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Tabletop Game / Meddling Kids (2004)
aka: Meddling Kids

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Meddling Kids is a tabletop RPG released in 2004 by Allyson Books and Pandahead Productions. The game is a kid-friendly intro for Tabletop Role-Playing Games loosely based on mystery cartoons in the vein of Scooby-Doo. PCs are the team members of Cliche, a group of kids (plus their anthropomorphic animal sidekick referred to as the "Wild Card") who solve mysteries together.

Meddling Kids includes examples of:

  • Dramatic Unmask: This plot point is worked into the game mechanics in the form of a trap statistic plus a roll of 2d6, aiming to beat the Monster's Trap Target.
  • GMPC: The Wild Card is this, primarily for the purpose of pushing the plot along with the help of a "Quirk" stat.
  • Talking Animal: Wild Cards take the form of this.
  • Team Pet: The Wild Card, what with the GM playing the role of the Scooby-Doo stand-in of the team.

Alternative Title(s): Meddling Kids