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"When You Need an Act of Heroism, We Are at Your Service."

Heroica! The RPG is an online role playing game established on Loosely based on the LEGO subtheme of the same name, the game has blossomed since its creation in 2011. It is unique, due to the fact that the world is completely crafted by the players - over a dozen Game Masters have contributed, shaping the world of Olegaia to what it is today. It is still going strong today, thanks to the thriving playerbase.


The story revolves mainly around Eubric, a cutthroat city with no true government. Instead, six houses rule the city, stuck in constant feuds. All the while the Wolfgang, a criminal syndicate headed by werewolves, constantly tries to wreak havoc on the six houses and remove their influence on Eubric. In the middle of all of the city's chaos, an organization known as Heroica dispatches heroes to all who need them. Established 250 years ago after the Orcish wars, Heroica Hall is now host to over 70 heroes (all created and played by forum goers who joined the game) - all of different species: humans, orcs, trolls, elves, and even undead.

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