seeing his trainer threatened with a sword, Ash's Sandile (Sobek) rips it out of Samurai's hands and bites it in two. During their battle, Sandile beats Pinsir easily due to Ash being a Combat Pragmatist unlike Samurai and using his strongest and most effective moves immediately.
  • In the House fanfic "Invasion of the Cuddy Snatchers" Thirteen gets eaten by Special Guest Star C'Thulu!
  • A Running Gag in The Winx Club Loops has the Trix Sisters replacing the Trix Rabbit and, being much more powerful than him, easily defeating the kids that try and steal their cereals and eat them before their eyes.
  • Yugioh EQG: Timber Spruce quickly becomes disliked by Flash Sentry for flirting with Twilight Sparkle, and challenges him to a duel. During the duel Timber shows to be a jerk who only respects monsters who are strong, using his weak monsters as Canon Fodder. Even Twilight, who saw him as a nice guy just a little bit ago is shocked by how heartlessly he treats his monsters. Flash beats him by using Shine Crest Magna Wolf, a card Timber mocked earlier, raising its ATK to 4600 and beating Timber's ace with it.
    • Timber shows up in the sequel as a finalist and brags about his point total, before finding out that out of all the 32 finalists he is in last place. Then he is eliminated during the first round of the finals when he loses his match against Cloak N Dagger. Flash just smirks at both of these, taking joy in Timber's humiliation.
  • The Longest Road has an unfortunate example gone a little too far. Understandably, the author was pretty angry with Erika's decision in the Pokémon anime to ban Ash for not liking her perfume. However, rather than denouncing her unprofessionalism, he instead gets her ousted from her job for being a lesbian (for some reason, the Pokémon League has a rule that states that nobody who is from the LGBT community can be a trainer). It's hard not to think of her as the more sympathetic party, especially given that the rest of her Gym staff are most likely going to find themselves out of a job soon.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse):
    • The author does not like Felicity Smoak, and even admits as much in the first part of the prologue.
      • In the unaltered timeline from where Eobard comes from, Felicity was a Green Arrow stalker that had convinced herself that Oliver was her soulmate and outed his secret identity to the public right before she was jailed after he rejected her.
      • In the current timeline, she's in jail for creating the hacktivist supervirus that her college boyfriend took the blame for in canon. Said boyfriend is also in jail for using it to clear out his student loans.
    • Andy Diggle and the Darhks (sans Nora) are both killed in Part IV of the prologue. Andy's death isn't even mentioned, just inferred by readers.
  • In Traveler Ash easily beats Samurai the first time they fight, up until Samurai uses Hyper Beam then runs when it angers a swarm of Beedrill. The second time Ash passes through Viridian Forest, he has all eight badges and just irritably has Infernus use flamethrower on Samurai's Pinsir.
    • Paul is taken out of the Pokemon League offscreen when Michael utterly curb-stomps him. Likewise, everyone who's met Paul agrees he's a prick.
  • The one shot, Tough Love, can be considered a cathartic one for anyone tired of Bella's behavior and brattiness from Twilight. In an alternative scene from New Moon between Bella and her father, Charlie Swan, Bella threatens to move out of the house. Unlike the book, however, Charlie finally has enough and declares that after everything she had put him and herself through, she was most certainly leaving within the hour. He also goes on a calm tirade that seems to borderline "The Reason You Suck" Speech for most of the fic, calling her out on every shitty thing she had done up to that point (running away from home while Charlie was at a friend's funeral, treating him like "the desk clerk in a cockroach-ridden motel you're deigning to stay at because you don't have a better option", ignoring her friends in favor of Edward) while criticizing her relationship with Edward, whom Charlie (quite accurately) calls an "abusive fucktard."
  • The author of Son of the Sannin makes it clear how much he dislikes Danzo Shimura. Over the course of the story, Jiraiya takes a jab at Danzo whenever he has the chance.
  • The Wedding Crashers is another one for Twilight using the cast from Supernatural to ridicule the Cullens and Jacob's pack's attitudes and Protagonist-Centered Morality, condemn the wedding between Jacob and Renesmee and seeing it nothing more than unethical due to Renesmee's age and ridiculous due to the excessive use of white for decoration. Not to mention the outfits considered "beautiful" in the books is considered tacky and inappropriate due to how young the vampires look.