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  • 8-Bit Theater. Every. Single. Episode. The first of which is Black Mage's "NO I AM NOT UNDRESSING YOU WITH THE POWER OF MY MIND!"
    • A significant aversion/lampshade here, where Thief forgets to do the "denial" part of this trope.
    • Another lampshade. ("We're heroes and totally not charlatans." "What an odd thing to say.")
  • Ansem Retort has Sora saying "No, I'm not trying to summon Bill Murray and the other Ghostbusters!" right as he was in the middle of that.
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  • In the Arthur, King of Time and Space parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Guenevere/Buffy: Who are you?
    Lancelot/Angel: Well, I'm totally not one of the demons you're destined to destroy, even if I were one uniquely re-ensouled by a curse to make me compassionate and tortured and broody.
    I mean, if that's what you were thinking.
    Arthur/Xander: We weren't.
  • With Atomic Robo transitioning to a webcomic, the FCBD 2015 story has Dr Dinosaur, serving as his own lawyer, call a Surprise Witness who is most definitely not a genetically engineered killing machine. When it turns out that it actually is a genetically engineered killing machine, Robo is not surprised.
  • The after-comic text from this Awkward Zombie comic explains Schedule Slip.
  • Definitely not shown here in Bear and Tiger. That would be ridiculous.
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  • Done deliberately by Blade Bunny. To prevent someone lighting a cauldron, she assures him she didn't put any explosives in it.
  • Bob and George: "Are you planning to take over the world?" "Certainly not. And I definitely haven't kidnapped George."
  • Bob the Angry Flower: "Whoa whoa whoa-- who said anything about GENOCIDE?"
  • This strip of Bobwhite:
    Alison: You know Illustrator, right?
    Ivy: Oh, totally! I really do know that one. I wasn't lying to pad this resume or anything, 'cuz if I was lying, I would have to say I don't know Illustrator at all, and it's weird and scary to me!... Because that's not the case.
  • Bruno the Bandit's parents and microdragon sidekick did not go on a quest to solve a 2000 year old mystery and get replaced by impostors.
  • But I'm a Cat Person: Bennett, insisting he doesn't care about Cybele. Later, Sparrow, when asked if she's noticed that the Dog hasn't been seen recently.
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  • Cheer!: "I wasn't kissing anyone at all!"
  • Roger of College Roomies from Hell!!! is not a werecoyote!
  • In this Concerned strip:
    Frohman: Even though it looks like I'm just slapping my hands randomly on the keyboard, I'm actually placing the order! For guns! You're not being duped or lied to like you might think!"
    • Subverted because he screws up and really does order lots of guns.
    • On the day after Freeman's raid on Nova Prospekt, the local Propaganda Machine ran the headline "EVERYTHING IS FINE", with multiple articles explaining that nothing had happened at Nova Prospekt, which was doing totally perfectly and had seen nothing bad happen to it.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del: Ethan is playing Nintendogs on his DS, and when Lilah comes, he hides the DS (still on) in his pants. Then he denies being playing Nintendogs. Then the Nintendog barks. Hilarity Ensues.
  • On Danbooru, the Tsundere meme is taken to its logical conclusion.
  • Considering the plot line of Revenge of the Sith, this Darths & Droids episode definitely qualifies. Then there's this one...
  • This Dinosaur Comics strip.
    T-Rex: I'm CERTAINLY not writing erotica in my head right now.
    T-Red: (thoughts) Aw man! Why would I even say that??
  • DOUBLE K does this with Simon attempting to pose as a prostitute.
    Simon: Just so we're clear, you want to pay for sexual favors, right? Not that I'm trying to establish probable cause or anything!
  • In Dragon Mango, Bleu Berry and her father Goz (a dragon) get into a heated row. When she counters his threat to tear her to little pieces and feast upon her entrails by pointing out that if he does, he might never have an heir, he threatens to eat one of her friends instead. In response, she makes a presentation to her class on how to defend against dragon attacks entitled, "Discussion Intended to Educate Defence Against Dragons" (DIEDAD), which includes a diagram of an "entirely hypothetical dragon" labelled, "Generic Dragon - Not Particularly Based on Anyone's Dad".
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Tedd, in this comic.
      Tedd: Why, father, I have been in the bathroom all along and not sleeping with the squirrel girl as previously suggested.
    • And Grace totally wasn't chasing her tails, if that's what you're thinking.
    • And Tedd is jealous of Nanase, but not because of anything she's done with Elliot. Although, in this case, he may be justified in the pre-emptive denial since everybody always makes that assumption about him and Elliot anyway.
    • Don't even start with Tedd's father who is very bad at covering things up, but still somehow makes it work. One of the more ridiculous being putting aliens in shirts that say things like "human" or "not an alien". And it works. Probably mostly because of the Rule of Funny.
    • The spellbooks. They're books that contain impossibly verbose descriptions of their owner's spells and grow with each new spell the owner gets. They disguise themselves (very badly) as normal books, with titles such as: The Ecology of Anteaters (Not a Spellbook) (Susan's), A Perfectly Normal Book (Elliot's), or The Tacos of Yesteryear (not linked to anyone yet).
    • Constantly by Dan himself in the commentary. "Anyway, that's all I have to say about this comic. There's absolutely nothing else to comment on. At all. Nope! See you next comic."
    • Lisa in this FAQ strip:
    "And then there's the 'Party' form, who probably isn't a lesbian but acts like it to put on a show for the men, all the while giving the women she makes out with false hope before leaving with some guy!...But that, uh, that's just a theory and not at all based on anything from my first year of college...
    • In the comic's earlier arcs, there was a Running Gag of Tedd denying that he crossdresses in women's clothing. Because, you see, it's not technically crossdressing to wear women's clothing if he is a woman at the time.
  • In Every Button Hurts the Other Guy Buffalo makes it entirely clear that the selection process that determines the tournament ladder is not rigged. He says this while strapped to a wheel of fortune labelled with the participants' names, playing the part of the needle.
  • Everyday Abnormal:Asuka wasn't kissing her hand. That would be weird. She wasn't thinking about a boy. And he definitely wasn't British.
  • This Exterminatus Now strip makes fun of this trope, with a spy camera clearly marked with a "Property of Mobian Inquisition" label, with a suggestion by Jamilla that the label should have read "Not property of the Mobian Inquisition". Morth sarcastically snarks that that would have fooled him completely.
  • In Freefall, a police officer confirms that Florence is not at police station, and she's not at the jail. Is she at the dog pound? "Sorry, I can't answer that question."
  • Collin of Friendly Hostility accused Fox of letting his desk get so filthy it had gained sentience, at which point a small voice from the desk piped up with "I have not."
  • Full Frontal Nerdity: During a Dungeons & Dragons game, Frank describes a monster that runs down the hall, at which point Lewis and Nelson begin discussing whether they should chase it or not when suddenly there's the sound of pages flipping from Shawn's speakers (Shawn is a webcam). Frank asks if he's looking up the monster, but Shawn claims that he's merely checking out his company's health insurance policy, then announces that his policy is "so good, it would cover me if I was attacked by a reptile that spits acid and has razor-sharp claws with reach attacks."
  • In General Protection Fault, Nick gives these regarding his job offer from JCN even before he's given a situation where he should be denying anything (such as when he overhears Ki and Sharon talking about what Ki will do for a job). Ki presses him, making a few guesses about what has got him nervous, until she finally gets it right.
    Nick: Nope! No job anxiety here! Didn't get an impossible-to-turn-down dream job! Nosiree! Not me!
    Ki: Bingo.
  • Girl Genius does this with the "Revenge of the Weasel Queen" story. A Spark who is obviously said Weasel Queen begins to describe what's going on in a neutral way, but quickly demonstrates bias and sparksanity.
  • Nobody in Saves-a-Fox's party in Goblins even knew it was possible for monsters to level as adventurers before that character denied having done so.
  • In Go Get a Roomie!, Allan has definitely never had dreams about "steamy encounters with pink unicorns and dragons with rows of penis on its back".
  • The Good Witch: The ensorceled Chase combines this trope with Loophole Abuse when he warns his friends about things his "Master" ordered him not to talk about.
  • The robots of Gunnerkrigg Court seem prone to this. First the "NO spare robot parts" door, and later a "situation" in the above pic.
    Winsbury: Where is she?! Janet should have been back by now. I mean... Not that I care or anything.
  • Hijinks Ensue: Josh definitely has neither a sensory deprivation chamber, nor any LSD. Especially not the LSD, and especially not in his Heroes season 3 DVD case.
  • In Homestuck:
    JADE: he was just here wasnt he
    DAVE: no
    JADE: how do you even know who im talking about??
    DAVE: look all i know is egbert most definitely didnt just appear out of nowhere and catch me weeplaughing at my selfies
  • Housepets!: Peanut certainly did not see Bino's shock collar remote.
  • Irregular Webcomic! has this strip's annotation denying Morgan-Mar's quest to gain a mention on every TV Tropes page.
  • Isla Aukate: Overlord Fox is seen resting her head on Steele's chest. She says it's for checking his heart rate. Silver points out there are other methods to do that.
  • In Keychain of Creation #251, Marena's patient attempt to explain to Secret how she and Racer are not members of a nonexistent secret society that does not in fact wear white veils to identify their members and has no political influence whatsoever. This is in keeping with the original supplement which did not describe a similar society, nor give any rules for a hypothetical martial arts style it might have used.
  • Least I Could Do has this trope down to a T, most recently here.
  • This Lil' Formers strip is also an example, or at least a variation.
  • From Morning Glory:
    Son: Dad, have you seen mom around lately?
    Father: I don't appreciate you accusing me of killing your mother.
  • In Mac Hall, Ian's line:
    Ian: Have you ever started to make pancakes, then decided you didn't really want pancakes, and then just started drinking the batter to finish it off?
    JM: No.
    Ian: Yeah, me neither. Boy, that sure would be weird.
  • In The Midnight Tea Party story BEKS the black eyed kids are quick to assure people that they don't have anything sharp and that "this isn't even a trick".
  • In Myth Tickle, Boody tells Thunder Bell that Thor is not hiding behind a tree. Boody is then amazed at her brilliance when she looks there.
  • In Narbonic, when Artie asks Helen if the experiment she's part of had a control group, she says:
    "You mean other clones... adopted out to ordinary families, living normal lives until madness sets in? Some half-dozen identical blonde women, eventually hunted down and assassinated by my mother for dissection, as I would be if I hadn't bought a rifle? Why, Artie! That would be deeply unethical!"
  • Tentacle Boy from NSFW Comix denies contemplating lustful thoughts.
  • One Small Step offers this explanation of Jupiter's red spot.
    Qwerty (with a guilty expression): It's not because a middle school science fair project accidentally created a time/space vortex which sucked up the sacred Crimson Sea (and adjacent religious study center and theme park) transporting it all to a gas giant in a distant solar system in a temporal causality loop! (beat) Yeah, that's not why it's there.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    Vaarsuvius: None of us have ever tampered with the fundamental natural order when bored. That would be wrong.
    "Hi! I'm Elan! What's your name, Roy?"
    "You should just run from our holy power that we definitely have more of!"

  • The Ozy and Millie comic strip for 2001-06-13 has an instance of this.
  • Taffe of Pacificators gets unusually flustered whenever Cinna teases her about Gincoi.
  • A variation in panel three of this Penny Arcade strip.
    Gabe: Have you ever pooped and then smelled the smell of your own poop and thought it kinda smelled good? Like sort of wild and exotic."
    Gabe: Me either!
  • PvP:
  • This Questionable Content page.
    • Even more so, this one.
    • Or this one.
    • This one is a little more vague, but still a great example.
    • In this one, Hannelore has just given first aid to Marten, and Faye jokes that she wanted the opportunity to collect Marten's blood for cloning. It was a joke, but she jumps and exclaims, shocked:
      Hanners: What?! I would never do that!
    She goes on to explain why exactly it would be scientifically impractical, and that at most she could analyze Marten's genetic history. The room is very silent after this. (And they don't even know that she has just collected a sample of his blood).
    • Hanners again.
      Hanners: I promise I won't become so fixated on you I eventually murder you and make a suit out of your skin!
      • The twist is, of course, that Hannelore REALLY MEANT that she wouldn't spy on Marten or fixate on Marigold. She's just like that.
    • The sign on the wall in this strip makes the promise that the robots they sell are "guaranteed not to go insane and kill your loved ones."
  • This quote from Penny Blackfeather speaks for itself:
    Brobdiggon: I had nothing to do with his strange disappearance.
  • Even Real Life Comics has played with this trope. With predictable results.
  • This Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal panel.
  • Sam & Fuzzy introduced Carlyle with one of these.
    • They use the trope again in this strip. Again in relation to Carlyle.
  • The tagline for the second volume of Roomies! is "It's totally still about college, we swear!" The cover is a riff on Giant-Sized X-Men, with the collge cast as the original X-Men, and SEMME as the All-New All-Different team.
  • Skin Horse does it in this strip:
    Unity: What were you doing to our lamp?
    Phoebe: Um, not installing surveillance hardware?
    Unity: OK, cool!
    Phoebe: And I doubted Central when they said that'd work.
  • Sluggy Freelance
    Torg: Don't be silly! Besides, the bathroom doesn't have any windows... or employee entrances, or air-ducts, or crawl-spaces. No forms of escape whatsoever.
    • "Hi Gwynn! We'd like you to meet our bearded and cloaked friend, Chip! Chip has a beard, unlike Riff!"
    • And the Guacans of the Punyverse: "We have one of the most expensive, broad reaching tourism departments in the universe! You can't walk a block without seeing a 'Come to Chau-5, we won't eat you' billboard!"
    • In "Dangerous Days Ahead":
    Riff: OK, Schlock. Where's Hereti-Corp holding Bert and Torg?
    Schlock: They've got Gwynn and your girlfriend too. Just moved them to AyleeOrgNet.Com offices.
    Riff: You sure?
    Schlock: Check out this general employee e-memo that I snagged.
    "All employees have the rest of the week off in celebration of No-Bert-Gwynn-Torg-Sasha-Here Day!"
    Riff: Then that's where we're going.
    Schlock: Riff, Aylee has that place armed like a fortress! This is obviously a trap!
    Riff: You sure?
    Schlock: Check out where that message originated!
    "Department of Nonfortress-Arming Nontrapness."
    • "You look like Zoë's friend Riff." "Oh no, I'm much taller."
    • Near the beginning of "A Time for Hair-Raising"note :
    Torg: Where's Zoë and Gwynn?
    Aylee: Not "dead and stuffed in the closet," if that's what you mean!
    • In Chapter 71: "Unsuspicioustech, Inc. Not a subsidiary of Hereti-Corp"
  • Something*Positive:
    • Kim has sex with Davan while he's unconscious. When Aubrey walks in, Kim responds thus:
      "Oh, hi, Aubrey! Davan and I were just working on our nude ventriloquism act. Say hello to the nice lady, Davan! 'Hi, Aubrey! Boy, if there's one thing Kim and I didn't do today, it's have sex!'"
    • When Shirley babysits PamJee, Aubery frisks him for toys, and is surprised she can't find any.
      Shirley: You think I'm going to buy PamJee a fancy toy, spend six hours looking up how to carefully dissemble it online, spend another three hours taking it apart, putting all the pieces into small balloons, and choosing the right time to swallow them so they're out of my system right after you leave and ready to be reassembled? All the while worrying I forgot to bookmark the rebuilding instructions?
  • S.S.D.D:
    • Norman claims that crash was "definitely not the sound of a toilet crashing into the basement after somebody poured something really corrosive into it that dissolved half the bowl, leaked onto the floor and ate through the floorboards that collapsed a short time later."
    • Another time, Dr. Cook uses the "Could Say It, But..." version to inform Central of the Anarchists' recent suspicious purchases without technically breaking their Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: The Language Barrier between Lalli and Emil eventually dissolves just enough for Lalli to start noticing Emil's Innocently Insensitive side. Since Lalli is in a depressive mindset due to recent events by the time this happens, he starts giving Emil a rant that makes it clear he doesn't consider their Odd Friendship to be such a good idea anymore, and includes claiming that he "never liked [Emil's] annoying face anyway".
  • Sticky Dilly Buns: It's only a denial by implication, but when Ruby discusses her problems with sleeping with her boyfriend Andy (or not), she ends up describing the exact model of motorcycle involved in her metaphor (and she's no biker, though she is a bit of a nerd), suggesting that despite her previous denials, her fantasies are running amok.
  • String Theory: First panel.
  • Tower of God:
    • In "Hell Train: Hidden Level", the characters enter a virtual reality that's almost exactly like the real world. Long story short, we have Rachel, in the form of an idealised avatar that doesn't look like her at all, appearing in front of Bam, who looks like himself. She doesn't want to reveal who she is:
    Bam: Are you a data human?
    Rachel: Ah! T...that's right! A data human! So you don't have to worry! I'm just an ordinary data human! Ha ha! I'm not a shady person at all!
    • Also on the hidden level, Khun Marco Asensio, when suddenly being contacted by his sister: "I wasn't talking about our father behind his back!"
  • TwoKinds features Sythe's reference sheet, which specifically notes that there is "Nothing strange" about his pet squirrel Mrs. Nibbly. Just ignore the reflection in the waterfall, she's a totally normal squirrel.
  • A couple in Unshelved: one featuring the Mouthy Kid and a short arc about a wet chair.
  • Vexxarr: "Warning: not a concealed escape hatch. Do not stand back. Do not check seal after closing..."
  • In VG Cats, the chemist from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker who didn't look in Leo/Link's bag and didn't see any faerie in any bottle. Leo/Link takes it as face value, so he just strongly advises him not to blab.
  • From one of the filler strips for The Whiteboard:
    Doc: Hey Roj? Did you take my last Dew?
    Roger: You can't prove anything! I don't even own a flamethrower.
    Doc: Oooh-kay. I was just asking because...
    Roger: It must've been Swampy! He probably took it!
    Doc: Well, Swamps doesn't usually set fire to the fridge to cover his tracks.
  • xkcd:
  • Mela of We Are The Wyrecats did not use mammal brains to test Brain Uploading and definitely isn't jealous that K.A. has a new friend.
  • In Zebra Girl Sandra lives and breathes this trope along with Bad Liar as she tries to rationalize her new demonic appearance. It's easy to see why Mike wasn't fooled.
    Mike: So...
    Sandra: I'M NOT A DEMON!!!
  • In Hiimdaisy's comic strip on Persona 4, we have the introduction of Naoto
    Naoto: Did someone say girls? Because I'm a boy, just so you know.
    • And then there's this gem
    Yosuke: Did anything strange happen to you lately?
    Kanji: Strange? You sayin' I like dudes?


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