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A drinking game that's an actual game!

DrunkQuest is a tabletop card game with a twist, instead of using weapons or dice to defeat enemy monsters, you use your own gullet. Each monster has a drink value and the only way to vanquish it is consume an equal amount of alcohol.

There are three types of cards: monster cards, treasure cards, and character cards (which include classes and realms). The game starts with each player drawing a character card and a realm card which grant special abilities. Treasure cards are then passed out, which allow players to effect the game in various ways. There are four types of treasure cards: actions, which can only be played on your turn and usually effect the monster's drink or treasure value, instants, which can be played at any time and usually dole out drinks to other players (though they can have far greater abilities), interrupts, which can be played defensively to block or even reverse an action or an instant, and permanents, which are equip cards that grant the user a variety of abilities such as a sword that lowers monster drink values or a ring that allows one to take drinks to gain more cards.


After all the set up, it's time to draw a monster. Each player, starting and ending with the player that drew the monster, gets a turn to use an action. This entails either playing an action card, using one of your character's abilities or simply drawing a new treasure. At the end of the circle, the drawing player (or the player that used a card to steal the monster for themself) gets a chance to drink the monster to death, afterward they are rewarded with treasures and a level. The next player draws a new monster and a new turn is started. First player to ten levels wins!

Another wrinkle in the game are the boss monsters. These monsters have particularly high drink levels and require the entire party to drink to defeat it. No one gets a level, but everyone gets treasure.

The first expansion, called The 90 Proof Seas, was released in January 2014, adding new classes, rare monsters that grant passive abilities and boats that replace the realm cards and allow the players to fire drinks at one another.


A second expansion, called Porcelain Gods, has been announced and will feature a new role for non-drinkers, that of a god like figure that can "reward the pious and punish the unfaithful".

Play responsibly!

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