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Do not ask "Why do we fight?" Instead ask, "What do we fight for?"

Welcome to Khitai, where the world calls, and you must answer.

In 2016, John Wick Presents launched a Kickstarter for 7th Sea: Second Edition. After that Kickstarter broke the current record for most money raised on a Tabletop RPG ($1.31 Million), one of the final stretch goals of the campaign was to create an entirely separate game line to focus on Asian-analogue nations, rather than a single sourcebook. And so, 7th Sea: The East was created.

While mechanically similar to 7th Sea: Second Edition (the official 7th Sea Podcast states that the designers intend for the games to be cross-compatible; that you can make a Khitai hero using Thean rules and a Thean Hero using Khitai rules), the themes of The East are remarkably different. Thean Heroes are meant to level up by changing the world in some way - by getting revenge on a Villain or winning the heart of their one true love. Khitai Heroes are meant to level up by reacting toward a Destiny the world has in mind for them. Whether they fight to fulfill that Destiny or escape it is integral to the system.

Another major change comes in the form of the base traits of the characters. Second Edition has standard RPG stats like Brawn, Wits, or Panache. Khitai characters choose from stats like Compassion, Honesty, Joy, Loyalty, Peace, Respect, and Wisdom. These stats are associated with the hero's motivation behind their actions, rather than their physical capabilities to carry out these actions.

The Kickstarter for The East ended on November 12th, 2017. The Quickstart rules can be found here. Currently, the dev team expects an August 2018 launch of the game.

The countries of 7th Sea: Khitai include:

Agnivarsan Empire (Mughal India)

  • Deadly Decadent Court: The court of the Agnivarsan ruler (a No Celebrities Were Harmed of the still controversial Aurangezeb) is currently overrun with plots and counter-plots. The Emperor has a decidedly mixed reputation and a lot of people- nobles and commoners- wouldn't shed a tear were he to die.
  • Full-Circle Revolution: The Agnivarsan people rebelled against the Crescent Empire... only to form their own Empire.
  • Oh My Gods!: Agnivarsan is listed as a "land of 10,000 gods" in the Quickstart guide.
  • Semi-Divine: Some of their Heroes have the blood of gods.

Fuso (Sengoku Japan)

  • Arms Dealer: Fuso is lacking in iron deposits that can be used to forge artillery. Thankfully, Thean traders from Odiseo (not-Portugal in this universe) keep coming back with more and more guns to sell.
  • Horse of a Different Color: Fuso Samurai ride BEARS into battle.
    • Since Bears are among the most powerful Kamuyru in Fuso, it would be more accurate to say Bears let the Samurai ride them.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Lampshaded. Most Fuso warriors don't use katana in battle and recognize that they are like any tool- they have a use, but are not an all-powerful weapon. Thean visitors and other Khitai peoples have still started to view the weapon as the greatest blade ever invented.
  • Religion Is Magic: One of their traditions, kamuyru, allows its practitioners to speak with the spirits (kamuynote ) and make requests (or demands) of them. The Mikado is descended from the sun kamuy, and serves as Fuso's spiritual leader.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: The current Mikado, Umakashte, who knows little of the outside world.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: Fuso is the most militant nation in Khitai and could easily conquer the whole region... if its rulers ever stopped fighting over who should lead that conquest.

Han (Manchu-Conquered Korea)

  • The Caligula: King Jeongdo takes Han's cultural posturing to a new level, convinced it's still a world power with the army and navy to match, rather than a client state of Shenzhou with a skeleton army and a navy run by idiots. He keeps sending his forces into battle, confident they'll win, and failure is never his fault.
  • Cultural Posturing: The Han people were once the dominant culture of Khitai's nations before they were conquered by Shenzhou. They still believe this to be true.
  • Lady of War: For all the incompetence of the Han court and army, their navy has one genius Admiral preventing a complete Fuso invasion: Admiral Ji. Ji has revived the nation's centuries old slow and invulnerable Turtle Ships to mount cannons and arquebuses. Her fantastic skill in battle is constantly hampered by her attitude when dealing with the inept, nepotist royal court. She's good, she knows it, and the courtiers and army don't like how she's revealing their ineptitude just by doing her job.

Kammera (Aboriginal Australia)

Khazaria (Remnants of the Mongol Empire)

  • Hordes from the East: The Khazaria once controlled almost all of Khitai, along with Persis, Ussura, and other parts of Theah. The Western game line describes them as "the Iron Horde."

The Kiwa Islands (Maori and Polynesians)

  • Bold Explorer: The Kiwa Islanders sail the seas looking for new islands. Whichever Kiwa Kingdom controls the most islands controls all the Kiwa Kingdoms. Current nations include the Tengarra Empire, the Salafari, and the Morriori.
  • Cool Glider: The Salafari nation have outfitted their ships to rise about 150m into the air with a burst of mana energy, then glide on the sea breeze much like flying fish. The Invisible College in Theah has already taken note and is trying to use this power to develop the first true airship.
  • Lowered Recruiting Standards: The Tengarra Empire within Kiwa have the largest navy in Kithai and possibly Terra. They've had to turn to Aztlan, Theah and the Crescent Empire with promises of adventure and citizenship to get enough bodies to crew their ships.
  • The Navigator: Sailors from the Kiwa Islands are able to navigate the seas without instruments or charts and claim to be the greatest navigators in the world. Castillians and Rahuri resent this, but they're still using telescopes and astrolabes...

Nagaja (Dark Age Cambodia)

  • Balkanize Me: Nagaja is described as "a mandala of hidden kingdoms" that were once a great empire that has collapsed on itself.
  • Snake People: Nagaja was founded when an ancient human prince married a Naga princess, taking its name from said princess.
  • The Dreaded: A resurgent god-king is leading Nagaja into battle against deadly "supernatural threats". What those threats are has yet to be revealed.
  • War Elephants: The preferred mounts of Nagaja's god-king in the battle against the mysterious supernatural threats.

Shenzhou (Imperial China)

  • The Emperor: The Great Khan currently rules over Shenzhou.
  • Take Over the World: The Great Khan of Shenzhou plan to use their nation's resources and population to conquer all of Khitai (and potentially Theah). The people may have other plans.
  • Warrior Monk: Many of them throughout the countryside, all of the Eastern variety. Shenzhou is home to many remote warrior monasteries where Heroes may gain mystical knowledge or learn schools of martial arts.
  • Wu Xia: One of the primary sources of cultural inspiration behind Shenzhou, per the dev team.

The Secret Societies of 7th Sea: Khitai include:

The 36th Chamber

  • Crisis Crossover: One of the reasons the Devs said they made this Society: bridging Thean and Khitai content across stories. The survivors of the library attack grabbed all the tomes they could save and scattered across the world- Ifri, Theah, The New World, and the Crescent Empire to name a few places, all to hide the library's knowledge from potential Villains.
  • Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge: The Chamber possessed so many controversial and invaluable books that the original Masters refused to share it with the populace of Shenzhou for fear of what the common folk might do without the discipline to apply all of this knowledge. Now the Society works to preserve and hide these dangerous books across the world.
  • Great Big Library of Everything: Back when this society was not so secret, their headquarters was a monastery with 35 chambers, all packed to the brim with knowledge of combat, medicine, philosophy, and other subjects its monks were expected to learn. Then one little doctrinal dispute happened...

The rest of the game world of 7th Sea: Khitai provides examples of:

  • All Asians Know Martial Arts: While Theans in Second Edition focus on colorful duels with blades, the dev team has said every nation of Khitai is going to have a unique martial art.
  • Crossover: Heroes from Khitai are already being written into the Second Edition line.
  • Because Destiny Says So: Every Hero in Khitai has a Destiny they are striving toward or against. It is referred to as a "Call to Adventure" or the "Song of the World" within the universe and Quickstart guide.
  • Fan Works: Called "The Explorer's Society" by John Wick Presents, players can write, share, and even sell their own adventures and supplements set in the universe of 7th Sea. The company keeps a public list of the only topics that players cannot write about on their website.