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High Fantasy, Brought Low.

The sky turned red, the ground split, the oceans flooded, fire rained down, mythical beasts awoke and magic lashed out. When the Night of Fire ended, nine out of every 10 people in Scondera were dead. The Long Winter killed countless more.

You survived.

Desolation is a Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy RPG created by Greymalkin Designs in 2009. It is set in the world of Scondera, after an apocalyptic event called "The Night of Fire" killed 90% of the population. It delights in Subverting, Averting, Inverting, and otherwise Playing With common Fantasy tropes. It uses the Ubiquity dice pool system, the same system as Hollow Earth Expedition.


It has two supplements: Desolation: Survivors and Desolation: Journeys Before and After. Journeys was released in 2010 and featured expanded rules for playing before the Apocalypse, including new spell casting rules, equipment values, magic items, and archetypes. It also included a full campaign consisting of eight scenarios that begin before the Night of Fire and lead players through the Apocalypse and into the After. Survivors was released in 2016 and contained new rules for creating orc, goblin and kobold characters, new magical traditions, expanded scavenging rules, dozens of new creatures, nearly 60 non-player characters and more than 20 new sample communities.


Desolation provides examples of the following tropes:


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