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  • In "Where No Man Has Gone Before", the only crewman to speak in Gary Mitchell's defense "has the credibility of Bill O'Reilly." Spock contends that his judgement is better, as he has "no feelings", leading Chuck to concede that, okay, they both share similarities with O'Reilly.
  • In "Where No One Has Gone Before" (TNG):
    Chuck: One actually-useful thing [Troi] does say, is that the assistant Kosinski brought over is... just blank. He may be occupying space, but he doesn't have any presence at all. Just like Joe Biden.
  • Provides a subtle Stealth Insult towards the infamous endings of Mass Effect 3. Kirk, in "The City on the Edge of Forever", wonders what if he tried changing history again with the Guardian to get a different ending. The only difference is that everything is blue-lit instead of red-lit.
    • Another less subtle shot at the Mass Effect 3 non-ending comes in his review of DS9 "Paradise", wherein his fury at the episode's The Bad Guy Wins plot culminates in "Why don't you just make the audience choose between red, green and blue if you want to piss everyone off!"
  • In TOS's "The Doomsday Machine", Chuck laments that the Machine destroyed both sides and "kept on going, spreading misery long after it was relevant, like Lost."
  • "The Way to Eden"'s hippie anthem which, if you were to buy if off iTunes, would actually be longer than the iTunes contract itself.
  • When Spock's Brain is stolen, Bones gives his prognosis as worse than death. "He's in Transformers 3, Jim!"
  • Kirk uncomfortably shifts in his seat as Sarek digs around through his brain (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock). Sarek learns that the Shat smothered his great-grandmother ("Well, she was old."), is a chronic masturbator ("Alright, well, I just won't shake your hand anymore."), and liked Meet the Spartans. This proves a bridge too far.
    Sarek: You are a diseased brain, aren't you? No wonder my son didn't leave his katra in it.
  • Fed up with the pomposity of first-season TNG in "The Neutral Zone", where the show tells us acquiring things is evil, he points out that it still costs a pretty penny to collect the show on DVD, and that even Gene Roddenberry himself has ripped people off in the past (he cites an incident where Gene wrote unused lyrics for the original Star Trek theme so he could get part of the credit, and thus part of the royalties). "And yet, what a perfect metaphor for 20th century Communism! Taking the credit for the people who do the actual work, all while spouting party doctrine!"
    • Chuck also snarkily points out how ironic it was that the Voyager episode "Dark Frontier" had the crew engage in piracy, while the DVD had a label against it. This is definitely a Take That! against YouTube who took down his videos.
  • While examining how the language in "Darmok" could work, he brings up how people can instinctively perform actions without thinking about the words that go with them, like braking when you see someone in the road... "unless it's Rick Berman."
  • He compares Riker's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jellico to how many writer's felt about Gene Roddenberry before he was Kicked Upstairs.
    Riker: You ARE arrogant, and closed-minded. You need to control everything and everyone. You don't provide an atmosphere of trust, and you don't inspire these people to go out of their way for you. You've got everybody wound up so tight, there's no joy in anything.
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  • "The Outcast" (TNG) presents us with a world of genderless beings. Kinda like a world of bisexuals. "It's like Torchwood, where your choices are either bisexual or Welsh."
  • Gul Madred gloating to Picard that the Enterprise is destroyed, the invasion successful, that no one is ever going to come for him now, and Masterminds was a box office disaster! (TNG: "Chain of Command")
    Chuck: Always best to slip in a little truth with your lies.
  • When O'Brien accidentally points his sonic whistle at Quark, it "hits him like an iPod full of Nickelback" and he collapses in agony. ("Playing God")
    • Similarly, O'Brien dryly notes that with the invention of a Bashir EMH, Bashir can annoy hundreds of people he's never met. "It's like being Justin Bieber." (DS9:"Dr. Bashir, I Presume")
  • "This is a pyramid! One of the most mysterious objects in nature!" (DS9: "The Begotten")
    "At least, that's what I've heard on Discovery Channel's In Search of Ancient Claptrap."
  • A writer's room reenactment of Ronald D. Moore. (TNG: "Genesis")
    RDM: You know I'm a sucker for dark corridors and phones with cords on them. Hell, I could do a whole series on that!
  • In "The Defector", Michael Pillar nicks one of Moore's lines of dialogue for his own script, "The Best of Both Worlds". This leads Moore to scoff, "Hah! As if that script will ever overshadow this one."
  • invokedJaneway's retort to Leonardo Da Vinci, who suggests that she pray for deliverance. (VOY: "Scorpion"). No hitting below the belt, Chuck:
    "If I start praying now, the only way I'll ever make it to Earth is if I start spouting bullshit prophecies and a bunch of angelic hallucinations start patronizing me. I'd rather try to get back to Earth in a rowboat!"
  • In "The Voyager Conspiracy", the inventor of a graviton catapult takes a moment to throw shade on both shows at once.
    (laughingly) "Well, what else was I supposed to do? Just fly towards home and hope I got lucky?"
  • Janeway gravely quotes the Cylon creed ("All of this has happened before...") after predicting the future in "Fury". However, when Chakotay asks if that is true, she snaps "No. When I break a time loop it damn well stays broken!"
    Chuck: Janeway broke a time loop by shooting at it! That's how she rolls!
  • Flashing back to 1998, Steve Jobs offers to let George Lucas in on the ground floor of his iPad. Feh! It will never catch on. (VOY): "Timeless")
    George: Traitor! It'll be a cold day in hell before I ever work with Disney! [...] I'm going to let you go and go back to writing the speeches for all the Oscars I'm gonna win [for The Phantom Menace], okay?"
    • Tom's run the numbers, and the results aren't good. "We've built an Edsel! A lemon! A disaster waiting to happen!!"
    "It's called UPN!"
  • For Vulcans, a repressed memory can cause brain damage until the patient tries to lobotomize himself. "Kind of like what happens when you watch an Uwe Boll film." (VOY: "Flashback")
  • "Not since Double Jeopardy have I seen such a ludicrous concept with the window dressing of a legal thriller." (VOY: "Ex Post Facto")
  • Chakotay/Seven - "The kind of hot, steamy romance science fiction has been known for since Attack of the Clones."
  • "Future's End":
    Janeway: For the last time, I never said that the universe revolves around the Earth. I said the universe revolves around me!
  • It's only natural that the Xindi would select 2004 AD to begin annihilating the human race, and they'd want to disintegrate Eminem first. (ENT: "Carpenter Street")
  • When Riker, as "Chef", indulges himself by playing every single role on the NX-01, Chuck proclaims him the Quentin Tarantino of space. (ENT: "These Are the Voyages...")
  • That Other Wiki has assured us that a Red Dwarf reboot is going to happen, "and hey, if you can't trust an encyclopedia that can be edited by a small child, then clearly no source is safe!"
  • The Day After - "No telling who or what it could be out there. That's why he has be ready with that shotgun, he has to be ready for whatever horror comes through that door.
    "Hi, I'm Steve Guttenberg!"
  • Chuck relates the story of why the Xenomorph was designed as a collection of dicks and teeth. "It was this or the Penny Arcade guys, really."
  • When wondering who in Marvel would be so horrible as to want a blu-ray release of Howard the Duck the video does to Joe Quesada with Imperial March playing.
  • David Clennon's iconic "You gotta be fucking kidding" from The Thing (1982) would later becomes the public's reaction to this thespian's later work, Ghosts of Mars.
  • When Batman drops Maroni off a building, Chuck says "That's for the Doctor Who movie!"
  • The Matrix:
  • In his review of Stargate, when someone talks about "Men from Atlantis".
    Chuck: Men from Atlantis, ah ah, that'd be a real crap show wouldn't it?
  • When discussing how Sean Bean is a Chronically Killed Actor, says he's not sure if he was killed in Silent Hill, because that would require him to actually watch Silent Hill and there are limits to what even he will do.
  • A little of the Doctor's "jiggery pokery" can send cell phone signals 5 billion year away ("The End of the World").
    "Wow, maybe if he used the sonic screwdriver on it, too, he just might be able to pick up a signal from AT&T."
  • From "Bad Wolf":
    Anne-droid: What ancient building was the cobalt pyramid built on?
    Chuck: Oh, that's not fair! As if anyone watches Torchwood!!
  • In the "Day of the Doctor", we're led into a basement filled with art deemed too dangerous for humanity to see. Among the works is the Jar Jar Binks Animated Dancing Hour, which the Queen is holding onto in case of a planetary war.
  • In his review of Farscape's "Liars, Guns and Money, part 1: A Not So Simple Plan", Chuck figures that the only way the Moya crew's heist of the shadow depository can go wrong even after the entire crew escapes with the loot is if said loot turns out to be in bitcoin. When the money turns out to be disguised metal eating spiders, Chuck insists that the spiders are still better than bitcoin.
  • Jool's urine-spiked home remedy, also known as "PBR" among earthlings. ("...Different Destinations"), not to mention his dig about planetary memorials that tend to mind rape the visiters ala Voyager
  • Rob Liefeld comes to mind when observing Dark City, a dystopia filled with anachronisms and crafted by gods with no creativity or good taste.
  • Makes a much deserved Take That! at renowned anti-vaccine advocate Jenny McCarthy, comparing her to the nanogenes in "The Doctor Dances" (believing they're saving the world when they're really destroying it).
  • Whenever possible, he makes a jab at Vladimir Putin, calling his running of Russia a "USSR tribute cover band."
  • In his review of Deep Space Nine's "The Way of the Warrior", he compares Dukat selling Cardassia out to the Dominion to make it stronger to Donald Trump's presidential campaign:
    "Make Cardassia gray again!"
  • The Drej must have gotten their news about humans from the conservative website Drudge Report.
  • The Independece Day episode detail select episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic contained a potshot at former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle at the start of the episode.
  • From "Revulsion":
    "A writer should always play to their strengths. If you don't know tech, emphasize character. If you're bad at character but good with plots, play up clever story telling. If you're bad at all that stuff, work on Enterprise!"
  • From "Sleeping Dogs": "Earth's system has four gas giants, not including Rosie O'Donnell".
  • In "The Way Back", the Federation framed Blake as a child molestor because telling people he was responsible for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) is going too far.
    • Blake's psychiatrist tells him not to try to think anymore. "I'll put on some ''X Factor for you to watch, that should help".
  • Terry Nation named the second episode of Blake's 7 "Space Fall". Not Skyfall, because that would be a stupid name, wouldn't it?
  • In The Wrath of Khan, Saavik objects to the Kobayashi Maru because there's no way to win, like if she were playing for '08 Detroit Lions.
  • In The Search for Spock, a newly resurrected Spock has trouble mastering emotions, just like Keanu Reeves.
  • From "False Profits," the Ferengi declare "greed is eternal," which Chuck says is Channel Awesome's new slogan.
  • "What's Past Is Prologue":
    Lorca: One year. 212 days of torture. Of agony, my friends.
    Chuck: But finally, Netflix has cancelled Iron Fist.
  • In The Dark Knight, he says that criminals are corrupt, evil businessmen. Like CBS.
  • The description for his review of "The Sound of Drums":
    The Doctor, Martha, and Captain Jack pursue the Master back to the present where he's a Prime Minister everyone thinks is an idiot. Moreso than usual, I mean.
  • In "Journey's End", Chuck assumes that the Reality Bomb is The Anna Nicole Show.
  • In his miniview of "The Doomsday Machine", the titular weapon keeps going on even long after it was long rendered completely irrelevant - like Kevin Costner.
  • In Pacific Rim, he states that a kaiju attack on Hong Kong would be the worst thing to happen to the city since John Simm filmed White Dragon there.


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