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Hulks and Horrors is a Tabletop RPG made by John S. Berry III. It is a Space Opera setting made using the Open Gaming License 1.0a rules system. It is available for download as a free PDF at online game stores.

The game's premise is that when humanity finally reached the stars, they found that a plague had wiped out most other sentient races. Now it's up to the players to investigate ruins and abandoned ships, facing the horrors in them, in order to find great rewards.


You can play as four human character character classes: Pilot, Scientist, Soldier, Psyker (psionic) and three alien races (also treated as character classes): the Sl'ettexik (hovering squids), the Red-Red-Chartreuse-Blue (a race of giant one-cell organisms, with a color-based language, called Omega Reticulans by everybody else) and the Urr-A-Arfruf (Bearmen.)

The game allows for a wide array of World Building, from designing your own devices, spaceships and monsters to planets and star-systems. It includes dozens of ready-made monsters and artifacts as well.

No, it has nothing to do with that Hulk, Or with Space Hulk, another RPG.


Tropes in Hulks and Horrors include:


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