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Axiom is an unofficial setting in Dungeons & Dragons, played in the Path Finder format. It is a large, elaborate game world consisting of several countries and countless political factions. The main planet is the "Axiom" of the title, but it is orbited by two moons, Axis and Crux. Players travel across the world to thwart wicked villains like Duke Mercator and the Deadwing Lullaby.

The campaign and general setting include examples of:

  • Action Girl: All of Van'Derrick's sisters, Lady Orb, Azure, Crimson, Serrar, Ny'Jhar, Ada'Lara…and so forth.
  • Artifacts of Doom: Deadwing's blades.
  • Asskicking Leads to Leadership: Presumably the reason why Qrask was promoted to Knight Errant. Also, Grahamr was promoted to Captain shortly after his "debut" and eventually got an enhanced suit of armor.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: A very prevalent trope in this campaign. Lady Orb can single-handedly hold back a striking event, King Van'Derrik has a whole ensemble of super-powered sisters, Hub is ruled by a council of ruthless archmages, and Duke Mercator of Shear isn't much to scoff at either. There must be an unwritten rule in Axiom that you're not allowed to be a world leader without being a badass. On the flip side, the royal family of Yokellund wasn't really that special…
  • Character Level: Par on course for an RPG. The good news is that if you start later on the the campaign, you can be the same level as the rest of the party.
  • Dead Person Conversation: The Fruit Bat
  • Elemental Powers: King Van'Derrick's sisters..
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: It's here, but can be hard to pin down. Eion, being an ancient fallen empire which controlled massive territory (and based on the helmet crests of the golems) could be seen as an allegory to Rome. Ferris may or not be Japan, but Lady Orb is certainly decked out in a kimono. And Bogwallow is modeled on Louisiana of all things…
  • Fantastic Racism: Surprisingly not as overt as in most fantasies.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Astor and Fenn are two examples.
  • Informed Equipment: In gaming terms, the PCs really are carrying around multiple weapons as well as heavy backpacks along with whatever other equipment they have. In character terms…probably not so much.
  • Inn Security: The party was sleeping in an Inn on the way to the Gap when they were awoken by the Drow Queen's scream. More recently, Ada tried to infiltrate Xanty's hotel room.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Sensid
  • Kill It with Fire: Ny'gar's fighting invokes this one way or another.
  • Killed Off for Real: Old Len. He was murdered by Deadwing during her attack on Cairn. Seeing as how we was the most experienced member of the party, this was rather jarring.
  • Medieval Stasis: Played with. There used to be more advanced societies, such as Quarkwell and Eion, but the striking events keep knocking the world back to the pseudo-Middle Ages.
  • You All Meet in an Inn: Played straight when the party met Sensid, Vorahn, and Saul-Gudd in Ferris.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: What will happen if Crux eclipses Axis...or so they say.