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Æon (later Trinity, thanks to a run-in with MTV, who saw it as challenging trademarks on Æon Flux) is the first game in White Wolf's Trinity Universe, and the chronologically latest.

Set in the 2120s, you play as a psion, one of a select few humans gifted with extraordinary psychic abilities standing in humanity's defense, not least against the monstrous Aberrants, who seek to reclaim Earth as their own.

To become a psion requires having latent psychic potential. When the psi orders pick up on someone with the appropriate potential, they test them according to each order's own particular set of standards, then put them through a Prometheus Chamber, which triggers their latent abilities. A considerable number of psions stick with an order after triggering, though not all.

Each psi order is based in a particular geographical region, specializing in a particular type of Psychic Powers, and modeled on a type of organization - if they're not one in practice. Each order is headed by a proxy, a psion with abilities above and beyond those of their fellows.


The psi orders are:

  • Æsculapian Order - A network of hi-tech medical clinics, with the original based in Basel, Switzerland. Specialize in vitakinesis, the healing of body and mind. Revamped in the new edition to focus on providing emergency services.
  • ISRA (Interplanetary School for Research and Advancement) - Situated on the Moon, ISRA is modeled on a monastic order or New Age commune, though that doesn't stop members from going out and exploring the universe. Specializes in clairsentience, extending the senses through space and time. Tweaked a little in the new edition to focus on serving humanity.
  • The Legions - Specializing in telekinesis, the Legions are a freewheeling private army headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Revamped to be nominally under United Nations Military Command in the new edition.
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  • The Ministry of Psionic Affairs - A ministry in the Chinese government, serving a variety of roles therein. Specializes in telepathy.
  • Norça (Nova Fôrça de Nacionales - the New National Force) - Based on a South American crime family. Specialize in biokinesis, the ability to transform their own bodies. The new edition has them originate from a radical environmentalist movement.
  • Orgotek - A biotech corporation headquarted in New York, FSA (Federated States of America). Specializes in electrokinesis, the manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Upeo wa Macho - An interplanetary non-profit organization, focusing on space exploration and emergency action. Originally based in Nigeria, now on an extra-solar colony world. Specialize in teleportation.
  • Chitra Bhanu - The so-called "dark psions", the fallen order. A research institute based in Mumbai, India, specializing in quantakinesis, the control of quantum forces. They studied Aberrants, who tap quantum directly, and were eventually wiped out by the other orders for Aberrant collaboration. While some quantakinetics still survive, no more can be created.

Due to receive a second edition as Trinity Continuum: Æon, which is set to change up some things. It had a successful Kickstarter in February 2018.

If you're looking for the band, they're here.

This role-playing game provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Origin Connection: In Trinity Continuum: Æon, Saraswati Kaur Bhurano is retconned to have originally been Dr. Hammersmith's Indian servant Sara Kaur, one of the three people closest to the Hammersmith Event that inaugurated Adventure!, along with Max Mercer and Michael Donighal. Where Mercer gained enhanced time/probability powers, and Donighal gained enhanced quantum powers, Bhurano gained enhanced noetic powers, eventually starting to develop what became Quantakinesis by the 22nd century - meaning that each of the three Inspired types, Talents, Novas and Psiads, had a Super Prototype representative at the Event who'd play an important part in the keystone eras to come.
  • Afrofuturism: Subverted. Africa was one of the few places that were hit the least by the Aberrant War (the Americas and Western Europe got the worst of it) and thus was able to get ahead plenty during the reconstruction period, but it's by no means a utopia.
  • Alternate Continuity: TC: Æon to the original edition. It's similar in the Broad Strokes - keeping the eight psi orders and their proxies, the 22nd century's nations, the alien races, etc - but a number of things have been changed or added.
  • A Protagonist Shall Lead Them: Otha Herzog, ISRA's proxy, is regarded as a messiah by a faction within his own order, something he's deeply uncomfortable with.
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: So, about the Norça's full name in the original edition: it's correct in Catalan, but it is not correct for most anyone from a South American background, which the Norça are. For the new edition, it's been changed to Nova Força Nacional, which still abbreviates to Norça.
  • Augmented Reality: In TC: Æon, almost everyone has access to the OpNet via augmented reality.
  • Balkanize Me:
    • In Europe, this is pretty normal after the Esperanza incident. France is nonexistent, while Spain, Germany and Austria have fallen apart into their component provinces. The Balkans, incidentally, are called "the Shatter" because they'd fallen down to the city-state level even before Esperanza, but now they're reversing this trope in the face of Turkey's Rising Empire and are refounding their component nations.
    • Downplayed by Australia. There's almost a hundred countries on the continent, but almost nobody really cares about the micronations' claims of sovereignty in the Outback; it's just a longstanding Australian tradition since the founding of the Hutt River Province.
  • Blatant Lies: In the Trinity Player's Guide, each type of team has a real-life movie used as an example of the kind of missions that that team goes on. The section ends with an assurance that the fact that each film's mission goes completely to hell doesn't mean anything, "really."
  • Biomanipulation: The Aesculapians and the Norça both have this power, split in half: The Aesculapians can manipulate other people's (and their own) bodies psionically in order to heal them or hurt them, while the Norça can manipulate their bodies psionically in order to do things like disguise themselves or grow gills (or Wolverine Claws) to better survive a situation.
  • Biotech Is Better: Zig-zagged with the availability of many bio-tech devices that can replicate modern appliances, and some of the most sophisticated devices of the setting (like the jump ships) making major use of it. On one hand, they can replicate the appliances' work just as well and Psions can bond with them and get them to work a bit better. On the other hand, they have higher maintenance, are much harder to fix, people are not comfortable using them (the fluff explicitly says that many biotech devices are sold with normal-looking exterior shells), computers are still better as hard tech, and if Psions get attuned to too many biotech devices, they develop junkie-like symptoms.
  • The Chessmaster: All over the place, notably the Doyen and a number of the proxies.
  • City on the Water: Part of the country of Oceania in TC: Æon.
  • Cut Short: The first edition was cancelled just as "Asia Ascendant", the Ministry splatbook, had been written (fortunately, it was made available as a free PDF). Had the line continued, there would also have been an aliens book, an Africa book, and then an update to bring things in line with Aberrant.
  • Dirty Coward: The Doyen, especially in 2E, are driven by rabid fear of their own mortality, willing to commit genocide on entire species simply because they could threaten the Doyen.
  • Dying Aptitude: With the destruction of the Chitra Bhanu (and their Prometheus Chamber) there is no way for new Quantakinetics to be made. Yet. The survivors managed to steal the core and are reverse-engineering it.
    • And as noted in "Aurora Australis", the Legions are also running a risk of this due to the sheer wear and tear put on their Prometheus Chamber.
  • Empire with a Dark Secret: Nihon figured out a lot of the setting's secrets — the psi orders being of alien(and very likely malevolent) origin, that novas were not inherently unstable, etc — thanks to figuring out which of their Novas were not going to go insane during the Aberrant War, and sheltering them. Three of them were super-scientists who figured out a treatment to suppress nova/psionic latency, and eventually refine it so it instead created a third form of superhuman they call a "Superior" — which, unknown to them, are actually the "Daredevils" from Adventure. Suffice to say that there's a reason the Nihonjin are being very careful about reintegrating with the noetically-influenced rest of the world.
  • Faking the Dead: S. K. Bhurano survived the Chitra Bhanu purge along with a handful of her most trusted Quantakinetics in Second Ed. She also managed to retrieve the core of their Prometheus Chamber and worked with the Norça Proxy in secret to make a new Chamber and revive her order.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: How Florida got drowned, as recounted in "America Offline": during the Aberrant War, a young Aberrant with power over the oceans was concerned about climate change in Florida, her home state, and attempted to stabilize the Gulf Stream. Unanticipated resonance resulted in massive ocean waves that killed millions of people, including the Aberrant herself.
  • Government Agency of Fiction: The Ministry.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: Orgotek isn't completely honest, but one of their employee pitches is their cheerful willingness to buy voting rights for everyone they employ without reservation, and their outspoken critique of the abysmal civil rights record of the FSA, which the junta in control can't censor due to their own plutocratic legal control. Adventures for them are often about forcing reforms through the FSA at gunpoint.
  • It Only Works Once: If you try to use another prometheus chamber after your Psionic abilities are activated, you'll die.
  • Mega-Corp: "Metacorporations", referring to companies with celebrity status, and/or with responsibilities not directly related to profit-making.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: The Novas on Eden have made it clear they have no intention of harming humanity or even coming back to Earth unless invited.
  • Only Sane Man:
    • Of the proxies, the Upeo Wa Macho proxy was the only one other than the Chibs who even considered a peaceful solution to the returning Aberrants, involving making peace with the sane Novas that colonized other worlds. The other Orders began talks of dismantling their order as a result.
    • The Norça proxy is the only one who has any kind of clue that the fall of the Chibs was due to outside interference and has been doing some digging. He also keeps many of the remaining chibs alive in secret.
  • Oppressive States of America: The fascist Federated States of America that arises in the aftermath of the Aberrant War. Restructured along the lines of a militaristic plutocracy, and having annexed much of Canada and Mexico, it is a long way away from the old United States.
  • Organic Technology: Biotech. The alien Qin take it well beyond human capabilities.
  • Promoted to Playable: In the original editions, full Quantakinetics were off the table, deemed appropriate only as NPCs, although the Trinity Players Guide made their first-level powers available to other psions as secondary powers they couldn't raise higher, and fan supplements gave them full PC writeups. For the new edition, full Quantakinetics were made available as PCs in the main book. It also made the Chitra Bhanu - as in the actual psi order - a playable option too.
  • Psychic Powers
  • The Reveal: There're a number, but a notable one involves the Chitra Bhanu. Bhurano had been possessed by a Doyen - afraid of her power over Quantum, which is deadly to the Doyen - for the duration of the original Chitra Bhanu's existence. When the Doyen discovered what Quantakinesis was capable of - cleansing Aberrants' Taint in the original, killing Doyen in 2nd ed - they were horrified, and manipulated things to engineer the Chitra Bhanu purge. However, in 2nd ed, Bhurano survived, along with the core of the Quantakinesis Chamber...
  • Science Fiction Kitchen Sink: Pretty much every major area has its own genre: Europe is After the End, North America is Cyberpunk, etc.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: The Upeo did this in fear of ending up like the Quantakinetics. Effective when their bag is Teleportation.
  • Shout-Out: "America Offline" to AOL, aka America OnLine.
  • Show Within a Show: Quite a few, most notably Strike Team Psion and Jake Danger: Aberrant Hunter. There's a mini-supplement about 23rd century media.
  • The Sociopath: Vitakinetics' powers make them intimately aware of the physical and mental health of people in close proximity to them. Quite a few find being surrounded by so much pain and decay so overwhelming that they voluntarily undergo a process that turns them into sociopaths, just so they can get on with their jobs without being constantly crippled by empathy with their patients. (This isn't a preferred option for most docs, though.)
  • Underwater City: The other part of the country of Oceania in TC: Æon.
  • Whatevermancy: The various psionic aptitudes, particularly Biokinesis, Vitakinesis, Electrokinesis and Quantakinesis.

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