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The Big Bang Theory

  • A.A. Pessimal's short story the Pinky-Swear expands on a Suspiciously Specific Denial made by Bernadette in-canon. The story refers to an outbreak of a certain epidemic in Africa and wonders out loud if Bernadette's famously relaxed attitude to lab discipline (with Amy's inadvertent connivance) might have somehow contributed. And the pressing need for a pinky-swear binding all parties, never to speak of this incident ever again, so long as we both shall live, amen.



Calvin and Hobbes


  • There is no such thing as the Special Services in Aeon Natum Engel.
  • After Many Dates: Danny and Kim:
    • Danny and Kara: Dash quit the dating program "not because Bonnie, Mandy, La Cienga, Mitzi and Tricia all told him to take a hike. He quit because it was just a stupid waste of time meant for stupid, desperate losers".
    • In After Many Dates: Danny and Kim chapter 22, Oscar Proud says he asked for Kim's help "because she's great... and not because she's free and the police have very little respect for Proud Snacks".
  • Last Child of Krypton: In chapter 6 of the Redux Asuka runs into Shinji at the arcade and he leaves shortly after. Later he is not in home and she goes back to the arcade and starts looking everywhere. Pointedly and out of nowhere she thinks: "There was one thing she wasn't doing at all, which was looking for Shinji."
  • Hanyuu in Kyon: Big Damn Hero follows Kyon when he's bathing only because she's worried about him. She has no ulterior motive to keep an eye on him, or admire his surprisingly toned physique as he patiently watches over one of his younger cousins. She's just ensuring he was okay, unhurt after the mysterious events, and that's the only reason she's staring at him so closely!
    • Kanae didn't slide into Kyon's bed intentionally, nor did she do anything with him while sleeping there. Subverted, because Haruhi believes her (as Kanae was telling the truth) though she can't help but to lampshade it.
  • When Team Mario meets up with Team Luigi in chapter 64 of Paper Mario X 2, Luigi finishes his Backstory with "…and so we stopped here for a rest after NOT seeing Bowser, Eggman, and Ganondorf randomly head to the east area!"
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton:
    • In chapter 7's omake Shinji catches Asuka playing with dolls:
      Asuka: What did you see?!
      Shinji: Nothing! [...] I didn't see you playing with your dolls!
    • In chapter 11 Asuka thinks it is disgusting as Misato is taking advantage of Shinji's caring nature to get him taking care of her. She is angry because it and definitely not because Shinji is paying a lot of attention to Misato:
      Not that he minds, Asuka thought dourly. Honestly, the boy took to the task of playing nursemaid with far more gusto than she felt a man should. It was almost sickening how Misato was taking advantage of Shinji's caring nature while she was ill. Asuka wasn't the least bit jealous of attention he had been lavishing on Misato.
  • In Thinking In Little Green Boxes, in order to keep Deadpool's cover, Harry has The Daily Prophet run a story entitled "Wonder-Mutant-Dad is most certainly NOT the new janitor at Hogwarts."
  • Turnabout Storm: Apple Bloom claims in her testimony that she heard a lightning bolt while in the forest, and says that it definitely didn't scare her. Phoenix catches wind of this and presses further, revealing more information in the process.
    • Much later, after the trial is over, Trixie is invited to one of Pinkie Pie's impromptu parties. She adamantly declares several times that she does not want to attend, stating that she's only doing so as a punishment. Her expression at several points gives lie to her words, however.
  • In Unfamiliar, Siesta does this with regards to not speaking ill about Count Mott. It's also inverted, however, when Kirche notes a lack of denial about Alex being a plaguebearer.
  • In Legacy Flynn is very specific that he's not an "axe" murderer. Hatchets? Hidden blades and other tools? that's a different story
  • Justice League of Equestria; in Princess of Themyscira, Twilight has a moment where she is debating whether or not to put onthe Helm of Nabu. When Spike walks in to get her attention:
    Twilight: I wasn’t going to put on the Evil Artifacts of Doom!
  • In chapter 16 of Children of an Elder God, Shinji and Asuka cried out that they didn’t do anything when they were alone.
    "On the other hand, I gotta feel sorry for Shinji here, knowin' yer freaky abusive perverted nature. God only knows what ya did to the poor guy."
    "W-we didn't do anything!" Shinji and Asuka cried.
    At the same time.
    Touji raised an eyebrow, then looked at the two of them suspiciously.
    "Shinji, buddy, say it ain't so."
  • Rebellion:
    Harry: Mr. Bagman, it almost seems like you owe gangsters money, and you did something stupid like bet on me to win the tournament. Which isn't really my problem.
    Ludo Bagman: No, no, I haven't gotten in a crippling debt with the goblins, when I couldn't cover all my debts, and they threatened to send me to the work mines.
  • Wander over Foster's AU One-Shot (Wander over Yonder, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends): The text notes that Bloo is looking for a room that isn't too dark at night, but not because he's afraid of the dark.


  • Inverted in Floating Hands' Countdown To Infinite Crisis, in which Blue Beetle concludes Batman is hiding something from him because of Batman's Suspiciously Existent Denial that anything's wrong.
    Blue Beetle: When there's really nothing wrong you always say stuff like "There's always something wrong in Gotham!" or "Is anything ever right in this world?" Am I right?
    Batman: I hate you.
  • Teen Titans The Abridged Series: Starfire says she uses happy thoughts to fly. Raven asks what she thinks of and Starfire says she thinks of Robin. Raven asks if she means her friendship with Robin. Starfire says that's it, and nothing else, and certainly nothing involving chains and hot wax.
  • New Tamaran: When asked how he knows about Cyborg's source of wealth, Beast Boy says "I … most certainly do not use my shape-shifting to sneak in and watch!".

Death Note


  • In a fanfic series expanding Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, author A.A. Pessimal would like to formally deny that the country of Rimwards Howondaland has anything at all to do with the Republic of South Africa in the old apartheid days. Even if apartheid is such a crazy concept it might as well have originated on TP's mirror-world. (Discworld apartheid is currently being tested by immigrant Igors, who have a terrible habit of attaching body parts originating with black people onto whites who need an upgrade. The Rimwards Howandalandian Staadt is still trying to racially classify the results of Igor interventions.)
    • Nor does the Vondalaans language have anything other than superficial similarities to Afrikaans. It is simply the original language of Sto Kerrig, a Discworld nation justly famed for tulips, clogs, windmills and that cheese with the red outer rind note , transplanted to Howondaland, with white settlers from SK. Right?
    • And Sto Kerrig is not Holland either, despite the tulips, and the unmistakeable fact that neighbouring Sto Lat is, like Luxembourg, a Grand Duchy, while Sto Helit (like Belgium) grows lots of sprouts and cabbages. Now go to The Black Sheep, and read on...
  • Howondaland is perhaps, in the best Discworld tradition, a place for characters in the ongoing story to come from...

Dragon Age

  • In Mirror, Mirror, as a Take That! to the retcon of the first game's epilogue:
    Hawke: Don't I remember hearing that you once killed three kids? I don't think you get to talk about dangers to children.
    Cullen: Wha - Where did you hear that? That's a lie! Complete, scandalous libel! [...] That never happened! Total fabrications designed to smear my reputation! Besides, that was like years ago, man, and in a whole nother country, and anyway they weren't kids, they were apprentices, which is totally different.

Dragon Ball

  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged, regarding Planet Vegeta's fate: "Stupid monkeys hit by falling rocks. (not deathball thrown by Freeza)"
    • Also used by Gohan to try to hide his dragon radar from Vegeta:
      Vegeta: Stupid-looking watch you got there.
      Gohan: Yes. It tells time. And nothing else.
    • Lampshade Hanging when Vegeta tries to get Krillin to jumpstart his Came Back Strong.
      Vegeta: I need you to, AND FOLLOW ME ON THIS ONE... almost kill me.
      Krillin: Almost ...kill you?
      Vegeta: Yeah.
      Krillin: ...And there's no repercussion for this?
      Vegeta: [beat] I will not punch you.
      Krillin: Oddly specific.

The Dresden Files

  • In the lemon fic White Chrismas, Harry briefly pretends to be seduced by a succubus in order to protect Molly from her, and thoughtfully informs us that: hands [roamed] her body to sell the act and for no other reason.


  • The Chosen Four:
    • Everdread has a bunch of bags stored in his house. All of them are labeled "Not Stolen".
    • He also gives Ness and Paula a wad of bills (following the game's plot) and he tells it is most certainly not stolen twice, out of nowhere.
    • The girl in the Twoson Theater greets Ness and Paula saying: "Hi! I am a stalker not at all!"
    • Shroom informs the heroes he is definitely not suspicious.

Fire Emblem Tellius

  • The central joke of Friendship Is Forever by Slowkings Kyurem is that the Lemony Narrator is constantly denying that Ike and Soren's behavior suggests they're in love with each other at every opportunity. Highlights include saying that Soren was concerned for Ike in a "normal, healthy, un-obsessive way that none of the other mercenaries found slightly creepy in the least" and saying that Soren's response to Ike asking him to run away with him was done in "an entirely chaste and non-eyebrow-raising fashion."


  • In Summer 2010, Kurt's dad gives Finn a summer job at his garage. Kurt gives him a pair of overalls and says that they should fit since the last guy who wore them was about Finn's size.
    Finn: Uh. Should I ask what happened to the last guy?
    Kurt: I didn't sell his kidneys on the black market, if that's what you're worried about.
    Finn: Huh. I really wasn't until just now.
    • To clarify, Kurt didn't sell his kidneys on the black market. He was fired when he slapped Kurt on the ass and called him Princess when Kurt's dad was within earshot.


Harry Potter

  • In The Dogfather, the narration offers a couple on behalf of Snape, who definitely doesn't envy Harry his happy family, and certainly wasn't thrown off when Sirius voluntarily came to him to apologize for his past behavior.
  • In Hand-Delivered Letter Dumbledore shows up at the Tonks'.
    Nymphadora Tonks: If this is about the case of dungbombs that was set off in the dungeons last year, I had nothing to do with it...
  • Hogwarts Exposed: nudity has nothing to do with sex, and in case you don't believe us we'll keep bringing up sex in relation to nudity over and over again in the course of the next 700,000 words.
  • From the opening of the How It Should Have Ended parody of Harry Potter, quoth Dumbledore, "Welcome, everyone, to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, a place, I assure you, is safe for children, and has absolutely no history that might threaten our entire existence."
  • Luna's Hubby:
    Luna: I just wanted to know how a broom worked.
    Larry: Why?
    Luna: It's not so that I can use it to fly out to find Harry Potter.
  • In The Revenge of Lord Vodkamort by Lizbee (which was written pre-HBP), Draco is defending his actions during the final battle to Snape:
    Snape: Well, you did declare your loyalty to Hogwarts and the Ministry rather late in the day.
    Draco: I didn't know that Voldemort had already been defeated.
    Snape: You spent the previous half-hour hexing parties on both sides of the conflict, while making your way towards the Forbidden Forest.
    Draco: Alright, I may have been moving in a Forest-related direction. But that hardly means that I was planning to flee to the south of France to spend my life and remaining fortune drinking cocktails in the company of nubile Veelas.
    Snape: Of course not.
  • In The Time It Took, Harry breaks up with his boyfriend Roger because he saw him kissing a woman. Later, Roger shows up drunk at Harry's apartment while Ron is there.
    Roger: I might have a problem with women, but it didn't mean that—
    Harry: You also told me you didn't drink.
    Roger: Fuck you! I am not an alcoholic.
    Ron: No one said you were, mate, but if you're bringing it up, what are we supposed to believe?
  • A Very Potter Musical:
    Draco Malfoy: You know who the last girl I'd ever ask to the Yule Ball would be? That Hermione Granger. Not even if we were the last two people on Earth and she looked stunning in her ball gown so that every time I looked at her I got butterflies in my tummy. Not even then.
  • My Immortal: "You might think I'm a slut but I'm really not."
  • In The Long Road Home Ron is filling out an auror application form.
    Ron: Question seven: Have you ever been in contact with illegal animals? Answer: no I have not, not even dragons.
  • In Naturally Harry and Newt are greeted by their toddler when they get home.
    Harry: And what are you doing still awake little miss? You should be in bed.
    Theseus: Sorry, I'm sorry! I definitely did not fall asleep and forget to take Tamsin up to bed.
  • The Talk:
    Mr. Weasley: Boys, I think there's something we need to talk about.
    Ron: Whatever Ginny said it's a complete and utter lie. She was the one who told me to do it anyway.
  • In Learning and Teaching 3 Harry and Snape visit the Burrow.
    Fred/George: We swear we didn't sell anything to any first year.

Haruhi Suzumiya

  • Episode 9 of The Abridging of Haruhi Suzumiya has this.
    Man: If you excuse me, I need to do some important work upstairs. And that's all.
    [cue onscreen text] [ This is what happens when you let Zeromaster improv his lines... o3o ]
    Man: Nothing suspicious about that. Definitely not downloading porn. Nope, just me doing work upstairs. That's about it.
    Kyon: Okay, he is so up to something.

Hetalia: Axis Powers

  • In the AU Hell to Pay, there's a moment of this after Alfred and Arthur finish going on a date, and the former calls Kiku.
    Alfred: Yo, Kiku.
    Kiku: I-I did not take any pictures.
    Alfred: ...what? Why would you?
    Kiku: ...your date went well then?
    Alfred: Yeah, hold up, what was that about pictures—?


  • From Option 4 by Vex The Warlord:
    She had to be cool, composed...
    "I assure you that I am not entering into any sort of perverse alien redrom situation involving multiple matesprits!" It was the perfect lie.

    Kanaya stared at Karkat for several tense moments, watching as he began to believe her clever lie.

    "WHAT?!" Karkat shouted suddenly, his voice loud and filled with equal parts confusion, shock, incredulousness and more shock. Clearly he did not read the part about it being the perfect lie.

Invader Zim

Mass Effect

Miraculous Ladybug

  • In Won't Tell a Soul, Nino accidentally let it slip to Adrien that Ladybug is in their class while freaking out about him being Cat Noir, then quickly denies it and begs him not to think too hard about it.
  • Of Patience and Pettiness uses this as a Running Gag with Eden. Whenever a chapter includes her, the author makes a comment in their end-of-chapter notes about how wonderfully nice and normal she is. Needless to say, they're telling the truth — Eden really is a perfectly ordinary girl. Just one who has a lot in common with Marinette, and gets mistaken for Ladybug.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Friendshipis Witchcraft, as Twilight sings about having a crush on her brother, she insists that watching him sleep at night was "not creepy", and later murdering her competition was "not evil".
  • Ultra Fast Pony.
    • In her introduction, Applejack tips off the audience that she's in The Irish Mob by insisting that she's from a perfectly normal family—after threatening to kill Twilight.
      Twilight: This farm smells like pony droppings.
      Applejack: Well it'll smell a lot worse after I bury you under it.
      Twilight: What?
      Applejack: Oh, nothing, no need to get alarmed, we're just a normal family. Oh, we sell apples, we sell apples. [winks]
    • In "The Cheesen One", we find out how Rainbow Dash's mom died:
      Rainbow Dash: But then she died of a heart attack because her arteries were clogged. But the cheese factory told me it had nothing to do with all the cheese she ate! And I believe them because they gave me a lot of money.
  • My Little Pony: Camaraderie Is Supernatural: In "Mockery in the Moon", Celestia's letter ordering Twilight to go to Ponyville includes the post-script "This totally isn't a thinly-veiled Batman Gambit meant to prevent the impeding pony apocalypse. For serious."
  • The Lemony Narrator of Equestria: A History Revealed seems to feel the need to specifically point out that her biography of King Sombra was not at all copied off from Ponipedia. She still italicizes the source like it was properly cited though, bringing it to even greater attention.
  • In Flutterspy, a Not My Driver situation results in Rarity and Fluttershy's carriage almost being hijacked by an evil ninja until a secret agent saves them, with Fluttershy mixed up in all the chaos. When Rarity asks what all the ruckus was about, Fluttershy assures her that "Absolutely no ninja fights happened on top of the carriage."
  • In Nosflutteratu, Garlic Flank Stake just grows garlic. She certainly doesn't do anything with reckless or dangerous with it afterwards.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: In the sequel Picking Up the Pieces, Gentle's claim at the second bar that they're eating together but not dating. Their waitress isn't convinced, but plays along.
  • Progress has several examples from Princess Luna:
    • When asked if she's still hung up over having been Nightmare Moon: "I'm not thinking about it or worried over it and she doesn't appear in my dreams!"
    • When trying to keep her identity a secret: "This is not at all an elaborate deception to conceal anything."
    • And again, reassuring everyone that her fake identity is in fact real: "Y-Yes! A perfectly normal librarian who is not in any way, shape or form Princess Luna so nopony needs to feel embarrassed for any behavior they may have committed!"
    • And in a fan-written chapter, Celestia most certainly was not considering getting her guards to sex up Luna.
  • Twilight's List has Rainbow Dash engaging in this constantly when she's nervous or excited, because she doesn't GET nervous or excited, really! She even does this in her inner monologues, denying how she is feeling even as she shows visible outward signs of it.
  • The Shimmerverse/Sunsetverse crossover Shimmering Sunsets has a Gilliganesque version:
    Ditzy: My daughter is not growing up to be some foul mouthed thug living on the streets of Manehatan as part of some gang until while high on drugs she gets shanked by some crazy homeless pony and bleeds out from damage to her liver.
    Dinky: mommy has a very vivid imagination.
  • In Release, while the Mane Six are discussing how they deal with their heats, Fluttershy says she rides it out in her cottage.
    Fluttershy: And definitely... Definitely don't go out into the woods and... See what happens...
  • Subverted in The Writing on the Wall. Daring Do encounters an ancient building with writing on the wall saying "No great deed is commemorated here. Nothing of value is here. What is here is dangerous and repulsive." She concludes that this is a straight example of the trope, the building is full of treasure and historical documents, and the writing on the wall is a bluff to scare off grave robbers. Unfortunately for her, the writing on the wall was completely true.


  • Jokers Wild has Anko accidentally mention secreting poison. When Sarutobi points out that he thought she said she coated her breasts with poison, Anko quickly agrees.
    Anko: Yes, of course. It's not like I secrete poison from my nipples or anything! That'd be silly.
  • This is done seriously in A Teacher's Glory at one point. Despite being Dark Is Not Evil, the Aburame Clan has a bad reputation. They've been accused of feeding their own children to bugs before, so one immediately denies it when Naruto happens across a related subject.
  • In Vapors there is an international, kunoichi-only diplomacy meeting that includes a hot springs. The Mizukage reveals she has Anbu tasked with keeping Jiraiya and all suspicious frogs out of the city limits. Tsunade brings up that Jiraiya doesn't want to peep on his god-daughter Aiko, who is also present. Aiko objects to being used as pervert-deterrent but Yugito (who Aiko humiliated in a fight a few chapters previously) says:
    Yugito: Uzumaki, you're a buzz-kill. I think in punishment, you should be used to ward off Jiraiya. That statement is not merely motivated by self-interest or personal dislike.
  • Dreaming of Sunshine has Shikako doing this deliberately in order to warn Fuu about the Akatsuki.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Advice and Trust: In chapter 8 Ritsuko decides to up Rei's drug dose because she does not want Rei developing emotions and getting rebellious thoughts. Then she repeats herself that is her only reason, and most definitely she is not doing it because she is afraid that Rei will take Gendo's attention away from her.
    'I don't want to have to factor that into the healing process or the brain scans. I'll leave that until they're done. But I definitely need to up her dose. Can't have Rei waking up one day and deciding she wants to start doing her own thinking. Little dolls don't need to think.'
    She carefully didn't think about little dolls taking a certain Commander's attention away from her. That had nothing to do with it at all. She was no petty, insecure woman scrabbling for any advantage to get ahead, no.
  • A Little Angel on My Shoulder: After a phone call, Zeruel looks upset and Matarael asks if he is all right:
  • Doing It Right This Time: Asuka does not find Rei cute. No, of course not. That would be silly.
    A little bit, but probably not by grabbing random classmates to conduct "experiments" with. If nothing else, Asuka won't let her do that sort of thing; she's too protective of her friend, definitely a friend, she does not have a crush on Rei Akagi no matter how cute she is now...
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Senshi No Michi: In episode 4 Misato has picked up Shinji and Asuka and is driving them to Nerv for first time:
    Misato: We just have to show you two a few things before you can get a decent night's sleep. Sorry.
    Asuka: A few things?
    Misato: Just a few things at NERV. I haven't been told yet, we'll find out when we get there. Don't worry, it's nothing bad, or strange...
    Asuka: I never said that it might be.
  • Nobody Dies: It has had a couple:
    • Such as the Ree (clones of Rei) talking to canon!Shinji: "And we're totally not eight clones of your mother." "Seriously."
    • Then there's when Asuka offhandedly mentions to Kaworu that Uriel (Kaworu's sort-of clone) is an Angel now, Kaworu quickly replies "Really? I'm not." Asuka is suspicious but doesn't say anything.
  • RE-TAKE pulls one off: after killing Arael, Shinji is called into the infirmary to determine whether he suffered mental contamination or not. When asked whether he's seeing things that should not be there, he looked at the vision of Future!Asuka sneering at him and said that he doesn't see anybody. Notice the slip-up? Misato does too.
    Hyuga: What happened, Major? Shinji said he didn't see anythin—
    Misato: Wrong. He said anybody. Replying to a question about things with anybody means he's seeing someone and he's trying to cover it up.
  • The Second Try: The really funny part about the next exchange in the first chapter is that Asuka wasn't trying to hide her worry for Shinji; she was trying to cover for an Out-of-Character Moment betraying what she was a time-traveler. And for once, her reputation as a Tsundere helps her out and no one notices the slip.
    Misato: You're worried?
    Asuka: Worried? Ha! Why should I be? It was his own fault that he's trapped in there!
    Misato: I haven't even mentioned Shinji...

One Piece

  • This Bites!:
    • Chapter 13:
      Cross' Narration: I most decidedly did not squeal like a stuck pig when a dozen different scalpels buried themselves in the wood around my head.
    • Chapter 35:
      Cross' Narration: [faced with a furious Sanji] I most certainly did not swallow heavily.
    • Chapter 43:
      Third Person Narration: After a minute or so, Tashigi re-entered the room, furtively swiping at eyes that were pointedly not red or fluffy.


  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • Chapter 18: Misty sees Ash and Iris training together and bonding with each other rather quickly, and begins having a strange, negative feeling inside. Her Psyduck suggests she's actually jealous, and Misty says that she isn't right after listing that Iris is a girl, interested in battles like Ash, athletically attractive, and could probably be convinced to be "some nudist fantasy girlfriend" without effort.
    • In the Lara Gaiden sidestory, when called out for not helping the injured racers during the accidents that happened in the Big P Pokémon Race, he replies that "it ain't his fault", even though nobody is accussing him. This clues Lara in that he might be responsible for causing them.

Rick and Morty


  • Who's Your Daddy: Weiss very much doesn't have a sister complex, which she doesn't hesitate to bring up even in unrelated conversation. Not helping things is that when Team RWBY thought Jaune had impregnated his sister (actually, it was his sister-in-law), Weiss gave a big speech about how having sexual feelings for your older sister was natural but you absolutely shouldn't ever act on them.



  • In The Web of The Spider-Man, Tony Stark immediately denies that he's a superhero when pressed about his new "bodyguard", Iron Man. The reporter asking him the question points out that he never accused him of that. He spills the beans about five seconds later.
    Reporter: I’m sorry Mr. Stark, but do you honestly expect us to believe that was a bodyguard in a suit? That conveniently appeared despite the fact that-
    Tony: I know it’s confusing. It is one thing to question the official story and another to make wild accusations or insinuate that I’m, uh, a superhero.
    Reporter: I never said you were a superhero.
    Tony: You didn’t...

Star Trek

  • In The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs, Gul Evek basically threatens Suspiria that if he were to destroy her Space Station he would Make It Look Like an Accident. Suspiria thinks this is Actually Pretty Funny.
    Gul Evek: What a shame it would be, if, say, these untested, brand-new, powerful weapons were to, say, be fired—purely by accident, of course!—at this space station, if, say, Captain Stadi’s rather reasonable requests would be ignored. I would, of course, be deeply shocked and angered by the gross violation of hospitality, however accidental—shocked, I tell you!—but I would, regrettably, have no recourse but to shelve the inevitable shipboard investigation—only after the most rigorous investigation, of course, but such an investigation would, of course, only turn up the obvious and very unfortunate conclusion that a tetryon array had fired accidentally, and not that, say, I had ordered Dalin Marritza to destroy this space station for your refusal to admit to the crimes committed against the Ocampa species.

Steven Universe

  • This parody has Blue Pearl posing as Blue Diamond:
    Blue Pearl: This is definitely Blue Diamond speaking. And uh, you all get a day off.

The Vision of Escaflowne

  • In Vision of Escaflowne Abridged, Allen Schezar really sucks at hiding the whole "fathered a bastard child with Marlene" thing.
    Prince Chid: My late mother often told me about a brave knight named Allen. Tell me, did you know Marlene of Asturia?
    Allen: Uh, well, yeah, but not intimately... I mean not biblically! ...I mean, y-yeah, we met.
    • Later, when the group is falsely accused and in jail...
    Prince Chid: I want to believe you... Even before meeting you, I thought of you as a second father.
    Allen: Oh, what a vivid imagination you have there! Totally ridiculous!
    Hitomi: Allen! He's bonding with you, would you just gain his trust already?
    Allen: Uh, what I mean to say is that I have also come to think of you as a very symbolic, very not literal son.

War Hammer 40000

  • In Jeurgen Chronicles (Ciaphas Cain from the perspective of his aide, Gunner Ferik Jeurgen), Jeurgen denies quite stringently about having an extensive and varied Porn Stash, claiming that they're "very important Commissar documents and not anything else, especially not anything that might be considered heretical or unprofessional."


  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series:
    • Alex Brisbane's first line to the gang is: "My name is Dr Alex Brisbane, and I'm definitely not a villain." He continues to say this throughout, even when talking about his evil schemes.
    • In the beginning of the Duelist Kingdom tournament, Pegasus assures the contestants that "this tournament is 100% genuine, and is not in any way an elaborate ruse thrown together at the last minute so that I can get my hands on an Ancient Egyptian artifact."
    • In "The Other Abridged Movie", we see that Seto Kaiba has "cameras all over Japan" and uses them to spy on Yugi to be always "one step ahead". Even when Yugi is in the shower. When they duel, we get this exchange:
      Kaiba: When I'm through with you, you're going to have to take a shower to wash away the smell of defeat! And I won't be watching you do it!
      Yugi: ...why would you be watching me?
      Kaiba: I don't know. I just wanted you to make sure you knew I wouldn't be.
      Yugi: But I never thought...
      Kaiba: Good! Because I won't!
      Yugi: why would I think that you'd be watching...?
      Kaiba: I dunno.
      Yugi: OK...
    • This one speaks for itself:
      Mai: So, Joey, about that dream you had—
      Joey: I was not wearing a dog suit, and I was not having dream sex with Kaiba!
    • "Attention, duelists! My hair is definitely not leading you into a trap!"
    • Marik: "I am Malik Blishtar, in no way related to Marik Ishtar!"

Yu Yu Hakusho

  • Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged:
    • Hiei in part three of the movie. It is, of course, lampshaded by Kurama.
      Hiei: Well I didn't float here downriver if that's what you're asking.
      Kurama: Nobody insinuated that, Hiei.
      Hiei: Good, because that's not what happened!
    • Episode 20 was well (Hiei again)
      Yusuke: What are you doing this for, anyway? Isn't this supposed to be Botan's thing?
      Hiei: I'm not hurting for work, I don't know what you're talking about.
      Yusuke: ...good to hear, I guess...


  • A New Dawn
    Judy: But now, with Gideon... I think you really like him.
    Dawn: What? That's ridiculous! He's just a friend!
    Judy: ...That's all I was implying.
    Dawn: Oh...


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