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Z-G (short for Zero Gravity) is a game, created by Mark Rein·Hagen and released in 2001 by Atom0ton. It uses posable 4½-inch action figures with 14 points of articulation. Each figure comes with eight interchangeable accessories in the form of weapons and armour.

In an effort to apply the universe-spanning Exiles setting to a solar system scale setting, this game ended up referencing or directly using sci-fi tropes. These tropes are referenced directly by the syndic cards. Your affiliation with one group or another dictates your powers. These include a whole class of characters that directly reference the Char Clone. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress is referenced directly in another class of character.


The three basic varieties of figures represent:

and they interact in an Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors way using the colored dots on each card.

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