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Sapphire Flame:


  • Watchmen finally built the bridge between damn fine writing and comics (yes, I know it is a Graphic Novel, but for me, this blend of comic-style art and fiction led me to have Watchmen as the very definition of Graphic Novel).
  • Planescape: Torment. Seriously. I am a fan of RPGs but this is just blowing my mind.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya


Secret Fan 14

  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: This show is one of the first serious anime I have ever watched, and it's still one of the best.
  • Kill la Kill: This anime is really fun to watch, even if it's cheesy beyond belief, and some of the battle scenes are the best I've seen so far. Some of them.
  • Yume Nikki: This game is so creepy. I love it. And its WMG page.
    • And all the creepy RPGs I have to play now that I started OFF.
  • Convinced me to finish the Harry Potter books. So worth it.
  • I have taken to consulting the Fan Fic Recs pages when I'm out of reading material. There's a lot of enjoyable fanmade material on there. And My Immortal.
    • That introduced me to Archive of Our Own and its oodles of stories ranging from good, to entertainingly bad, to just plain ugly. I regret nothing.
  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum: Really funny, and actually heartwarming at times.
  • The Discworld series, and by extention, Good Omens, Neil Gaiman, and The Sandman. Oh my god.
  • AMV Hell, which led me to Azumanga Daioh, Excel♡Saga, Ouran High School Host Club, and probably a lot of more shows to come.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic: I'm going to have his songs stick in my head for eternity, aren't I?
  • Portal: I love this franchise. It's hilarious.
  • Cracked: This site turned out to be a great time-waster, and I love its videos so much (After Hours and especially). And apparently my drama teacher reads it too.
  • Futurama: Futurama is to adult cartoons as TVTropes is to everything else.
  • Helvetica: A mystery comic about skeletons. I started reading this to deal with Undertale withdrawal, and now I'm hooked.
  • Das Sporking: There are so many talented sporkers on here. Also, if you want an in-depth analysis of absolutely everything wrong with the Twilight franchise, this is the place to go.
  • Sidekick Girl: It starts out as an entertaining little romp about a Hypercompetent Sidekick and her coworkers, but it gets much darker and more interesting as it goes on. Especially if you read the whole thing in 4 hours like I did.



sfisher923(This list is expanding over time and includes a hybrid of Tvtropes and other sites)


I have weird tastes, don't hate.


  • ''Bad Machinery is the greatest narrative anything that I've ever had the pleasure of reading, and I wouldn't have found it if not for TVTropes.

Shonen Trash 98

Shotgun Ninja



Sir Mega Towel

Silvermaxus 253





  • Cave Story: I didn't know it was free online, and it was really good game. I just wish there was a way to start the game with the polar star.
  • Dwarf Fortress: half TV Tropes half one of my friends. i found it and learned it because of TVTropes, and I had a friend help me play the game, now it's back at TVTropes as to why I keep playing it, wanting to build at least one super thing.
  • Exit Fate: It's a nice take on the turn based based game, which I do think should be filed under digital novels by this point, and it's a good departure from the old style of "guy destorys world, you save it."
  • JFK: Reloaded: Truely some of the sickest fun ever for me, and I see what crazy lengths I can take things. Currently I've blasted JFK, had his driver crash and back up, running over the bodies, and caused 3 differnt crashes in other cars.
  • Powder Toy: Because why not?
  • Spelunky: I love challenging games that aren't brutal, and spelunky delivers. It's very fair, and if you focus you need not die.
  • Knights of the Old Republic: a friend showed it to me, but it convinced me to get the sequal. I have vista so it doesn't play.
  • Castlevania Fighter: Not too great, but it's still fun and a nice call back to all the games.



  • Discworld: Having come across multiple examples from this series in several Literature tropes, I started reading the books. Now I'm almost done with the series.


Soap MacTavish

  • Discworld. The number of mentions regarding this book eventually led me to read it. I never regret it.
  • The Princess Bride. Again, Inigo naming quite a few tropes in one sentence made me watch this.


  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: After experiencing Hype Aversion, I finally got around to checking it out. It really is one of the best Western Animation series ever. Maybe not 100% perfect, but much better and more entertaining than 90% of TV shows out there.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers: I'm not ashamed to admit that I like the series, and it was pretty much curiosity about where all these cool-sounding references to anthropomorphic personifications of countries were coming from that drew me into it.
  • Bridge of Birds: I am eternally grateful to the troper who put it on the Gush page for Literature, because that was what made me decide to check it out and find out that it isn't as epic as s/he made it's even more epic.
  • Good Omens: The page for the book made it sound like a fun and quirky book, so I borrowed it from the library. And of course, it turned out to be exactly the kind of book I love. Not to mention that it introduced me to...
  • Neil Gaiman: I wouldn't even have heard of him if it were not for this website. He's now one of my favorite authors.
  • And a ton of webcomics (El Goonish Shive, Girl Genius, Gunnerkrigg Court, Khaos Komix...), thanks to tropers Entry Pimping the hell out of them.


Some Person


Soul Pukerit's because of you that i'm getting to knowand i'm not regretting it at all

Space Jawa

Specialist290I can blame TV Tropes for getting me interested in:

SpiriTsunamiJust about every webcomic I've ever checked out (and there are a lot of them), either directly or through links provided by those Project Wonderful ads on so many of the comics' sites. Also...

Stardust Rain


Stuffed Ninja

Sunny V

Super King 93

Sweet Madness


Tropers/TanebI arrived from Irregular Webcomic! and Darths & Droids (which, for those curious, I got via Murderous Maths) and from here went all over the place

Tandra88Believe it or not, I found TV Tropes from...The Other Wiki. Yep, all because I hit the random article button. After that, the rest was history. Here are my addictions:



ThatHaloDudeArrived here after reading Moonstuck and Fallout: Equestria. TV Tropes revived my long-dead interest in anime and manga, and spamming the Random Page button has become my default way of killing time on the Internet.

Tropers/thepasswordisanime and web comics in general.

The Great Dark One

  • Extra Credits: It was a link to their video on sexuality that I found in the Persona 4 YMMV page
  • Iji: This was brought up in a discussion regarding Spec Ops:The Line.
  • Machinarium: It was mentioned on the main page that it had a beautiful soundtrack which I still listen to.
  • Maiden Rose: Found this on the anime/manga gush page.
  • Persona 4: A couple of fanfics
  • Ribbon Of Green: I was looking for freeware games for my video game blog and found this.
  • Tobuscus: Link to the LITERAL Skyrim trailer in the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim YMMV page
  • Zero Punctuation


The StrayCame here through Google looking for information on the term Series Bible. Since that time I've been introduced to:

The Tall One

Thrawn CA

Tina Banina 96Tv Tropes has dragged me into a few fandoms, and by extension of that, into others. It's also made me more interested in them than I was before, and relive and re-watch old series or things I only had a passing interest in.

Toa NovuThis site acted as my gateway drug into anime and manga. It started with innocent little Fruits Basket around three years ago. Since then, either directly or inderectly because of this site, I have watched and/or read the entirety of (or what is out to this point in the case of ongoing series):

The Toon Geekette


TV Tropes also turned me on to They Might Be Giants so thanks for that as well.


Which by way of an excellent fanfic got me into Doctor Who
  • Blackpool


Troper No. 9001

  • Consolers: Met its ceator Zanreo at the Forum Games.
  • Critter Coven: At the "Pick an avatar that you want the above poster to explain" thread at the forum games.
  • Homestuck: I tried reading it back when it was at the height of its popularity in late 2011, but it wasn't until the comic ended when I was finally convinced to give it a real shot.
  • Ichabod The Optimistic Canine: At the "Ask the above poster a question" thread at the forum games.
  • Lindsey Stirling: At the "Name something that starts with the same first/last letter of the above poster and see if they like it" thread at the forum games.
  • My Hero Academia: In Hunger Games Simulation, tributes from the show were frequently nominated, and I got curious.
  • TinkerQuarry: At the "Ask the above poster a question" thread at the forum games.
  • Undertale: I was interested right from the start, but I didn't want to buy it at first, until people started using avatars of the characters in the forum games. Not wanting to be spoiled further, I left the forums for three days just to play it. I decided to do the Pacifist Route on my first try, so I took a tiny peek at its trope page to make sure I was on the right track.

Tvtropesruinedmylife 22

This list will be expanded.

Twenty Two Sevenths


Twin Bird

  • Freaking Homestuck!
  • Cave Story.
  • QI. Not that... I've actually been watching more than the short promos inexplicably posted on BBC Worldwide... that would be illegal, after all... *cough*.
    • By extension, Panel Shows in general. Who knew that Whose Line Is It Anyway? was part of a genre, and a pretty bland example at that? (...other than everyone living outside, or who has ever been outside, or who is aware there is a world outside the US, or who regularly listens to NPR or one of a number of other stations...)
    • Also, A Bit of Fry and Laurie... God, what happened to Hugh?
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures
  • Got me back into Girl Genius after almost half a decade, having been put off in the early web days by the whole "basic material"/"advanced class" thing.
  • Excel♡Saga, waaay back in the day.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya... of course.

Two's Complement

Two Gun Angel Most of the stuff I read, see, or play, I first hear about on here or on Youtube:


Unknown Troper

The Unknown Uploader

Vengeful Bale





Willy Four Eyes

Wolf Moon Rising

Ypsi Fang

Yvanna Irie (in order of "whatever pops into my head")


  • Discworld: An amazing series that this troper enjoys thanks to TV Tropes.. Only half a year since his introduction, and he owns 30 of the series books.
  • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K: The series introduced this troper to the idea that yes.. Fanfiction can actually be worth reading.
  • Ciaphas Cain: This trope always been a fan of the Cowardly Lion, and Lighter and Softer. I also like Warhammer, so when he heard about the series here, he went out and bought The Hero of the Imperium. No regrets.




Hobgoblin: Supreme Leader, I have that lampshade you requested.