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"The Road goes ever on and on...."
Relive the epic struggle of good versus evil in Middle-earth with The Hobbit Card Game, Martin Wallace’s fast-paced, standalone, trick-taking card game for two to five players. Win hands and use the cards you’ve won to deal damage to opponents, or heal allies and help them with extra cards. Each character assigns cards differently, so use your skills wisely! Fight the forces of evil as Gandalf, Thorin, or Bilbo, or smash the hopes of the heroes as Smaug or Bolg, the goblin leader.

The Hobbit Card Game is a trick-based card game published by Fantasy Flight Games. In the game, two to five players take on the roles of Thorin, Bilbo, Gandalf, Smaug, and Bolg. The players divide into two teams: good and evil. The objective is, in essence, for one side to eliminate the other.

In a hole in the ground lived the following tropes.

  • The Cameo: Many characters from the book are available only in the cards dealt, and not as player characters.
  • Quality Vs Quantity: The good side characters always outnumber the evil side characters. However, the evil side characters have the advantage of having better cards.
  • Standard Fantasy Races: The five factions in the game are the dwarves, hobbits, istari, dragons, and orcs. Elves are, oddly, excluded, despite the game being set in Middle-Earth.
  • Unfriendly Fire: Certain characters' card-dealing abilities can often harm their own allies. (It Makes Sense in Context.) Unwanted Assistance indeed.