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Fleet & Federation is a card game that allows the players to crew the Enterprise


Fleet & Federation is a tabletop semi-cooperative puzzle-solving card game that takes place in The Federation, which is most definitely not the United Federation of Planets and in which players crew the Enterprise.

Originally, F&F was a affectionate parody of Star Trek, but the game's diegesis has since evolved into a fleshed out, polydimensional world of its own.


my progress on this project can be seen here.


The game reached its full complement of (approximately) 170 cards in 2005 and has since been (intermittently) in a perpetual state of retooling and playtesting. Since then, I've also been adding cards in what will be an expansion titled Strange New Words.

A novel was started (and completed up to 50,000 words of terrible rough-draft prose) in NaNoWriMo 2009. Characters were made. Ideas evolved. Now the world of F&F has a lot of interesting extraneous details. A completely different novel (possibly an anthology of short stories in the same milieu) may be attempted in a future NaNoWriMo once I've accomplished more World Building.

In the meantime, I'm only a set of instructions away from demoing and regular playtesting the game...oh, and I have to insert new graphics into a bunch of old cards. And...and...


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