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  • Streamworks (Saliva Island) from Shantae and the Pirate's Curse has a part that sounds similar to Stardust Speedway (Bad Future, JPN) from Sonic the Hedgehog CD.
  • Treasure of the Deep: In this obscure PSX game by Namco, the "Safe Passage" level theme sounds like very much the Crimson Tide theme.
  • Etrian Odyssey: The boss theme Their Own Brand of Justice has a lot in common with Far Beyond The Sun and other Yngwie Malmsteen songs. A less distinct, but similar part occurs here as well.
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  • Star Trek Voyager Elite Force: Danny Pelfrey manages to rework the Voyager theme into something both new and familiar.
  • Duke Nukem 3D:
  • Resident Evil:
  • The end theme to the original Resident Evil, "Still Dawn," is clearly inspired by the second half of Layla by Derek and the Dominos.
  • When Capcom re-released Aladdin for the GBA, their rights to "Friend Like Me" and "Whole New World" had expired, so they were forced to replace them with similar sounding new tunes. The original SNES version did this from the start with a "One Jump Ahead" Substitute for the first level, and an "Arabian Nights" one for a cutscene.
    • The NES pirate of Aladdin (Virgin Games) uses suspiciously similar songs to "A Whole New World" and "Prince Ali", among others.
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    • The Game Boy Color port of the Virgin Games Aladdin has an odd relationship with this trope. Certain songs from the movie and even original pieces from the source game were replaced with soundalikes, while others were left alone. This is particularly odd in the case of "Prince Ali", which was replaced with a sound-alike even though a few bars from it are still used as the "stage clear" theme.
  • The NES RPG game based on the hit movie Willow has song similar to "Theme from A Summer Place" when you enter a certain town. So does Mario Kart: Super Circuit for GBA while driving on Shy Guy Beach.
  • An Eye of the Tiger soundalike plays in Breath of Fire III when Deis awakens. Followed by Falling Green sounding similar to Secret of the Forest from Chrono Trigger and the Game Over theme and Chrono Trigger's Windy Scene during the first notes.
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  • In Breath of Fire IV the leitmotif of a man called Kahn, which is named "~A Man~", sounds quite similar to Wipeout by The Surfaris. The irony of that is Kahn is usually not fought within a beach-like area anywhere.
  • The NES version of Déjà Vu plays a rendition of Alfie's theme by Sonny Rollins, tweaked slightly to include a Musical Nod to the flute's melody from Shadowgate.
  • For some reason, the first-level theme from God Hand sounds a great deal like the theme song from Hawaii Five-O (odd, considering this is a Western-themed level).
    • Godhand also has a Suspiciously Similar Song to the Mazinger Z theme song with new lyrics as its ending credits song.
      • Mazinger gets this treatment again in Xenosaga II, fittingly enough as the Leitmotif for a pair of Super Robot Otaku.
      • The Buriki Daioh theme from Live A Live also sounds suspiciously like the Mazinger Z intro theme. That one gets around quite a bit, it seems. Compare and contrast. The game even references the show's intro by opening up a lake for the giant robot to emerge.
  • The lab theme from Cave Story sounds a lot like "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers, which is all but likely to be coincidental given the game was released mere months after the album "Hot Fuss".
  • The title theme from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest sounds a lot like the theme from Hook. Other songs in this game that play this trope straight:
In Mushihime Sama, part of the True Final Boss theme(0:21-0:48) sounds like the Ranking music from the original Gradius (Nemesis).

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