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Lady Mitsuko

Lady Phlogiston

  • The Dresden Files: My father had read the first book or two and told me it would be too dark and too violent for me. (I am, admittedly, kind of a wimp about these things.) But I kept seeing tropes from the series and the situations and quotes were awesome and I finally read them and loved them. Can't wait for the next.
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  • Veronica Mars


There's also media that I haven't read or watched but TV Tropes has told me so much about it, I feel like I know it as well as any hardcore fan:



Lemont ElwoodMost every awesome video game and a couple video game comics (such as Penny Arcade). I was introduced to Victoria II, then Tropico, and then Just Cause. And I only learned about Victoria from reading Troper Tales (RIP).


Liberated Liberater










Major Tom

MalefixI got here from the Super Smash Bros. Wiki. The Star KO page had a link to A Twinkle in the Sky. I got gatewayed to:

Maths ~Angelic Version~

  • Ai To Yuuki To Kashi Wa Mochi: I found it on FromBadToWorse.Video Games back when the trope was still named "It Got Worse". I don't really like it when happy stuff becomes tragic, but I was for some reason attracted to the game anyway. I downloaded and tried it, but it was frustratingly Nintendo Hard. Several years later, I found out that there was an app port. I bought it for some reason. I guess I really wanted to like the game. After some practice, I now find the app pretty enjoyable.
  • Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii: I was looking at the ThatOneLevel.Super Mario Bros page when I noticed this title on the list of fan games. It sounded interesting, so I clicked the link. When I read that the game was a hack of the Wii game, I became somewhat scepticalnote  However, when I watched the game trailer and fell in love with the beautiful worlds, I decided to try it out anyway. I completed the game and think I even enjoyed it more than the original New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Newer became my gateway to CTGP Revolution, a Mario Kart Wii hack with many custom tracks.
  • Third Rate Gamer: I've never had any strong opinions on The Irate Gamer, but I enjoy reading the pages about it anyway. On YMMV.The Irate Gamer, I found a link to the page about Third Rate Gamer. I'm not that familiar with the Irate Gamer's videos, but apparently familiar enough to find Third Rate Gamer hilarious.
  • Scandinavia and the World: I think I was aware of it before, but after finding the example on Pass the Popcorn on TV Tropes and finding more funny stuff on the TV Tropes pages, I started reading it. I like the art style and the humour. The fact that I'm Scandinavian probably helps too.
  • Maradonia Saga: I was reading the So Bad It's Horrible Literature subpagenote  and found it funny that this series had a page. I haven't read the books (except for some awful excerpts), but I enjoy sporkings (MSTs).
  • Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG: I found a reference to it on Antidisestablishmentarianism and clicked it. I haven't read the whole list and don't even get all the jokes because I don't play any RPG, but most of the jokes I get are very funny.
  • Square Root of Minus Garfield: I actually enjoy Garfield unironically and was reading YMMV.Garfield when I found a link to this... thing. I don't mean that in a bad way. Many of the strips are pretty creative and funny.
  • Richard Harris's song "MacArthur Park". I found it on Narm.Music and checked it out for the Narm. It turned out that I found the Narm tolerable even when I paid attention to the lyrics, and the song itself is beautiful.
  • The Tristania song "My Lost Lenore". I found it on Narm.Music and only listened to it because I saw the word "thy" in the lyrics and wanted to look for Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe. I didn't find any, but at least I found a cool song.
  • The "Weird Al" Yankovic song "Grapefruit Juice". Al Bundy Fan 365 listed Weird Al as one of their favourite artists and mentioned four Weird Al songs. I liked the other three, so I decided to give "Grapefruit Juice" a chance. I liked it too. By the way, I found Al Bundy Fan 365's contributor page because they posted "the miscellany section you have here is great. I've used a few examples on my own page. Thank you for your help." on Bonsai Forest's Troper Wall. I knew about Bonsai Forest because he commented on my Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii review.
  • Thy Dungeonman: Found on Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe.
  • Text adventures in general because of Thy Dungeonman.
  • Homestar Runner because of Thy Dungeonman.
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed: I think I remember playing a tutorial or something, not liking it and forgetting about this game. Then I found someone gushing about a course on the YMMV page. I thought it actually sounded pretty cool and decided to give the game a second chance. I do not regret it. Even though I'm unfamiliar with almost all of the frachises that appear in the game, I can still enjoy the beautiful and fun courses.
  • There are also some works I want to check out because of TV Tropes:

Max 1099


  • My list of Web Comics is too long to be duplicated here, see my contributor page if interested.
  • I discovered Negima! Magister Negi Magi here.
  • I never thought I'd be interested by anything related to Warhammer 40,000, especially not tie-in material. Then I read here about Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!.
    • Which also led to my subsequent acquisition of the Dawn of War complete pack.note .
    • And my later acquisition of the tabletop game itself in early 2010.
  • Video games like Disgaea and Iji.
  • I discovered The Dresden Files here.
  • I offered the first Honor Harrington book to a Friend as a birthday gift after reading about it here. He bought all following books. ALL OF THEM.

Meikyu ButterflyI just wanted to look up the lyrics to the latin chanting in "One Winged Angel". Google came up with the page on Ominous Latin Chanting. I laughed my guts out when I read it and decided that this is the best website ever.I found:

... and a lot of other stuff I probably forgot.


So, uh. That's a list.

Mercury Penny 1As surprising as it may be, given the very few pages for [[Game Mods]], I actually found out the entirety of ROM hacking here. Other content I discovered here includes:


Mighty Mewtron

Millennium Jim

Miscellaneous Soup

  • That Guy with the Glasses
    • EVERYTHING there.
  • Many other programs, many of which I can't list here, because I can't remember them.
Miyuki 0416

Miyukimae 123

  • I found several freeware games like Star Stealing Prince, Alter A.I.L.A. and Ao Oni through here.
  • Tales Series - I played Legendia once, then I decided to look it up here. Best decision ever.
  • Vocaloid - I've heard about it a few times, but I mostly avoided it because I hated Miku's voice. It was only when I got here that I found out that there were other less-squeaky sounding vocaloids.


Tropers/Mr. W

Mr Bad Axe

Mr Man Bear Pig 1000TV Tropes got me into everything. Yes everything. Before, I had no particular interests outside of a general love of cinema. A friend of mine showed me the site, I started looking up my favorite movies, and after a long Wiki Walk later, I was hooked. Through TvTropes, I got into Anime, Comics, numerous cult movies, Video Games outside of Call of Duty, a lot of old cartoons I watched as a kid, and many original fan works from around the internet. Yes, TvTropes made me into the Geek I am today, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mr Scout 101

Mr Twister

Metal Shadow XI originally came here when I was looking up story ideas for an RPG I wanted to make. Since then, I've decided to stay and scrap the RPG for a web novel (Unfortunately, I tend to stay on this site too often to work on it or by the time I have ideas I get Writer's Block). I know I'm missing a few, but these are just some examples of what the site helped me get into or at least had a hand in helping me get into.


MorgenReiterI entered this site on a whim (which also happened to be around the time I was getting into anime and manga) and ever since, a lot of my favorite series have come from browsing this site.

Morkais ChosenMuch like Fighteer above, it's the webcomics for me, and I got in from The Order of the Stick. It took me a while to catch up after a week away from the Tubes...


MS AdictMostly videogames, as that's what I do. But some other things as well...


naikiktuluCame here looking for the episode "To serve man" of The twilight zone. Stumbled upon the guide to invade earth. Here I am:



N 0 Windows

  • Psychonauts. I probably would have overlooked it if the example didn't mention a character whose name sounded interesting, but now it's one of those games that I just always come back to no matter how many times I temporarily fall out of it.


Nelson And Murdock

Neo Eevee




  • Marble Hornets: I avoided it because I'm a massive coward but now me and my girlfriend watch it all the time.
  • XKCD: Totally hilarious.


NN Land

Not-So-Badass Longcoat In my case, it's more about Live-Action TV and video games.

Nox ArtemisSeries that I was re-introduced to via TV Tropes:


NyarlyA friend from a big German Anime/Manga-site introduced me to TV Tropes, to explain the terms Ensemble Dark Horse and Creator's Pet. I'm thankful that he did, because this may be one of the best sites ever. After all it introduced me to:


  • Scribblenauts: When I first saw it in the store, I didn't think much of it, and passed it by. Then I read some of the things you can do in it here, and that convinced me to get it.


I want to see the following, but haven't gotten the chance yet:

On a side note, after finding out I had a friend who was also a troper, we have tried getting our other friends to be tropers too. Sadly, I'm the one who has T Vtropes addiction the worst (the friend only having one year of trope addiction to my three), and as of now, the others don't get it. They don't understand...


O Malley:



  • Little Apple Dolls : I didcovered them in this website and got 3 legacy dolls the same year, mint in box. Not proud about my spendings, but they are so amazing I just had to.

Original Hobbit:





  • No Antidote: I'd heard about this fic before, and mostly about how dark it is. After finally reading it, I am happy to report that not only was it not as bad as I had thought, but it left me on a fairly optimistic note. Now I like to take some time every so often to browse the Fan Fic Recommendations page.
  • Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi: Before coming to this site, I'd never heard of this comic. It's a fun idea, and I now want to see how it ends. (Learning it was the inspiration for FusionFall was also a nice bonus.)
  • Sinners: A bit indirect with this one: It doesn't have its own page here[[note]]Yet, but if it hadn't been mentioned on Fetish Fuel, I never would have heard of it.
  • Sinfest: I'd never have thought a comic about succubi could warm my heart so much.

Phoenix Fire:All sorts of stuff, especially webcomics, Freeware Games, and anime and manga of various flavors. But if there's one thing that makes up for the hours and hours of my life this place has sucked away, it's that it introduced me to Darker Than Black. Other highlights:

And a lot more that aren't on my "All-Time Favorites" list. In return, I shall continue to spread the gospel of all of the above, as well as The Dresden Files, which despite my campaign of adding examples everywhere never seems to be on every trope list it should be.

Pink Celebi



Polar Koala

Princess Gwenevere

Progeny Ex Machina



  • Hetalia: Axis Powers (the anime first. I'm getting into the webcomics/mangas).
  • The Webcomics listed on my profile.

Random Adventure

Rat Of Steel




Richard J

  • SCP Foundation - via the Nightmare Fuel page. Trust me, if you want to sleep anytime soon, don't start reading. You'll either be creeped out of your mind, or unable to stop reading the list (this happened to me, I even ended up writing a couple...)
  • The Salvation War - Best summed up by the tagline: 'When all Hell breaks loose on Earth, all Earth breaks loose on Hell'. If you didn't get that, the story involves a 21st Century army busting into Hell and blowing Satan and his armies apart. And then they go after the man upstairs.

RN 452

Road Hazard 7696 A friend showed me this at school, now it is one of my permanently opened browser pages on my phone.



  • Chrononauts: Someone posted a Chrononauts example in my Time Crash trope. I started doing my research and now I can't wait for December, when the new edition comes out. Until then, I'll have to be satisfied with Chrononauts PC.
  • Discworld: I had heard of it before TV Tropes, though I dare say TVTropes was my incentive to start reading them. Hogfather was the last one I read, and with two more on the way in the near future, I better get back to catching up.
  • Franken Fran: I'll admit it: I usually avoid fansubs and scanslations like the plague. The words "Gratuitous Japanese" usually do not begin to describe them in my experience: by the time I'm done banging my head against all the translation notes, I begin to wonder what the point in calling it a translation was to begin with. This said, TVTropes made me curious enough to give Franken Fran a look...plenty of Squick and Nightmare Fuel to go around, but good stuff in the absence of a translation of Pet Shop of Horrors that I can trust (that's right, Tokyopop's just as bad as the fansubbies IMHO).
  • Liar Game: Like Franken Fran, only with this series I'm silently raging at why no one's picked this excellent series up for the U.S. yet. Imagine Leverage (or perhaps more properly White Collar) meets the early volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh! with a bit of Death Note for flavor.


  • E.S. Posthumus
  • Parov Stelar
  • Abney Park
  • Several others that I cannot quite recall.
Non-music stuffs:Things I have yet to check out, but I've heard about here:



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