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d20 Rebirth is a fan-made RPG system based on the d20 System being developed by James "Fax Celestis" Raine. It started on the Giant in the Playground forums (birthplace of that other big roleplaying project) before being mirrored over to its own site and forums (located here). Though currently experiencing some very justified delays (due to an infant, mostly), work has been progressing steadily for a couple of years now, and the game system is looking more and more promising.

Fax's stated goal with d20 Rebirth is to make an alternative system to replace Pathfinder and 4th Edition, building on the principles of D&D's 3.5 Edition and working to correct its perceived flaws and add in things he's wanted to see supported in the rules while excising what didn't work. Currently there is no stated release date, but alpha testing has already begun with released material.

The d20 Rebirth system contains the folowing tropes: