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There have been so many iconic phrases from The X-Files, it needed a whole page to contain them all.

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    Opening Credits Tagline Alterations
The final shot of The X-Files' title sequence always ends with the words "The Truth is Out There" against a stormy, dark blue sky. However, certain episodes have a different phrase to represent their storylines.

    Marketing Taglines 
  • "Don't watch it alone."
  • Season 1
    • "Two F.B.I. agents assigned to the same case for different reasons. One a skeptic, one a believer. Both trying to answer questions that were never meant to be uncovered. Between reality and fantasy, terror and reason, trust and betrayal, lie the chilling secrets... of the X-Files." — "Pilot"
      • "Unsolved cases. Unexplained phenomena. Secrets that were never meant to be uncovered. Tonight, two F.B.I. agents will dare to open... the X-Files." (Newspaper advert)
    • "They were warned not to investigate a top secret military project. They should have listened." — "Deep Throat"
      • "They were warned to stay away. They should have listened." (TV advert)
      • "Something is out there. These two agents were warned not to open the F.B.I's most secret files. They should have listened." (Newspaper advert)
    • "Of all the mysteries in the X-Files, there is one so deadly and frightening, the government will do anything to keep it a secret... even kill their own." — "The Erlenmeyer Flask"
  • Season 2
    • "The FBI has turned against them. The government is trying to kill them. Now, agents Scully and Mulder are about to make their most startling discovery: contact." — "Little Green Men"
    • "Ever wonder what lives beneath your street? Friday, agents Mulder and Scully go looking and what they find... will terrify you." — "The Host"
      • "Ever wonder what could be living beneath the street? Tonight, when agents Mulder and Scully go looking... cover your eyes." (Newspaper advert)
    • "No one knows how. No one knows why. But something is turning ordinary people into cold-blooded killers." — "Blood"
    • "A killer from the past has returned to start a new generation of terror." — "Aubrey"
    • "Someone or something is stealing bodies. Agent Scully is getting closer to the truth... maybe too close." — "Irresistible"
    • "The X-Files has taken you to some scary places in the past, but nothing could prepare you for where they're going next." — "Die Hand Die Verletzt"
    • "Scully and Mulder uncover a conspiracy to create a master race. Now, who can they trust... when anyone can be cloned?" — "Colony"
    • "The animals know something terrifying is coming, a force no human can see and no FBI agent can stop a brand new X-Files." — "Fearful Symmetry"
      • "The animals know something terrifying is coming and no human force can stop it." (TV advert)
      • "Fear is primal. Tonight, the animals know something terrifying we don't." (Newspaper advert)
    • "A bizarre murder, a boy possessed and an ancient cult brings Mulder and Scully face to face with an evil beyond imagination." — "The Calusari"
    • "When Mulder and Scully investigate a mysterious disappearance, they uncover a small town's terrifying secret where murder is just the beginning." — "Our Town"
      • "What these small-town citizens are doing to people... isn't as horrifying as what they're doing to their bodies." (Newspaper advert)
  • "This season, the end is the beginning." — Season 6
    • "The wait is over." (Newspaper advert 1)
    • "When everything is gone... what is left? The new beginning." (Newspaper advert 2)
    • "Five years of lies... deception... and conspiracy have all led up to tonight... the new beginning." (Newspaper advert 3)
    • "Agent Mulder finally gets inside Area 51. Trouble is... he can't get out." — "Dreamland"
      • "Does Mulder have a secret life?" (TV advert)
      • "What if you could discover the truth... by living inside another man's body? A deadly crash... a shocking secret... a terrifying switch." (Newspaper advert)
    • "Mulder's trapped in another man's body and missing out on the time of his life." — "Dreamland II"
      • "Can he get back? How can Mulder get his own body back... when the other man still wants it?" (Newspaper advert
    • "'Twas the night before Christmas in a house full of ghosts. Mulder, Scully, and their special guest hosts. Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin would show them the way, but the doors are all locked and they're here to stay." — "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"
    • "Every second counts when you have 24 hours to live." — "S.R. 819"
      • "He has 24 hours to solve his own murder... or die. Ready. Set. Go." (Newspaper advert)
    • "What happens when death looks you in the eye?" — "Tithonus"
      • "When death looks you in the face... you're dead. Tonight, Scully gets a good hard look." (Newspaper advert)
    • "It knows your strength. It knows your weakness. It knows... your fear. You. Can't. Hide." — Alpha"
    • "His touch can kill you. Bullets can't stop him. And seven years in jail made him mad as hell." — "Trevor"
      • "The walls are alive! How can Mulder and Scully chase a killer who can pass through anything?" (Newspaper advert)
    • "What if one of history's greatest baseball players... was an alien?" — "The Unnatural"
    • "An ancient mystery could turn a sceptic into a believer and drive a believer insane." — "Biogenesis"
      • "You've heard every theory about how man evolved... except for one. The discovery happens." (Newspaper advert 1)
      • "Tonight, the ultimate discovery... will change the way you see the world." (Newspaper advert 2)
  • "This Sunday, Agent Fox Mulder will no longer be investigating the X-Files... he will become one." — Season 7
  • "The search for Mulder begins November 5th." — Season 8
    • "Mulder is missing and whoever finds him will decide his fate. The race is on." (TV advert)
    • "The new case is a manhunt. The new agent is a mystery. The new X-File is Mulder. The search for Mulder begins tonight." — "Within"
    • "The search for Mulder takes an impossible turn. Follow your instincts... but don't believe your eyes." — "Without"
      • "Once in a great while, a story takes a turn that you never expect... Tonight, this is one of them." (Newspaper advert)
    • "The search for Mulder is over in the television event of the season." — "This Is Not Happening"
    • "They couldn't bury Mulder. Now, they'll do the next best thing." — "Three Words"
      • "Who will control the X-Files? There will be just two agents assigned to the X-Files. Tonight... may the best man win." (Newspaper advert)
    • "Evil burns inside a killer, waiting to be unleashed." — "Empedocles"
    • "Scully's baby is born. Pray for it." — "Existence"
      • "One life will begin, one life will end and the X-Files' greatest mysteries will be revealed." (TV advert)
      • "After nine months, the season's biggest mystery is about to unfold... will the beginning be the end?" (Newspaper advert 1)
      • "Tonight, Scully's baby will be born. Pray for it." (Newspaper advert 2)
  • "Last season, her prayers were finally answered. But this November, the question is... by whom?" — Season 9
    • "Last year, her prayers were finally answered. Question is... by whom?" (TV advert 1)
    • "A new life has begun and the darkest mystery of all has been born." (TV advert 2)
    • "What happens tonight will leave you breathless." (TV advert 3)
    • "Last season, Scully's prayers were finally answered. But tonight, the question is... by whom?" — "Nothing Important Happened Today"
    • "On this ship lies a terrifying secret. No one was ever meant to know. Sunday, welcome aboard." — "Nothing Important Happened Today II"
      • "Bred to kill. Is she the perfect woman... the perfect weapon... or the key to the mystery of Scully's baby?" (Newspaper advert)
    • "Have you ever felt the presence of evil? Next Sunday, you can't escape it." — "Dæmonicus"
    • "Fox Sunday, a killer who can vanish before your eyes, and the F.B.I. will have to find him... before he finds them." — "4-D"
      • "This killer can vanish in an instant." (TV advert)
    • "There are things in life for which there is no explanation and terrors from where there is no escape. Fox Sunday, let your fear take wing." — "Lord of the Flies"
      • "Get ready for terror that will make your skin crawl." (TV advert)
    • "He holds the key to Scully's prayers, but is her dream about to become a terrible nightmare?" — "Trust No 1"
      • "Nothing could make Scully risk Mulder's life... until now." (TV advert)
    • "The only thing more terrifying than losing your memory is having it stolen from you." — "John Doe"
    • "There are episodes of the X-Files you shouldn't watch alone. This is one of them." — "Hellbound"
    • "A discovery exposes every mystery of the past... and every fear for the future." — "Provenance"
    • "The truth about Scully's baby and Mulder's fate will bring her to the most difficult decision of her life." — "Providence"
    • "An FBI agent is trapped between life and death. Now, her only way way out is a journey beyond imagination." — "Audrey Pauley"
    • "How do you catch a killer that hides inside the body of an innocent man?" — "Underneath"
    • "A killer playing a deadly numbers game leads Scully and Reyes into a trap and the only man who can save them... is playing a game of his own." — "Improbable"
      • "It's an episode unlike any you've ever seen." (TV advert)
    • "And now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my Soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my Soul to take." — "Scary Monsters"
    • "The killer isn't just carrying a weapon. He is the weapon. We can't tell you how this X-File will end, but we can say for one of these people, it will mean the end of everything." — "Jump the Shark"
    • "If Mulder came back scarred and disfigured... would Scully recognize him?" — "William"
    • "For nine years, the question has tormented him. Now, with the X-Files coming to a close, the answer will lead to a revelation." — "Release"
      • "For years, the question has tormented him. The answer may kill him." (TV advert)
      • "Who murdered Doggett's son? It's an answer no one is prepared for." (Newspaper advert)
    • "With only 2 episodes left, get ready for the most bizarre X-File ever. It's a very Brady X-File." — "Sunshine Days"
      • "What's The Brady Bunch doing on the X-Files?" (TV advert)
      • "What does The Brady Bunch have to do with the X-Files? For the past nine years, you've witnessed some startling sights. But what's inside this house may be the most bizarre vision of all." (Newspaper advert)
    • "For nine years, they've searched for the truth. Now, in a 2 hour television event, the truth is finally revealed." — "The Truth" and "The Truth II"
  • "The truth is still out there." — Season 10 / The Event Series
  • "The truth is closer than ever." — Season 11


  • "Take your greatest fear and multiply it by X." — The X-Files: Fight the Future
    • "Fight." (alternate)
    • "Future." (alternate)
    • "Fight the future." (alternate)
    • "The truth is revealed." (alternate)
    • "Soon, the truth is revealed." (alternate)
  • "To find the truth, you must believe." — The X-Files: I Want to Believe
    • "Only a mystery this big could bring Mulder and Scully back together." (alternate)


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