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Tabletop Game / HOBAL Houses Of Bone And Lamplight

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A tabletop roleplay created by Bill Smith, HOBAL is an urban fantasy set in the middle of London, where magically adept humans and other types of spellcasters attempt to coexist alongside the likes of Angels, Demonkin, Vampires and other supernatural types. Banding together into different Houses, each with their own brand of magical speciality, they must keep the workings of their world a guarded secret from the rest of mundane society.


Good luck to them, poor bastards.

As per the Wiki Rule, has a wiki here.

This tabletop-game provides examples of:

  • Character Classes: Features a lot of different spellcasters.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Silver, religious symbols, and holy water aren't really all that dangerous. Once in a while a newly-turned Vampire might be startled by them. But they are then promptly shunned and laughed at for buying into such media-popularized nonsense!
    • Decapitation still works fine though. And fire too... yes, definitely fire.


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