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You had a normal life once.

There are many psychic powers in the World of Darkness. Vampiric mesmerism, werewolf lunacy, everything a mage can do, but are any of these truly psychics? Do they use the power of the mind and mind alone to accomplish their goals? No, they use their magics, their abilities. Actual psychics in the World of Darkness seem to be in short supply.

At least, they used to be.

Psychic: The Gifted is yet another home-brewed creation for the New World of Darkness, created before the release of the God-Machine update and focusing on one idea: What if you didn't need magic to be a psychic? The answer, though incomplete, leads to some interesting places.


Created by Evo the Gamer, Psychic explores themes of not only trying to understand the powers at a character's behest, but of the dangers of a mind without a tether. Of how great power can mean nothing when the possessor is still a human being. The game is currently is a state beyond unplayable, but Shandor is still as of this writing accepting offers for alpha playtesters.

This game provides examples of:

  • Amplifier Artifact: Combined with Power Crystal, Gifted can use crystals to store up and contain psychic powers to be used later, though there must be psychical contact for it to be effective.
  • Dream Land: The Mindscape, containing all the surface thoughts and emotions of mankind.
  • Five Stages of Grief: Used as part of how the Gifted view their abilities and act in a similar way, tese "Mindsets" can change over time depending on the psychic in question and how they learn to view their gifts.
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  • I Hate You Psychic Dad: One class of psychics, the Converted, are created when other Gifted use their abilites to open up the mind. Suffice to say this is not always appreciated.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: The line is very blurry on whether psychic powers are strictly because of a person's innate mental ability, or if there is a mystical component.
  • Psychic Nosebleed
  • Power Incontinence: Called "Flares", happens when a psychic encounters a "Trigger", a situation or stimulus that the psychic reacts negatively to.

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