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Take That / Supermarioglitchy4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers

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Welcome to Twitter, losers!
Being a meme-fueled Allegory Adventure about a meme-obsessed Palette Swap of a certain Italian plumber, a dumb spaghetti-obsessed version of said Italian plumber and their many, many friends, it's safe to say that nothing in this series is sacred.

Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.


  • Toad, of all characters, was used to represent the fans who want to submit their characters into the show.
  • Bob, in his earlier appearances, was used to mock people who would beg to get themselves put in SM64 machinimas.


  • "Scatman's Revenge" is basically one towards Justin Bieber, with several other anti-Bieber comments are littered throughout the episode (there's even a 3D model of Justin Bieber used just for these kinds of jokes).
  • In "Ssenmodnar 11", Mario sues Frankie for uploading a poorly made gameplay video, the same way The GMod Idiot Box 15 shows Mario suing a child for drawing a poorly made fanart. It seems that SMG4 agrees with DasBoSchitt about something.
  • "Mario Preschool" is essentially entirely devoted to making fun of the YouTube copyright system and how anything that isn't kid-friendly gets demonetized.
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  • "Mario Is Cancelled" is this to cancel culture in general. This is most notably parodied as a character representing Twitter viciously attacking anyone saying things he deems unacceptable.
  • "Mario's Mask of Madness":
    • Mario's reply to Meggy when they and Luigi are chasing after a Mario Mask-possessed Axol is a jab towards the fans who begged for the poor axolotl to having more appearances.
      Mario: But why? He's finally an interesting character now!
    • Mario's complaint about Melony becoming "another anime thot" is a clear nod to the fact that the series has no less than four animesque female characters comprising the main cast. Hilariously enough, the fact that Meggy, formerly an Inkling and now an anime-like human girl, is surprisingly (and ironically) offended by this.
      Mario: Don't tell me we have ANOTHER anime thot!
      Meggy: (offended) What are you implying?
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    • Similarly, Mario being offended by Axol's description of a Mario Mask-possessed Meggy as Mario in his most seriously competent. Remember, Mario rarely became competent on several occasions, and that's not even counting the Story Arcs.
      Axol: It's like if Mario is actually competent.
      Mario: Hey!
  • "Mario vs. Youtubers": Mario managed to defeat Pewdiepie by provoking him into saying the N-word, which causes Susan to banish him to the Internet Graveyard, referencing one of his more infamous moments where he blurted the N-word on stream while playing Player Unknowns Battlegrounds.
  • "The Pursuit of Happiness": While Meggy was trying out rapping, she and Bob get into a rap battle. Bob's rhymes are jabs at her wangst.
  • The ending of "WHAT IF...?" has SMG4 begging the fans to stop making weird fanfic ideas.
  • "If Mario Was In... Nickelodeon": The entire episode is a huge middle finger to not just Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, as well as Nickelodeon in general, but similar Platform Fighter games that copy Super Smash Bros. formula. Not only does the plot of the episode take place in Mexico (which is already made fun of in the SMG4 universe), but even Master Hand finds his cousin's idea bad, sincerely doubting that the Nickelodeon characters can actually fight on the same par as the Smash Bros. cast (several of the Smash fighters regularly fight country-level threats at lower-tiers... the only ones similar can be counted on one hand, so already not off to a great start). Not only do the Nicktoons fail to hit Mario once Mastero Mano corners him, but Mario kills all of the Nicktoons he fights just by touching them when he gets the Smash Ball.
  • "What If Mario Had $10,000,000?" does this to non-fungible tokens, specifically the NFT art world. At one point, while showing off his new house, Mario reveals an NFT that he paid $100,000 for, which is just a crappy stick figure. Mario immediately regrets it when he realizes he just spent $100,000 on an internet drawing.

SMG4 Story Arcs

The Rapper Bob Arc

  • The entirety of the story arc is one towards the "diss track" culture and various online celebrities' reliance on dissing others in hopes of gaining popularity.

The Anime Arc (and Meggy's Destiny)

  • Princess Peach's Anime Prohibition Act is a direct reference to European Article 13, which proposes the banning of all known internet memes in European countries. Coincidentally, Princess Peach dropping the Anime Prohibition Act in "Mario Saves Anime" happened around the same week European Article 13 was rejected and dropped by the European government.
  • The entire existence of the Anime Cartel is a humorous jab towards the existence of anime/manga/LN piracy, being portrayed here as a underground crime syndicate.

The YouTube Arc

  • The YouTube Remote serves as a metaphor for YouTube controlling everything in the website, from airing ads without warning and advertisements of misleading (and obnoxious) ads, to its infamy of cease-and-desisting videos and total removal of entire channels in general.
  • The Internet Graveyard itself is a metaphor for older videos, memes and YouTube channels deemed "dead" due to newer channels, videos and memes taking over.

Genesis Arc