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  • Don't let Animation Age Ghetto fool you; this "graphic novel" deals with mature themes, as is typical of its creator. You can see it in the backstory of its morally ambiguous protagonist: he does not know the identity of his father due to the large number of men his mother sleeps with, and his mother is negligent and sometimes downright abusive. He walks in on his mother having sex with one of her many sexual partners and is punished severely for it, mentally scarring him and causing him to abhor love and sex. At one point in the story, he is put in an institution where he is given the Rorschach test. He is also wanted by the police for some part of the narrative.
    We're talking about Rorschach, right? Perhaps, but it could also be Shogo.



  • Girl who is bullied and borderline abused by other people and children (forced to do chores for them, beaten and stuff) in a place she has the misfortune to be in. The bullying happens because of a specific trait of hers. Then, enter a male character - the Big Bad - who promises to her that if she agrees to his terms and joins his cause, that she'll get everything she wants. She accepts, and becomes a threat to the main characters. Later on, she helps one of the main characters though. Christy or Lucy Maud Montgomery?
  • Before taking on a new resolve, this character used to be pacifistic and did not kill as such. They initially hoped to save the person or people they cared for and loved, but after a certain thing happened, they changed dramatically. They turned stone cold, started to kill in a perfectly stoic manner, and left no mercy for their enemies. This still all for the people they love. This character is also a magic user, and their powers have something to do with the future. Is this character Akemi Homura or Oda Sakunosuke?
    • In fact, the protagonists from Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story and Bungo Stray Dogs do make for some comparison.
    • The leader of the protagonist group is an older, experienced one, and as such, has formidable battle prowess. They are also stoic and professional in their manner and are some sort of detective. They have history with another 'veteran' who has short, straight hair. Nanami Yachiyo or Fukuzawa Yukichi?
    • The main character is not the leader of this group, but still has an important role to fulfill within the group they are in. They are a Naïve Newcomer who initially don't know anything about the conflict in the city. They have an overarching goal to archieve, and somehow got into this group. These people have become their friends and their home. Tamaki Iroha or Nakajima Atsushi?
  • This red haired, spear-using girl lives for battle. They are capable enough of striking any foe down they see, and have a somewhat cynic worldview. When the blue-themed protagonist approaches them a third in the story, she attacks them mercilessly because she is above the protagonist in skill and power. She however has some sort of soft side to her, but rarely shows it. Her love interest is a girl who is the Blue Oni to her Red Oni. Is this character Sakura Kyouko or Undyne?
  • Character who is a fighter in a Crapsack World. They start off with an idealistic worldview, and constantly portray themselves as a hero who does justice. They are not an incapable fighter themselves, either. However, a certain incident happens where they kill people and fall into despair. Their idealism starts to crumble, they become a Death Seeker and Ax-Crazy until they become warped versions of what they were. Is this character Miki Sayaka or Captain Martin Walker?
  • This character is highly skilled in the use of firearms. One of their names exists from five letters, the other four. Depending on where they live, one of the names is set before the other. Said place is a world where fighting isn't uncommon. They are highly regarded in what they do, and serve as a mentor for at least one inexperienced character who is new to this world. They urge them not to waste their lives on something stupid, and ask to join in whatever they do. However, as the story progresss, the character dies gruesomely. The inexperienced character is distraught, but eventually bounces back and ends up joining their cause. At the end, this character ends up being alive still. Tomoe Mami or Harry Hart?
  • This character is of ambiguous gender, but generally identify as male. He is a Manipulative Bastard who trick vulnerable people into making deals with him. He makes sure that the people he makes this deal with, don't fully know the fine print of this deal. The favor they have to repay, initially seems small. However, in the end, it only hurts them and benefits him. He actually hails from another world, and deliberately chooses to look innocent, shining and harmless in order to win people's hearts. Kyubey or Bill Cipher?
  • A dark-haired character who is the secondary protagonist. The series they star in is highly popular. The protagonist they interact with the most (at least, in the beginning) is a male with black hair. They're cold, spiteful and wary but there's more behind it. Their Animal Motif is a crab. Hitagi Senjougahara or Karkat Vantas?
  • This character's theme color is green, although he's usually not Green and Mean. He's the Badass Adorable, but Beware the Nice Ones, because this small character can pack quite the punch. He's a character in a setting with a Cast of Snowflakes and everyone has committed at least one crime at some point. He has a dark past, which resurfaces from time to time. Said past has resulted in a murderous Split Personality and his name can be rendered differently to refer to it. He's arguably the most popular character of the (very colorful) series. It's talking about Flippy, right? What if I told you it's about Nico?


  • This animated fantasy film with an Animesque art style stars a magical horned horse-like animal who started out as a Unicorn. This character realizes that something important to her is missing and goes on a potentially dangerous quest to where humans live to find it. She ends up becoming a human herself, and thus loses her magic. However, her skin color stays the same as her coat color. After having a Freak Out, she tries to settle into a human lifestyle, but the main villain is suspicious of her, eventually figuring out what she truly is and trying to stop her from receiving what she came for. Our heroine falls in love with a handsome male human who loves her back despite her strangeness. Helpful advice is received from a talking housepet. During the climax, the protagonist battles a demonic fiery red beast with fangs, and manages to save both her boyfriend and all of her own kind. However, the film ends on a bittersweet note, as the heroine transforms back into her true self and has to leave her human boyfriend without giving a proper goodbye.
    Is the main character Almathea or Twilight Sparkle?
  • This character is an Action Girl whose main form of attack is her purple Prehensile Hair. She's a descendant of a race that's no longer around and she's friends with a playful, green girl who's a bit more morally grey than they are. She's trying to stop the villain from getting a precious artifact to use for nefarious purposes. Is this character a half-genie or a dragon?
  • This is a tale of a Disney protagonist who was kidnapped at birth, has an overwhelming belief for something greater, meet a good-looking counterpart with questionable morals, look to the lights in the sky at one point for answers, end up with an equine companion, carry a symbol of their family, have their first kiss with said counterpart with questionable morals interrupted, who later sacrifice themselves for the protagonist, who in turn return their favor with their glowing powers, after which they are treated to a family reunion, and finally kiss with the one they love.
    Am I talking about Hercules or Rapunzel?
  • She is a female student with American heritage. As far as most people know, she's pursuing a career involving cameras. What they don't know however is that she has powers known only to a select few (among them a Childhood Friend delinquent with dyed hair whom she hasn't connected with for a long while until the events of the game), and that she's pursuing vigilante justice with them. Among the powers she has is a limited ability to travel across space-time. Other notable people in her school are a friend who attempts suicide early on in the story, a male teacher with a lustful drive and is responsible for the suicide attempt and is ultimately brought to justice, and a principal who is doing nothing to stop these incidents. There is also a looming supernatural calamity that threatens to ruin everything that she and her friends care about.
    Am I talking about Max Caulfield or Ann Takamaki?

Heruru Meruru


Noah 1

  • He's a Television reviewer with Asperger's Syndrome. His show is heavily inspired by the people on Channel Awesome. While not a member of that site, he has a very respectable opinion and a strong fan-base in his own right, and has even done a few crossover reviews. However, he's endured a great deal of controversy for expressing dislike towards a show many others enjoy (For starters, he finds South Park too raunchy for his tastes). While primarily reviewing bad shows, He'll also draw attention to good ones, as well. He feels that a lot of the crap he's reviewed comes from people who don't take their medium seriously and instead pander to the Lowest Common Denominator, resulting in cheap, cliched writing, excessive Toilet Humor, and gratuitous content for the hell of it. As a side note, he's made more than a few references to This Very Wiki.
    Is he Rowdy C, The Cartoon Hero, or The Mysterious Mr. Enter?
  • This here's a simple young man who comes from a simple place. People wouldn't describe him with words like "brainy" or "articulate", but there's no denying he's got a good heart, and always knows to help those in need and do the right thing. Fortunately, he's also pretty athletically talented; he can pick up a skill and become an Instant Expert at it in no time flat. Somehow, him going through life and doing what comes naturally to him, always with a stoic look on his face, made him into a hero who's shaped the world around him (and landed him with so much money, he barely knows what to do with it all). Yet, his loyalties have always lied with one young lady in particular. She's a lot brighter and bolder than him, but unfortunately had a terrible burden placed on her from a young age, and as a result doesn't always make the best decisions. Cut her some slack; her heart is in the right place, and she has things mostly figured out by the end of the story.
    Is this Link and Zelda, or Forrest Gump and Jenny Curran?
  • Classic cartoon aficionados may recognize these triplet boys. Their mother and father are unknown, but they have a father figure who loves them just the same... not that it stops them from driving him up the wall with their penchant for mischief and trouble-making, but they're good boys at heart who will always do the right thing when the chips are down. They can be told apart by the Chromatic Arrangement of their attire; The Leader wears red, The Smart Guy wears blue, and The Heart wears green. They also know some Distaff Counterpart triplet girls who dress in pastel colors and share a similar sibling dynamic.
    Are they Huey, Dewey, and Louie, or Alvin, Simon, and Theodore?


  • The two character's names start with D. They also both have odd number letters in their names. They both wear black boots, round glasses and have dark colored hair. They both feel that they are Surrounded by Idiots. They are both considered social outcasts by their classmates. They both have a younger sister who hates them. They both have a workaholic parent who wishes they would get along well. They are both smart, and they can have a sarcastic streak. Are we talking about Dib or Daria?


Noonbory Kedabory


  • An eccentric, socially awkward girl meets a synthetic alien supersoldier with an aggressive streak who finds himself stranded on a technologically primitive planet. They become fast friends and build each other up. Lilo and Stitch or Entrapta and Hordak?

  • The "offspring" of a narcissistic alien tyrant lives apart from their people on a technologically primitive planet, where they build their own army. They fall in love with a much shorter, wild-haired member of the native people. They also become the parent of a half-breed son. Pink Diamond or Hordak?

  • A tyrant who rules over an intergalactic empire who is first introduced on-screen in a T-pose, has a mostly white color scheme, believes themselves to be the embodiment of godlike perfection, expect obedience and absolute conformity from their artificially created servants, responds to any deviation from their "order" with mind control, and is displeased with what their "child" became? White Diamond or Horde Prime?

Obiwanlivesforever 2
  • Not so much Surprisingly Similar Stories as Surprisingly Similar Romances: a boy with long, dark hair and a hinted-to-be-unhappy home life is in possession of incredible powers that would ostracize him from society if he didn't keep them hidden. He is the only person he knows in this situation until he meets a girl going through the same problems. Frightened by her blossoming powers and the effect they might have on her happy family, she is suspicious of him at first, but warms up to him as they bond over their common understanding. At one point, the boy uses his powers to punish another kid who was making fun of the girl, which she does not take kindly to. When they are discovered by other empowered beings, the two join opposing factions, the girl’s being good and the boy’s being bad. The boy resents all those on the girl’s side apart from the girl herself, particularly the leader of the group, with whom he develops a fierce rivalry. The relationship between the boy and the girl becomes strained despite the boy’s attempts to win her over, because the girl disapproves of the bad people he’s spending time with. This culminates in a tense standoff in which the girl expresses her disgust for the boy’s behaviour and refuses to see him again. She ignores his further attempts to talk to her. In the end, however, the male character leans toward the good side, and even joins it at one point, motivated by his feelings for her.
    Are they Severus Snape and Lily Evans or Lance Alvers and Kitty Pryde?
  • This character is an immortal seventeen-year-old named Edward who sparkles frequently. They both belong to popular but very polarizing and fanservice-laden series of the late 2000s/early 2010s. Is he...
    Edward Cullen or Estonia?
  • Two blonde, teenaged siblings live without parents in Central Europe (or at least a society heavily resembling it) during the first half of the twentieth century. The older sibling, a no-nonsense soldier who is fiercely protective of the younger, is voiced by Romi Park; the younger, a more mild-mannered soul, is voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
    Are they Edward and Alphonse Elric or Switzerland and Liechtenstein?
  • This young woman has difficulty controlling her incredible powers, which can cause severe damage if used recklessly. In fact, she first discovers their full extent by nearly killing a loved one by accident. Frightened and ashamed, she runs away from home and winds up in a snowy wilderness. People who want to help - and some who want to use her for their own purposes - go looking for her, but she is suspicious and slow to trust. If I said that her powers wind up giving a girl a white streak through their hair, it would be obvious that this character is...
    Rogue or Elsa?
  • The spiky-black-haired hero, who has a symbolic association with the phoenix, gets to know a rather awkward, redheaded Cowardly Lion named Ron and his more competent brown-haired love interest. Two of their opponents include: a sneering blonde Attention Whore and a mysterious, brooding man with a vendetta against the protagonist. The latter resents the hero due to the Plot-Triggering Death of a woman he loved romantically while the hero loved platonically, and is a polarizing figure in the fandom.
    Are they Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, and Severus Snape from Harry Potter? Or how about Phoenix Wright, Ron Delite, Desiree Delite, Luke Atmey and Godot from Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations?
  • This character is a female antagonist from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who debuted in the mid-late 2010s. An overambitious scientific experiment gone wrong resulted in the character being caught in a blast and transformed into an ethereal, ghost-like being. In her new state, she is able to phase through solid objects, turn invisible, and deal deadly harm to people. She harbors a great deal of (partially-justified) anger towards the person who put her in this position, who turns out to be a relative of one of the main heroes. Her main goal, aside from getting revenge, is simply to restore herself to her original corporeal state. However, her methods bring her into conflict with the protagonists, and she is eventually thwarted.
    Lucy Bauer from Agents Of Shield or Ava Starr from Ant-Man and the Wasp?
  • This star-crossed couple, comprised of a kind man and a fiery woman, has more than their fair share of misfortunes in a popular sci-fi/action/adventure series involving aliens, time travel, and massive threats to planet earth. At one point fairly early on in the plot, one of these young lovebirds is put into stasis for a long period of time and reawakens in the early 21st century, where they meet their partner again. We also see a museum where one of their lives is chronicled. In the finale of their story, one member of the couple decides to travel back in time permanently to the 1930s/40s - where the other person already is - so that they can live out the rest of their lives together. In doing so, they leave behind a close friend in the present time, but find some way to relay a message back to him. Their main 'role' in the story is soon filled by another character.
    Amy Pond and Rory Williams or Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter?
  • This minor antagonist in a superhero TV series of the 2010s is a blonde woman played by Lilli Birdsell. She has an obsession with a mysterious 'book' which is more than it initially appears. Drunk on supernatural power, this villainess kills her own husband, speaks in an unsettling distorted voice, and nearly brings about great death and destruction.
    Lucy Bauer from Agents Of Shield or Mother Archon from Doom Patrol?
  • This spirited young woman, whose name starts with an A, is known for her fiery red hair and insatiable desire for adventures beyond her own world. One day a vehicle from 'above' her realm gets into an accident and she assists a stranded, dashing man with whom she becomes deeply infatuated. However, circumstances prevent them from meeting for a while after this unexpected introduction. During this time the girl collects trinkets that remind her of the man and longs to be reunited with him, while her caregivers look on with suspicion and exasperation. They are eventually reunited and she travels with him to places she'd only dreamed of before. The woman eventually has a daughter called Melody, who is (in some ways) a hybrid of two different species (one human, the other a humanoid). Melody ends up going on her own adventures alongside her parents, coming into conflict with a manipulative villainess who has lurked behind the scenes since her infancy.
    Is the young woman's name Amy or Ariel?
  • A man abandons his wife and young child to go chase his dreams. He gets betrayed and killed by a man with a big hat after trying to do something honorable, and winds up as a macabre undead being with a nickname based off his means of death. His sole wish is to be able to see his child again. Many years later, he meets up with his younger male descendant who has become trapped in his undead realm despite still being alive. The man helps his young relative escape, while the relative helps free him from his bonds in turn. He ends up reuniting with his beloved child, who joins his ‘world’ in the end.
    Hector 'Chorizo' Rivera from Coco or 'Bootstrap' Bill Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean?

Old Ben

  • Stolen from Chuggaaconroy's WMG page: A beautiful young woman with very high expectations of herself. Throughout the story, she endures a lot of suffering, including deaths of almost all of her friends, yet remains strong and devoted to her task. She also falls in love with the main character, but can't be with him - but still is on friendly terms with his more "canon" pairing and doesn't bear any resentment.
    Melia Antiqua from Xenoblade, or Cordelia from Fire Emblem Awakening?

Ori Cat

  • "God of the dwarves", though he would certainly dispute the title and end any worship attempts in short order. Originally, there were only supposed to be two races, but he ended up creating a third. Surprised when the third gained life, which he had not given them, he quickly loved them anyway. However, this did lead to a case of Fantastic Racism that it took sending all parties into a cave to discover their heritage to overcome.
    Aulë/Mahal or Tak?
  • Her husband was a mariner whom the gods kept from coming home. She threw herself into the sea but was transformed into a bird by the gods and got to live with him again on a cliff.
    Elwing or Alcyone?
  • An old woman possessed of the honourific "Granny", though childless. A respected figure, she is clearly the hag of her village, strongly bound to the magic of earth and stone. She lives in a tiny cottage in the hills, where she keeps and talks to bees. Granny Carne of the Ingo series or Granny Weatherwax from Discworld?
  • This peace- and order-keeping crew comprises a chessmaster leader, always found clad in black, who believes everyone is truly bad inside Vetinari, Fury; a snarky, cynical, rich ex-alcoholic with a noted dislike for paperwork Vimes, Tony; his strong and competent significant other who is personable enough to make up for her partner Sibyl, Pepper; a nigh-indestructible bruiser hiding the mind of a super genius Detritus, Hulk; a beautiful Broken Bird who can be counted upon to win sickeningly unfair fights Angua, Natasha; a wet-seeming, constantly suited bureaucrat and unexpected badass, whose first name becomes a minor plot point A.E. Pessimal, Coulson; an artificial life form that developed its own morality after the others animated it Dorfl, Vision; and, last but certainly not least, the incorruptible hero, who believes in people, fights for his ideals with his signature weapon and enough charisma to lead an army, loves his home, and gets on surprisingly well with the leader Carrot, Cap. Their enemies have included an artificial being driven mad by its directives The Golem King, Ultron and a time-travelling, knife-wielding psycho Carcer, Winter Soldier. Is this the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, or is this S.H.I.E.L.D.?
  • This wanderer has legendary adventures while bearing an incredibly powerful artifact which he occasionally wears on his hand, and begins to find difficult to give up. In appearance he is dark-haired and wears a dark varicoloured cloak, and also loses a finger on his travels, gaining the epithet Nine-Fingered. Eagles provide him with help. At one point he must enter a cave and face a terrible Eldritch Abomination. However, after all this adventuring, he eventually gets tired of the known world and leaves it. Is this Frodo or is it Sapphique?
  • This is one of the most famous and recognizable villains in fiction. He started good and was an incredibly skilled artificer and craftsman, but was ultimately slowly corrupted by the Big Bad of that universe. One of his greatest powers is the ability to command the wills of those weaker. He has associations to fire and volcanism. He used to be good-looking, but got maimed - and amputated - which took care of that. He also took a Meaningful Rename upon becoming evil, from… Anakin to Vader? Or Mairon to Sauron?
  • We have our one royal Norwegian who is very good and sunny, so much that they are unambiguously loved by everyone in the realm, and also thought really pretty. They are associated with spring and summer and are forgiving to an extreme degree. Then they get killed via a strike to the chest, though the death doesn’t last. We have their accidental murderer (and older sibling) with powers of ice and winter, who is the recipient of the easy forgiveness. And then we have the foreign, ginger Magnificent Bastard whose fault the whole mess is. Anna, Elsa, and Hans from Frozen, or Baldur, Hodr, and Loki from Norse Mythology?
  • A dragon-faced character is screwed over by a evil, vindictive god such that he has relations with his sister, and kills himself upon realizing it. He’s prophesied to come back and make the world better, though. Túrin or Quetzalcoatl?
  • It is a projectile weapon unlike any ever seen before in its universe. But it is sentient, and malign, and it calls both heroes and villains inside their heads, promising them power, and it makes them act like they never would and tempts them to give in to anger. Incorruptible Pure Pureness can break the hold. Is this the gonne or the Glowstick of Destiny?
  • It's a black sentient magical talking sword, wielded by a guy who has supernaturally bad luck (thanks to a vengeful god) and, before him, a more successful and famous warrior.
    Gurthang from The Children of Húrin? Or Kring from The Colour of Magic?
  • She’s a dark-haired, blue-clothed, immortal sorceress, whose dad is a magical Time Abyss and whose shapeshifter mom isn’t human. She herself can shapeshift into a flying creature and beats up demons. She falls in love with a normal man, but after they go on a shiny stone-related quest together he is killed by a servant of the Big Bad. She begs the gods to return him to life, which they do, and the two eventually settle in a green land between rivers for a mostly normal life and get Babies Ever After. But the price is that the disparity between their lifespans and powers must be removed. So does mortality or immortality ensue?
  • A man goes off to fight in the pivotal battle against the Dark Lord, whose name begins with M and ends with TH. He holds off large numbers of the Dark Lord’s forces alone, with borrowed weaponry, but it isn’t enough to save him or to return him to his wife and young son at home. Is he named Húrin or Daniel?
  • The king’s nephew, and the king’s betrayer, as the only male heir. Though he didn’t start off so evil, he ends up starting a war in which they both die and which brings down the medieval kingdom. His name starts with M.
    Mordred or Maeglin?
  • An Evilutionary Biologist who got that way via Then Let Me Be Evil and promptly started making Half-Human Hybrids with an alien species, which resulted in neither the aliens nor the humans liking him very much. Has no compunctions about self-experimentation, either. The owner of some pretty bizarre gynecological tech. Also, he’s short and has brown hair. We’re talking about Michael Kenmore - or about Kest the Maker?
  • Unlike in the myths, they're a humanoid monstrosity sealed in a can, which is good because when released they go full-on Omnicidal Maniac. In addition to being a One-Man Army, they have the ability to shrug off massive amounts of damage and generate an indeterminate number of blades out of nowhere. That's on top of the associations with death and the family issues.
    Hela? Or SCP-076-2?
  • A Scandinavian boy with Mystical White Hair and magic powers to boot, being able to perform sorcery and speak to the dead. Got abused as a child and is still screwed up by it many years later. Best pals with a/some corvid(s) with whom he can communicate. The heroes rescue him from isolation and help him take his place in regular society. Is this boy named Dark or Kari?
  • This ruthless idealist endured an abusive youth, but things turned around after they underwent an ordeal nobody should survive, whereupon they raise an army and set out to take over the world. They wed an existing ruler of the Horde From The East, and forge their own kingdom with their army of freed slaves and supernatural creatures at their side, no matter how much blood must be waded through or hearts eaten to get there. So good intentions, but the execution degenerates over time. I present to you, the Breaker of Chains...
    Daenerys Targaryen? Or Grand Karcist Ion?



  • This eccentric, strange-looking Cloudcuckoolander lives with no family, but has an assortment of good friends, at least some of whom are animals. Despite occasional moments that hint at inner sensitivity and loneliness, (s)he is generally very cheerful, and known for performing feats that would seriously injure or kill an ordinary mortal. In one installment of the series in which (s)he's featured, his/her family finally comes for him/her. (S)he exchanges tearful farewells with his/her friends and prepares to board his/her family's ship, but at the last moment (s)he chooses to stay with his/her friends instead.
    Gonzo or Pippi Longstocking?


  • Two male characters are brilliant scientists and engineers with a very close friendship. One is associated with the color red, is a well-known Motor Mouth, has a minor penchant for trouble, and often exasperates the red-haired female character he's closest with. But he means well, and absolutely loves the aforementioned redhead.note  All he wants to do is to make the world a better place, and to have some fun while he does it. His friend is associated with the color green and is known for wearing purple pants. This character is more quiet and stoic, but definitely not to be underestimated. He's arguably the more brilliant of the duo, and is responsible for some of their series' most awesome moments. Either separately or together, these two have made incredible leaps in technology that, in a real-world setting, would revolutionize the world as we know it, but this is never explored in great detail. These include suits of Powered Armor (which both members of the duo have used at least once), benevolent and malevolent AIs, Time Travel, and space flight. They are not biologically related to each other, but are comparable to brothers and are occasionally referred to by the compound "s-bros".
    Is the "S" for step-bros Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher? Or Science Bros Tony Stark and Bruce Banner?
  • Two character pairs are from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and made their debut in the 2010s. They are soldiers for the United States military during a historical conflict, albeit one that's been heavily fictionalized owing to the Sci-Fi Kitchen Sink setting that is this franchise. Character A has a very strong bond with another soldier with the rank "Captain" (B), and they regard B as family. As such, B is devastated when they believe that A is dead. Turns out, A did not die, but they faced a very unpleasant alternative. Upon falling unconscious after a dangerous mission went awry, they were captured by the villains, who espouse a value system akin to Nazism. From there, A is modified and their memories are stolen from them. For years, A serves these villains and carries out a wide array of unspeakable acts without question. One mission from the villains sends A on a collision course with their old life, but they go rogue after a powerful encounter with B and begin to piece together their past. A eventually reclaims their memories, fights alongside their friends and loved ones, achieves redemption for their crimes, and becomes a hero. When last we saw A, they were in a bit of a tragic emotional place - their brainwashing has been long broken thanks to a young black woman (C), but their bond with B has changed irrevocably, as B is now their natural age while comic book science has conspired to keep this character roughly the same age that they were at the time of their abduction (late twenties to early thirties, judging by their rank and the actors' ages). They must figure out how to insert themselves back into a world that's largely passed them by. But the creatives maintain that A's story is not over yet, and the actor has signed a multi-film contract with Marvel Studios, so fans expect to see where their stories go from here in the future.
    Character A: Captain Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel or Sergeant James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes / Winter Soldier?
    Character B: Captain Maria Rambeau or Captain Steve Rogers?
    Character C: Monica Rambeau, age 11, or Shuri of Wakanda, age 18?

Patrick D 95

  • This character is The Dragon to a Big Bad that is related to lightning, as they plan to Take Over the World. The character captures the princess, but she is eventually rescued by her friends. The character then learns that their master, who had made them a promise, lied to them and they turn against their master as a result. The character has a scar on their face, wears armor that is mostly black, and their real names have the same amount of syllables.
    Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker or Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist?
  • She is a blonde, hot-headed woman who is partners with a black haired character, with both of them fighting to save the world. She is also The Rival to a member of a criminal gang wearing something over their eye. Said member had done something horrible to her that caused her severe trauma and she wants revenge on him. She is associated with using fire as one of her powers.
    Sonya Blade or Yang Xiao Long?


  • He is a character that is incredibly well known. So well known that he's the first character you think of when you hear his name (a common male given name starting with the letter "M"). He's not only the main character, but he's also the mascot of his parent company and practically defines the very medium he mostly appears in, although he also appears in other ones from time to time (both of their respective series have crossed over with characters from the Final Fantasy series at some point). However, despite being so well known, apart from his status as a heroic Everyman, his personality is deliberately kept flat. His friends and enemies have more personality and characterization then he does. He also has a penchant for wearing White Gloves, has a high pitched voice for a male character, and the media he appears in is usually very kid-friendly.
    Is this Mickey Mouse or Mario?
  • Introduced in the 4th generation of this popular children's franchise, She is thought of as the highest authority figure in the land, although she isn't a queen. She is equally powerful, beautiful and mysterious in plenty of ways, but at the same time she is modest about her position and prefers to be a mentor figure to the protagonist of this installment. At one point though, she did raise a dragon. However, despite her status in the series, some fans have painted her as a Memetic Molester.
    Cynthia, Champion of Sinnoh, or Celestia, Princess of Equestria?
  • An organization of Well Intentioned Extremists has an agenda to eliminate the access to Elemental Powers that the civilization and world of the series is based on. Their leader claims that this access to these elemental powers has caused nothing but pain and strife, a higher power has given him the right to rid the world of this access and will stop at nothing to achieve these ends. At first, they begin with simple protests and rallies, but as the story continues, they become more brazen and actively force the separation of the source from the local populace, committing acts of terrorism and eventually culminating in overthrowing the government. It is revealed that the leader of this organization was abused as a child by his father for the purposes of being a Tyke Bomb and that "The Face" of the organization has the exact powers that his organization is trying to get rid off.
    Is this Team Plasma or The Equalists?
  • This dark-haired and dark-skinned girl possess a unique and incredible ability for the setting, but was kept isolated for most of her life. As a result, she isn't used to others and lacks social graces. She met a teacher who helps her with her abilities who could easily be the Big Good but doesn't take a very active role in the story. At the beginning of the story proper, her only friend wasn't the same species and is usually thought of as very ferocious, but is very friendly towards her. As the story progresses, she gains more friends. The girl later masters this ability and gains an incredible power and a title through some sort of trial.
    Is this Iris, Korra or Twilight Sparkle?
  • This character was once a member of a magical non-human race who live in a magical dimension and who was also once the pupil of a highly accomplished magic teacher. However, greed and pride took over the pupil's heart and became evil. The former pupil betrayed the teacher and later traveled to the alternate world of humans, also transforming into a human (or at least one with an odd skintone) and had stolen headgear of great magical power. With the help of another member of the magical race (who had also been transformed) a group of color coordinated heroes have to work together to defeat the antagonist. At the climax of the story, the antagonist transforms again, but this time into a demonic form complete with bat wings and fiery powers.
    Is this Vaati or Sunset Shimmer?
  • This videogame character appears to be a young-to-middle aged barefoot man, but is far older then he looks. He is very well known for his incredibly volatile temper and his way of solving his problems is mostly through fierce pummeling with his fists. Because of this, he is widely considered the bad guy by most of the other characters, but he's actually a good guy with a kind heart. During the story, he befriends a dark-haired girl who is far younger then he is, but he develops a soft spot for her. Also during the story, he is tricked by another character who appears to have his best interests for him, but he's actually a colossal dickweed with reality warping powers and is the true antagonist. He also spends at least a part of the story in an insectoid form, but this is considered a massive spoiler. Needless to say, it ends incredibly badly for the antagonist.
    Is this Wreck-It Ralph or Asura?
  • This is a family of Accessory Wearing Cartoon Animals that are strongly associated with fruit of some kind. Collectively its their Trademark Favorite Food and you'll be in a world of hurt if you decide to mess with it or the family. The most prominent member of the family is well known for wearing a single piece of iconic clothing. This character is also quite strong and possessing an equally strong stubborn streak. This character has been around since the 80's, and was only given a whole family in a more recent iteration. This same character also has a younger relative who tags along that wears a red article of clothing on the head. There is also another relative who is probably the oldest member of the family. This relative's age is often made fun of, but is also considered a fountain of wisdom and knowledge on several fields, and when younger, was quite (and still is to an extent) a badass. Another relative has green eyes and is mostly known for being the opposite gender of the other three, and is quite popular as a result. At least one relative has long blond hair that is prehensile to an extent.
    Is this The Kong Family or The Apple Family?
  • A very long time ago, this character was once an ordinary person, but due to certain circumstances, ended up being separated from someone that they loved very much. Eventually it is revealed that this loved one had died at some point and the character never quite got over of that fact and still misses them dearly. At another point, this character was rendered immortal through unclear means and now wanders. This character happens to be extraordinarily old, extraordinarily tall and once known better by the protagonist, extraordinarily kind. This character also comes from a Nintendo game.
    Is this Rosalina or AZ?
  • This is an anthropomorphic dog character who was introduced in the fourth installment of the video game series. This dog character became so popular that it's hard to imagine the series without them. This dog walks on two legs and is capable of speaking but is also very loyal to the player character. In some later games, these dogs are playable themselves. Both of their games are series that are exclusive to Nintendo.
    Is this Lucario or Isabelle?
  • In a series that takes place in a World of Funny Animals that puts an emphasis on friendship, this female character was originally just a background extra that just existed to fill out crowds. However, she manages to show up so much that fans took notice of her and she's considered almost as much of a fixture of the TV show as the main characters. Her popularity among the fanbase is such that the writers of the show itself also noticed. While still a minor character, she would eventually get speaking lines where its revealed that the reason she didn't talk before was due to issues regarding her voice.
    Is this Derpy Hooves or Maria Pappas?.


  • A war on a previously unheard of scale exists between a faction of good guys with a somewhat-unsympathetic government and a race of arrogant, genocidal cyborg cephalopods with a robotic shell and an organic core. (Incidentally, at points in their existence the cyborg cephalopods have converted people into cyborg zombie Mooks, and liquefied people to create more of themselves.) The Hero is both a leader and front-line soldier on the side of the good guys who is, depending on who you ask, either an Ideal Hero or a Magnificent Bastard. This hero has taken a psychological toll from the hellish nature of the war. The hero's objective is to obtain an ancient superweapon that could hypothetically wipe out the cyborg cephalopods completely and end the war, which the hero succeeds in. However, when the hero activates it, the weapon is revealed to be a sapient AI, creating a holographic avatar based on a figure that briefly but significantly figures in the hero's life in order to converse with them. The intelligence attempts to dissuade the hero from using it, based on the argument that the weapon would not just kill the cyborg cephalopods, but would also wipe out another species that, while having a history of mistakes, is ultimately innocent. However, it ultimately leaves the decision whether to use it up to the hero, even though it is obviously pushing for the hero to Take a Third Option. Also, the hero is referred to solely by a title, since the creators of the work of fiction don't want to create a canon given name for the character.
    Is this Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3 or the War Doctor in The Day of the Doctor?

Phantom Dusclops 92

  • This character, related in some way to the main character of the story, often follows her and sometimes dons disguises in order to not be recognized. One of her disguises consisted in a school uniform, a black wig and Opaque Nerd Glasses.
    Are we talking about Kalinka or Sirius?
  • While originally looking tall, it's revealed that this character is actually very short and was wearing limb extensions. The character also has blonde hair in a very unusual hairdo and a green gem on its forehead. The same kind of gem the character is named after.
    Peridot, you say? What if I told you I was talking about Emerald?
  • This character was originally introduced as an Alpha Bitch, until it was revealed that it was her mother's fault if she behaved like that. After admitting it, she decides that she can be a better person. She's voiced by Deborah Morese in the Italian dub, and by Flora Paulita in Brazil.
    Is this Pacifica or Diamond Tiara?


  • Obese passive male character, treated as a Butt-Monkey played mostly sympathetically, who is abused by an older male relative constantly for being sensitive and because the latter is just a Jerkass to everyone, appears to have exactly two friends, one of whom is completely insane, is usually portrayed as miserable but sometimes smiles and laughs, makes passive-aggressive or snarky comments, or even acts out, acts as the Only Sane Man in a ridiculous comedy, likes to write poetry and has an interest in alt-culture, occasionally gets revenge on the older male relative, is not quite human but close, and just so happens to have a voice that is very high.
    This describes PJ, right? Unless we're actually talking about Strong Sad.
  • Sometime in the '90s, we see a re-imagining of a previously-existing Jerkass. Here he owns a Honest John's Dealership in which he sells mostly cars that are outright broken and will fall apart immediately. He commits fraud regularly but also at least once or twice commits larceny. He is somewhat fat and ugly, though his wife isn't. He has an older son and a younger daughter, one of whom he never disciplines even though (s)he's a brat, and one of whom he is emotionally abusive towards even though (s)he isn't. He has also on at least one occasion forced his un-favorite child to watch TV. Though he's great at swindling people, he's not as smart as he thinks he is, and he outright disdains the idea of higher education.
    Now, the question is, is this man named Harry or Pete?

Princess Togezo

  • Although at least two of this rock band's founding members have played music together since the 1960s, it isn't until the 1970s that this band really starts making a name for itself, thanks in no small part to a lead singer who's more than a bit of a showman. However, after this band releases their sixth album (in a year ending in the number four), this lead singer leaves the band the next year to eventually start a solo career (and later appears in at least one iconic music video). The group's new lead singer originated from a previous band, and under their leadership, the band goes for a more commercial sound. To this day, the group's fans still have at it with each other over which lead singer was better. This group had their biggest hits in the '80s, though they did have some hits in the '70s and early '90s as well. Later in the '90s, the second lead singer left the group, and their replacement also came from another band. However, the lineup with the third singer only lasted for one album and was not popular with most audiences. Around 2007, the group reunited with a previous lead singer to go on tour again, to massive success. Only two members of the group have remained consistent throughout the different lineups, and one of them primarily plays some kind of guitar.
    Is the name of this band Van Halen, or is it Genesis?



  • Adam is the mentor of the female protagonist, one who said protagonist seriously looks up to, but his relation to her reeks suspiciously of abuse.
    Which Adam?
  • This character routinely has to save the world from invading monsters, but is hesitant to fight to the point of being a coward, with one of his friends even taking potshots at his reluctance to fight.
    Is he Shinji or Taichi?
  • This character, while having his badass moments, still has his Idiot Ball moments, not knowing even the most basic of things about his world, can be really in-adept at fighting (the main form of interaction he has in his job), and at one point, Did Not Get the Girl because of his blindness to her blatant affections for him.
    Jaune or Ash?

  • A proactive fifteen-year-old boy with brown hair and average height, his first name ends with an *ichi* and his last name ends with a *bara*, both with the same kanji. His first name starts with a K as well. He goes to an obscure town in the middle of nowhere to attend middle school, where he meets a group of new friends. But the new town is not as innocent as it seems, and soon his life is filled with gruesome murders of adults and kids alike. As time goes on, it seems that there is no-one around him whom he can trust...
    Sakakibara Kouichi or Maebara Keiichi?
  • A shy teenage girl with an eyepatch, she attempts to avoid social life and, despite loving her sister deeply, cannot be close to her. She also warns the protagonist, an only child living without his parents, to stay away from her. The protagonist, unwilling to heed her warnings, gets close to her instead.
    Misaki Mei or Azuma Rika?

  • During this game's expansion pack, an elderly official ranking in the seemingly good guy faction attempts to establish peace and prosperity, albeit in a controversial and questionable way, with the use of a special weapon. However, an army led by the previously villainous faction intervenes and meddles with the elder's plans. The official leads an army in white uniforms.
    Gerard Dugalle of the UED or Rupert Thornley of FutureTech?
  • After a catastrophic, world-shaking disaster, this high-ranking army officer wants to make their Eagle Land nation's military great again. However, he's not above crossing the Moral Event Horizon to do so. His character is defined by a nuke detonating in a city killing legions of people and a Badass Moustache. He meets his end by defectors who refused to follow through with his vicious orders, but not before many heroes were killed by his hand.
    Is the officer a General or an Admiral?
  • This sleek and black-haired Large Ham villain chews the scenery in most of the parts he's in, taunting the player character at every moment. His handsomeness is a bit dented though, due to an incident that occured before the events of the main game. He has a personal score to settle with a girl with immense magical powers and kidnaps her late in the story, and personally kills the dark-skinned mentor to the player character. He almost qualifies as a Complete Monster, but there are some aspects to his character and background that contest this.
    Malos or Handsome Jack?
  • This resistance group known as the Raiders were formed from folks from a desert wasteland planet. Their goal is to overthrow a tyrant, ruling with an iron fist and disposable troops, who has total control over the region and wants to wipe out the Raiders. Among the members of their ragtag army is an eccentric scientist, a stout engineer with red hair, and The Big Guy Blood Knight who likes to get down and dirty. Their base of operations also has a Good-Guy Bar. The word "Hyperion" plays a big role in the conflict. Eventually, the Raiders defeat the tyrant, but not losing one of their members via a single bullet in part due to the tyrant's actions.
    Which Raiders? Raynor's or Crimson?

Randomness Unlimited

  • Lila the Alpha Bitch has long brown hair and an outfit where orange is a predominant color, bullies one of the female main characters for small, petty reasons, hides behind a fake sweet nature in public, and refers to all her classmates as "idiots". Lila Rossi or Lila Bird?


  • He has little to no hair, a speech impediment, and a penchant for hunting rabbits. Is he Elmer Fudd or Cebolinha/Jimmy Five?
  • A brown-haired hero with dead parents is supposedly destined for greatness, but is in fact an Unwitting Pawn in the villain's gambit for power. Things ultimately pay off for the villain when the death of a loved one pushes the hero over the edge to the point of turning evil himself and becoming The Dreaded - a transformation signified by the donning of a black suit of armor and a cape. Eventually, the villain accidentally causes his own downfall by attacking someone else close to the hero, who kills him in retaliation. Are we talking about Anakin Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine or Sougo Tokiwa and Swartz?
  • A Serial Killer murders women and takes their hands as trophies, and later ends up stealing another's appearance and identity with the intent of continuing his murder spree without drawing suspicion. Are the impostor and impersonated Edward Skarka and Miles Bloom or Yoshikage Kira and Kosaku Kawajiri?
  • This earth-walking hero is someone haunted by the death of a loved one, and who's had plenty of experience dealing with monsters. In addition to having light-based powers (which they only put into use when no-one is watching), they also have music-based abilities that they channel by singing or playing a favorite song, and which act as a Brown Note to some. One day, they come across a town/city and find companions in a few of the citizens. At one point, an incident involving a monster leads to one of said companions nearly getting killed, and the hero being declared public enemy number one for a time. At the end of their story, the hero faces off against and defeats a (group of) monster(s) that trash much the city, and later heads off for parts unknown. Is it Gai Kurenai or Ida?
  • This black-haired comic book character has a lot of friends lives in a small town full of strange people. Normally, they are a Nice Guy, but this attitude will quickly disappear should anyone antagonize them. This character is very sensitive about a certain part of their personal appearance, and has Super Strength that they channel through a blue-colored "partner" of sorts, and which they won't hesitate to use against anyone who crosses them. They also have a bit of a rivalry with a slightly arrogant person who wears green and has a bit of an artistic streak. Is it Josuke Higashikata or Monica?
  • This inhuman, but very human-looking, supporting character dresses prominently in black and has split personality of sorts - one side red, one side blue. The blue side is the more rational of the two and features white as part of its color scheme, while the the other has powers of fire, wears a headband, and prefers to simply punch its way out of problems. Both have different hairstyles as well - Blue's is more slicked back, while Red's sticks up. At some point, this character grows to be their most powerful when the two sides combine (with their union represented by their combined body having Mismatched Eyes and being a mix of red and blue), and spends much of the series in this state after obtaining it. Also, somewhere down the line, a truth is revealed about this character that drastically affects the rest of the series up to and after that point. Is it Garnet or Parado?
  • These seven are the main characters of a manga/anime that is among the most popular in the world:
    • The Hero is someone who is most often seen wearing a school uniform and who has special powers and great destiny unexpectedly thrust upon them. Their powers are connected to astronomy in some way, and they have a signature pose that involves pointing.
    • The second character is someone who's had a bit of trouble making friends. They attend the same school as our protagonist, and take great pride in being a student. In battle, they're shown to have a certain air of elegance about them, and their main attack involves some kind of liquid.
    • Third is someone who dresses in red and has a connection to some kind of spirituality. They have both powers of fire and a connection to birds.
    • Fourth is The Big Guy of the group. They are left on their own after the death of a family member, and in spite of their muscular appearance, Hot-Blooded demeanor, and how fearsome they are in combat, they are actually a Nice Guy for the most part.
    • Fifth is someone who was the hero of a previous work in the same continuity, but is a supporting character here. They have many light-based attacks, and wield a rope of some kind as their weapon. They are linked to England in way or another, and while they can be a bit silly at times, they have the most experience out of the whole cast and put it to good use.
    • Sixth is the Team Pet, a talking animal with black fur who often has a hard time putting up with their allies' behavior, but still is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
    • Seventh is the Tagalong Kid, a young girl dressed in pink who has a tendency of annoying the heroes, unintentionally or not. She is only with the heroes for a certain period of time before leaving.
    • Is the anime Sailor Moon or Stardust Crusaders, and are the characters...
      • Usagi Tsukino or Jotaro Kujo?
      • Ami Mizuno or Noriaki Kakyoin?
      • Rei Hino or Mohammed Avdol?
      • Makoto Kino or Jean-Pierre Polnareff?
      • Minako Aino or Joseph Joestar?
      • Luna or Iggy?
      • Chibiusa or Anne?
  • A human and their pet cat. The human is clad in yellow, has a slicked-back hairstyle, and is best known for being a Big Eater with a preference for one food in particular over all others (even though they'll eat just about anything). They also play second banana to the series' main character, who is dressed in red. While they might come off as The Ditz upon first glance, they (on at least one occasion) prove themselves to be not nearly as stupid as they let on, and can actually be quite intimidating depending on the situation. The cat, meanwhile, might appear to merely be apathetic towards his owner, but does care about them on at least some level. Am I referring to Magali/Maggy and Mingau/Vanilla or Kosuke Nitoh and Beast Chimera?
  • This man dressed in mostly black is The Hero of the Darker and Edgier 2000s revival of a live-action TV series that has existed for several decades, but was put on hiatus in the 90s (aside from a movie or two). Much like his predecessors, this man rides around in a vehicle of some kind and regularly meets up with evil monsters. He is the direct successor to member of an ancient civilization, one who fought in a war against an aggressive enemy that lived to kill. He also cares deeply about defending the lives of other people, and if pushed hard enough, will become violent in doing so. Behind the scenes, while this character has made reappearances, his actor has famously refused to reprise their role beyond just the one season. Is he the Ninth Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston) or Yusuke Godai (played by Joe Odagiri)?
  • These two Nickelodeon characters go as far back as at least the early 2000s, and both live in a small town connected to the ocean. One is a Wide-Eyed Idealist with Innocent Blue Eyes who always manages to keep a happy-go-lucky attitude in the face of life's harsh realities, almost to the point of obliviousness (though this facade has been dropped at least once). The other is the town grouch, who would much rather be left to their own designs (creating what they perceive to be "works of art") than have to deal with their upbeat neighbor, who they are beyond annoyed with and, on more than one occasion, have tried to do away with. In terms of color, one is blue from head to toe and the other is at least partly green. Are optimist and pessimist Spongebob Squarepants and Squidward Tentacles or Charlotte and Vendetta?


  • These powerful sun-themed monarchs were forced to fight their moon-themed sibling due to circumstances beyond their control.
    Are we talking about Princess Celestia or Kotaro Minami?

Riley1s Cool

  • A stoic anti-hero who uses the same power as the villains to embark on a horrifying but awesome cyberpunk tale involving conspiracies, a Mega-Corp, intense gunfights, and whose journey ends with an event which changes the entire world for the worse. Are we talking about Adam Jensen or the Point Man?
  • A psychopathic villain who takes great pleasure in the crimes he commits in a corporate atmosphere, and wields superhuman powers in a horror story, allowing him to pull off incredibly badass and impressive feats and be a general all-around monster, if a charismatic and interesting one. Also, cannibalism may be involved. Are we talking about Albert Wesker or Paxton Fettel?
  • An anti-hero and a white-haired bishonen, the hero Rated M for Manly and the bishonen a Smug Snake and huge Narcissist who is ultimately rather cool because, not in spite, of his evil. The hero embarks on a quest for vengeance during which he comes to grow nicer as the bishonen grows worse, culminating in a scene of abandonment leading to the bishonen crossing the Moral Event Horizon and becoming the series' biggest Hate Sink, whereas the hero seeks redemption after. Are we talking Griffith and Guts here, or Talion and Celebrimbor?
  • This narcissistic monster gives heaping helpings of Domestic Abuse, is an incredibly childish character, and completely, firmly believes he's right. He is hunting down the people he feels have wronged him, and wants to torment and murder them for their deeds due to his hero complex. In addition, he wears a mask so as to hide being branded in some way. He ultimately ends up dying cathartically at the hands of the heroes' united forces, and has received substantial Draco in Leather Pants treatment from the fanbase. But who is this evildoer? Is he Handsome Jack? Or is he Adam Taurus?


  • These video game protagonists go on a mission with atleast one friend, realizes how evil their old mentor supposedly is at the end of their mission, extends their mission to take their mentor down, a character close to the protagonist dies, once they are about to take down their mentor, we learn that they have been hallucinating a major character for quite awhile and after remembering all the things they did in the game, are offered a choice to either kill their mentor like they thought their insane mind told them they were supposed to, or kill themselves ending their insanity and sparing an innocent person who was doing what was necessary. Now, are we talking about Captain Martin Walker or The Marked Ninja?

  • This character comes from a world populated both by talking animals and humans. They are a genuinely nice guy who cares for their network of friends, but are just as notable for their flaws. For example, they are an infamously Big Eater, can be strikingly naive, and sometimes make decisions that baffle both peers and readers alike. Some of their friends include their longtime best buddy (a diminutive chew toy), a more caustic intellectual who still helps everyone out, and a Hot-Blooded newcomer who mellowed out after a while. This ensemble cast has actually overshadowed our hero art points, especially the hot head. People have also tied this character and their story to Taoist teachings. Is he Winnie the Pooh or Son Goku?


  • This protagonist of a 1981 box-office sensation that went on to win at the Academy Awards — and has at least one poorly-received sequel — is larger-than-life. He's charismatic and witty; he could have stepped right out of a 1930s movie but has a modern edge. He practically defines his character type for a generation if not generations to come, and he and his movie will be memorably parodied by others (including The Critic). He has a plucky, feisty love interest and risks death itself to find his happy ending. He's played by an actor at the absolute pinnacle of his career. He has a Nice Hat and wildly popular theme music. But is he Indiana Jones or Arthur Bach?


  • She is a ridiculously powerful emotions-based heroine and is widely considered to be the most powerful member of her superhero team, with the ability to fly and shoot beams out of her hands. She is generally The Stoic with a bitingly sarcastic demeanor. She has daddy-issues with her primary father figure who wants her to follow in his villainous footsteps, while she doesn’t. This also frequently leads to her struggling with her own duality in being a half-human, half-demon/Kree hybrid. She also has a fondness for the color blue and likes to keep her hair short. Is she Captain Marvel or Raven from the Teen Titans?

Signore Mc Schneider

  • There's a blonde and a brunette. The blonde hates the brunette because he feels the blonde's ancestor gave something up to the brunette's ancestor, is belligerent in general, and swears he'll never be the brunette's second banana, while the brunette is a Lovable Coward, a goofball, and a Classical Anti-Hero, but nonetheless has the potential to unlock the same power or even greater than his ancestor. Are these two Caesar Zeppeli and Joseph Joestar or Terry Kenyon and Kid Muscle?
  • A trio of Humanoid Abominations ruled the Earth thousands, if not millions, of years ago. They have powers beyond mankind's understanding, and were sealed away, until one of them was released in the present day by certain humans interested in their power, setting in motion the release of the entire group. Are they the Pillar Men or the Inhumanoids?


  • He is a blond light-hearted hero whose archenemy wears a dark suit and a Cool Helmet. He had one hand amputated and replaced with a prosthesis. He has an enemy within his family. His wife is a redhead Action Girl whose name has four letters, beginning with M and ending with –ra.
Is he Aquaman (married to Mera) or Luke Skywalker (married to Mara Jade)?


  • A super powerful girl that meets her death early at the hands of an enemy. Revived by a male friend who also loves her. Feeling numb and entering depression after her death experience. Starts a sexual relationship with someone else who love her, but does not return his feelings -only using sex as a way to finally feel something again. Is this Monet St. Croix in X-Factor, or season 6 Buffy Summers?



  • He had a strained relationship with his police officer father. He was intelligent and superficially charming. He kills an accomplice when he's done with her. He affirms his identity once he is revealed, giving a long rant and raising his voice when caught. He dies at the hands of the same thing that allowed him to kill people. Am I Talking about Kieran Wilcox or Light Yagami?
  • He is a Small Name, Big Ego gangster. He shoots a foodservice worker for no good reason. He also kills a made man. As a result of these actions he is murdered by gangsters. Am I talking about Tommy DeVito or Tony Dogs?


  • A brilliant but ruthless Child Prodigy with severe older brother issues is orchestrating a war against a race of nonhuman creatures in a world far away from his home. However, this whole time he doesn't realize he's killing actual living things and figures the whole thing is just a big computer simulation. It isn't until immediately after the final battle that decides the war (and ends with a big explosion) that he's informed the entire thing was real. He is horrified to learn this and promptly goes into an Angst Coma lasting several days. Some time later, he feels the strange compulsion to go off in search of something and eventually finds what he was looking for: an egg containing the infant form of one of the creatures he terrorized, who will eventually grow into a powerful insectoid. He spends the rest of the series trying to atone for the atrocities he committed while taking the insectoid creature with him everywhere he goes. At some point when he was very young, he had something very painfully implanted in the back of his neck.
    Ender Wiggin or Ken Ichijouji?
  • This Anti-Villain from a classic and revered video game begins as a young boy whose Start of Darkness is the tragic loss of his older sister, whom he idolizes. Thousands of years later, he has become the extremely powerful and magic-wielding leader of an organization that violently antagonizes humans, but is in fact only manipulating said organization for his own ends out of an obsessive need to reunite with his sister. When he finally regains contact with her, she rejects him, believing herself incapable of being rightfully saved. He has both a younger and older persona, and the fact that they are the same person is considered the story's major reveal.
    Magus or Yggdrasill?
  • Two twin brothers with themed names and differing personalities are separated from each other at a young age after their family is broken up. After being severely injured and nearly dying (actually, he ''may'' have died) due to recklessness, the older twin is abducted by the Big Bad and Brainwashed/Reforged into a Minion, becoming his most feared and powerful enforcer. The younger twin, while unaware of this, is having problems of his own, as he is attempting to cope with the loss of his mother. Both twins have the same special powers and Chosen One status, meaning they must repeatedly face off against one another to determine the fate of the rapidly decaying world despite being only children, though the younger twin at least has his True Companions (including at least one Non-Human Sidekick) to help him out. However, the twins spend the majority of this time unaware of their relation to one another, as the older twin has had his memories suppressed and has a different appearance and identity (which comes with, among other things, a Cool Sword and big black wings). Also, given what happened to him at the start of the story, it's unclear how "alive" the older twin actually is. At any rate, the younger twin doesn't learn just whom he's been fighting until their final confrontation and is at least initially unable to fight due to the revelation. Meanwhile, thanks to the urging of a disembodied female voice, the older twin's memories (particularly of his mother) are resurfacing and destabilizing him. While their fight ends with the younger twin finally freeing his brother, thus ensuring the salvation of the world, the story ends with the older twin dying by his own hand... though admittedly the stories differ on whether the death sticks.
    Are the twins named Lucas and Claus or Koji and Koichi?


The show ran from 2005 to 2007. The main character is a Chinese-American preteen who lives with a younger sibling, and is accompanied by a magical pug-like/Sharpei dog that is hundreds of years old, lives with a grandparent that has extensive knowledge about supernatural things, and the grandparent acts as a mentor figure to help protect and maintain the balance between good and evil. Is it American Dragon: Jake Long, or The Life and Times of Juniper Lee?


  • A cheerful and optimistic, though not very bright, yellow-furred anthropomorphic male Labrador retriever living in a World of Funny Animals, who is a close acquaintance of a more cynical and brooding protagonist. Are we talking about Mr. Peanutbutter or Jack?
  • A large, chubby alligator who lives around New Orleans, is friendlier than he looks, loves music and dancing, and performs a musical number with the male protagonist. King Gator or Louis?


  • This bug-themed teenage girl has unprecedented psychic powers, which she uses to great effect in her efforts to better her Crapsack World (although her extreme methods don't endear her to many people). She's a Base-Breaking Character, as intended by the Trolling Creator. Her feats include killing people on flimsy reasoning, dying (but getting better thanks to another character's Story-Breaker Power), and fighting a dumbass Eldritch Abomination by controlling thousands of people from alternate universes. Characters she knows include:
    • Her greatest rival, who has the power to see the outcomes of decisions they make,
    • an omniscent screwball who manipulates her and gets into Gambit Pileups with the aforementioned rival,
    • and an ally with the power to obscure things who is STRONGLY dedicated to a stab-happy young girl.
      Is the character Vriska Serket or Taylor Hebert?


  • A blue-blooded prince of the sea who loves to dress in fancy clothes, specializes in a long-range weapon, and spends most of his time on land, despite being proud of his sea-dwelling heritage. Because of his pompous, self-absorbed attitude, he is not liked very much by the people around him, but he wants to be respected and, deeper down, to have someone care about him. He makes a Face–Heel Turn in a bid to gain power, killing two innocent people in the process, but is punished for his crimes by being horribly mutilated. He eventually comes to regret his actions, but by then it is too late to make amends for what he has done.
    Eridan Ampora or Theon Greyjoy?
  • A dark-haired Genki Girl in a green sweater with a 3-related Numerological Motif, who has a very obvious crush on a short-tempered boy and is a capable fighter despite her cute exterior. She's also good friends with a boy who always wears Cool Shades.
    Nepeta Leijon or Numbuh Three / Kuki Sanban?
  • A beautiful but emotionless and ice-cold young woman who is a Serial Killer and slaughters without remorse, but on very rare occasions can show sympathy for a would-be victim. As a child, she was a sweet and innocent young girl, but was tormented and ostracized by the people around her, who treated her like a freak. After she was seemingly betrayed by her Only Friend, her Start of Darkness began when her powers awakened and she killed her tormentors in a brutal fashion.
    Lucy or Enma Ai?
  • A leader of a special-forces team from a Cartoon Network show who wears red as their theme color, has Cool Shades, and sports a British accent. They have a stoic, level-headed demeanor, are highly dedicated to their job of protecting innocents, and are the Only Sane Man of their team, being the one to keep their comrades on track more often than not. They care about the members of their team more than anything else and on occasion will let down their cool facade to show a more playful side. They have also been to space multiple times.
    Garnet or Numbuh One / Nigel Uno?
  • He is 14 years old, brown-haired, and his name starts with the letter "S". He and his guardians are tasked with defending Earth from an extraterrestrial threat that turns out to be Not So Different from the human race itself. He has a Missing Mom who was reincarnated as a completely different person, and his life (as well as his guardian's) is adversely affected by her absence. Despite his talents and accomplishments, he has many doubts about himself and his ability to live up to the expectations his guardians have of him. One of the most prominent figures in his life is a Cool Big Sis who acts confident and carefree to cover her own insecurities. Along his journey, he helps an alien to understand humanity and a Shy Blue-Haired Girl to come out of her shell. In the end (or close enough to it), he decides that, despite what everyone else around him wants him to be, the only person who can decide who he wants to be is himself.
    Who is he: Shinji or Steven?
  • The son of a merciless tyrant, starring in the second installment of a series about talking cats, he wants more than anything to prove that he will not Turn Out Like His Father, but faces judgment from the ones around him. Not helping matters is his Strong Family Resemblance to said father, as well as an evil family member encouraging him to go down his father's path. He falls in love with a Rebellious Princess, the daughter of the noble leader who was his father's worst enemy, and is poised to become the next leader of his new clan after his "father-in-law".
    Kovu or Brambleclaw?
  • A female Japanese artist with a bob haircut who is considered an expert at the top of her field, but has become disillusioned with her work because her main source of inspiration has become illegal in public society. Once the protagonists start working to make it legal again, she eagerly jumps at the chance to work with them. Despite her short stature, she has a loud mouth and and a very forceful personality.
    Edna Mode or Otome Saotome?
  • A big, strong teenage boy who loves animals and owns a pet rabbit. Despite his large size, he is friendly and rather timid. He is mostly a background character in his series. He is fond of most animals, but he has a paralyzing fear of one particular animal, and at one point is forced into a situation where he has to conquer said fear. With encouragement from a female classmate, he does so successfully.
    Koji Kouda or DJ?
  • A very short teenage boy who is most known for being a Casanova Wannabe and unsuccessfully hitting on various girls, to no avail. He is also a pain magnet and tends to get hurt a lot for the audience's amusement. Supposedly, he is very intelligent, but this trait of his is not shown very often, although he has demonstrated impressive cunning more than once when backed into a corner. In particular, he seems to be attracted to an Aloof Dark-Haired Girl who has violently rejected his advances multiple times, though he keeps trying to hit on her.
    Minoru Mineta or Cody?
  • Seven daughters of an Omnicidal Maniac and Evil Overlord, whose names all follow a pattern of starting with the letter "A", born to do their father's bidding and wreak destruction upon the land. Six of them remain loyal to their father while the seventh turns against him and becomes a heroine in order to stop him once and for all.
    The Seven Brides or the Seven Daughters of Aku?
  • A large, friendly, huggable, slimy Blob Monster with legendary heritage and power potential that loves everyone and everything.
    SCP-999 (according to this Foundation Tale) or Goodra?
  • This playful, purple-clad superhero stars in a Cartoon Network show. Their main power is to shapeshift into various forms in order to take their enemies down, and their transformed state always matches their unusual skin color. They're goofy, fun-loving, and rarely take things seriously, always looking to have a good time. They function as an Annoying Younger Sibling to the more serious-minded members of their team, who love them but are always trying to get them to be more mature. But despite being a major source of comic relief, they have their own insecurities deep down, and it's suggested that their silly nature is something of a front to cover up their own doubts and fears.
    Beast Boy or Amethyst?
  • This male Bug-type Pokémon, belonging to a commonly-found three-stage species, was unlucky enough to have endured horrendous suffering while in his cocoon stage. As soon as he evolved, he became an Ax-Crazy Omnicidal Maniac poised to Take Over the World. He has spent at least some time in the company of a young, inexperienced male Trainer who changed his personality significantly. Despite being very dangerous, he has a cute, harmless-sounding nickname.
    Dusty the Dustox or Pikachu the Beedrill?
  • A tall, ridiculously strong, beautiful and very busty blonde female knight from a 2016 anime series and the third member to join a harem of girls that follows around an Unlucky Everydude. She is very strong, loyal, and brave, but sometimes does not know her own strength. She doesn't like following her family's or people's traditions. Despite acting like a proper knight, she is also very kinky.
    Centorea Shianus or Darkness / Dustiness Ford Lalatina?
  • A bubbly, cheery, Fun Personified, child-like character with a pink color scheme. Her purpose in life is to make everyone laugh and have fun. Her movements and mannerisms are very cartoony even by the standards of her series. She thrives on affection and attention, but when she feels that a friend has rejected her, she becomes sad and angry to the point of her color scheme visibly darkening. Despite her goofy, fun-loving nature, she can be surprisingly competent and even dangerous.
    Pinkie Pie or Spinel?


  • This feline is considered an outcast among her peers- a large group of cats who seem to have reverence for the night sky. With her matted gray fur and old age, she's far from beautiful, and she has a bad reputation. Despite this, she's truly just misunderstood, and she eventually does find acceptance. Is she Grizabella the Glamour Cat or Yellowfang?
  • These two women were once friends. One of them is a kindhearted warrior, who wears armor and sometimes uses a sword. The other is a feline-human hybrid who now fights against her former friend.Are they Wonder Woman and Cheetah, or Adora/She-Ra and Catra?
  • This character is driven by revenge, and changed his name after he began his quest for vengeance. His hair is almost entirely black except for one notable white area. With his particular choice of sharp weapons, he is able to take down his foes, and shortly before his death, he finishes off the enemy who made his life a living hell. Am I talking about Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street or Scourge?

Star Android Jaguar


  • He is a Knight Templar from France. He spent time in prison through no fault of his own. He dedicated his life to justice, and will not let anything (or anyone) stop him. Intelligent and aloof, with markedly, um, unique ideas about theology, his unbending adherence to executing justice comes off to many as draconian. He is utterly convinced of his righteousness until he has a major crisis of faith. Partway through the book, he becomes suicidal. He is almost always depitched as having black hair. And his author was a famous Romantic of the French Ninteenth Century. Inspector Javert or The Count of Monte Cristo?
  • She is a girl with amazing supernatural powers and black hair who usually wears black and purple. She goes to a school of magic and related subjects, where she is hated by a sizable amount of the student body. She is friends with a sweet but shallow perky blonde girl who is the most popular at school, but as they have differing views, they are frenemys.Although many people think she is evil, she is not. Instead of going along with a plan that would violate her concisence, she rebels in a Moment of Awesome. She is a Deadpan Snarker. The malicious principal of the school of magic manipulates her through what she cares about. She decides to give up on her beliefs and her crusade after speaking with the aforementioned blonde frenemy.
    Elphaba from Wicked, right? Are you sure it's not Raven Queen from Ever After High?

Steel Edge

  • A young man betrays his friends at the prompting of a powerful individual originating from the British Isles, who is strongly associated with death. Refusing this individual is possible, but then the young man would certainly die. After his friends are dead, he is pursued by another friend who confronts him in the middle of a street. The young man kills many people on this street and leaves without any trouble from the law.
    Peter Pettigrew of Harry Potter? Or Nanashi on the Massacre route of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse?
  • This young man has the power to turn inanimate objects into animals. Technically, he's actually the Kid with the Leash to another entity he shares a strong bond with who has to work his magic when the young man orders him to. In an incident involving employment seeking and a criminal organization, he makes friends with an older man who has the same type of power has him (but not the power of life-granting). He quickly discovers that there are many other people with the same type of power.
    Girono Giovanna of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Benjamin of The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred?
  • These two people are technically the same person, in that they share a body. The one who deals with day to day life appears much younger than the other, and doesn't look his real age at all. The younger one is shy and Adorkable. When in danger, the Older Alter Ego turns up to fight whoever put them in danger. The older one actually looks the body's age. The younger one is initially unaware that the older one is taking over his body, but can contact him in a way that looks strange to passer-bys. It's revealed that they have two separate souls after they encounter someone who separates body and soul.
    Yugi Moto and Yami Yugi of Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Doppio and Diavolo of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo?
  • This fifteen year old wants more than anything to help fight the war looming on the horizon, but their father figure doesn't want them to become a full member of the organization that fights the threat. This teenager goes behind the backs of their family to prove that they are capable, and gains power in secret along with their friends. Their father approves of them seeking power, but doesn't want them in danger. A noble yet misguided mission eventually leads to events that end up with their father figure dying while trying to save them. Heroic BSoD ensues. The climax of the work feature the teenager making a Heroic Sacrifice.
    Harry Potter of Harry Potter? Or Asahi of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse?
  • This blonde man became a Super Soldier to protect the people he cared about, but the results come with huge drawbacks. When he is first playable, he comes with the basic electric and ice type spells. He lived in an underground city that has't seen the sun in years, but has seen the sun before. One mission boils down to blowing up one of their power plants for the sake of the planet. Midway through the game it's revealed that his best friend gave his life for his sake, and he is trying to live life for him. Also acts as guardian to an orphaned boy.
    Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII? How about Roland of Digital Devil Saga?
  • Late in the game, this blue-haired individual is revealed to be an artificial intelligence, and the result of a traumatic experiment that required them to slaughter many other AIs and absorb their data. Their stage of the experiment wasn't the end result, and they were practically discarded after the experiment was over. They were based on a real (dead) person, and they gained imperfect versions of that person's accent. Despite their circumstances, they can be quite energetic and offbeat at times. They look like they're in their teens, but they were created at that age. The organization that created them tries to capture them, with the help of one of the other AIs they created, but they run off and befriend some kids.
    Labrys of Persona 4: Arena? Cielo of Digital Devil Saga came first.
  • This resistance leader is the last member of the team to join; that is, the party keeps on getting split and rejoined, but they are the last characters to join for the first time. They are Mutually Exclusive Party Members to a fire magic user who betrays the party. They specialize in lightning magic, but learn a variety of skills that includes healing magic. Shortly after joining the party, they give the other protagonists the location of their enemies and access to their strongholds, the location of a female friend who is also a Love Interest to one of the heroes, and something that lets them get past security systems. They die in a Heroic Sacrifice resulting in a huge explosion, after provoking their enemies into the Godzilla Threshold, but they come back after dying.
    The Heroine of Shin Megami Tensei I, or Roland of Digital Devil Saga?
  • This main protagonist of an Atlus game is a Heroic Mime who leads a small army of demons. He fights with both gun and sword, but not at the same time, and wears a kind of futuristic armor. His primary power was gained in a computer simulation. He initially follows the orders of the leaders of their country, known as the Temple, but rebels. He has a close relationship with a girl he meets near the start of the game that could be romantic depending on interpretation, and she is technically his mother, although sex wasn't involved. Near the end of the game, it is revealed that he is an Artificial Human Younger Than He Looks due to an expedited aging process, and the Temple was involved with his creation. The individual who created him tried to get him away from the Temple's influence. His fellow artificial humans include a Hot-Blooded physical fighter who fights against him throughout the game, a kind healer who fights with gun and whip, and someone who has a deep connection with the leaders of the Temple and someone who is arguably one of the main antagonists. At the end of the game, he fights and kills God.
    Aleph of Shin Megami Tensei II, or Serph of Digital Devil Saga?
  • This brown-haired teenage boy is the son of the leader of his country, which was occupied by an empire when he was a child. He fights in white armor with gold edges, and is infamously powerful. He is very close with a princess around the same age as him.
    Suzaku Kururugi? Or Prince Leif of Leonster?
  • This Hardboiled Detective is also an Artificial Human, and is the protagonist in a universe based off of a classic work. He faces discrimination in the workplace, but is also very good at his job. He investigates a conspiracy that naturally goes deeper than he expected, and delves into a past that he cannot remember involving a child. The story questions when an artificial human becomes a human. Near the climax, he gets fed up with his superiors and dramatically quits to do what he thinks is right. He ends up dying after the climax, allowing someone referred to as a child to take the wheel as sort-of main character.
    Joe of Blade Runner 2049? Gesict from Pluto did it first.
  • This character used to be a member of a secret society. While in that society, he badly traumatized a child, and he regrets what he did to that child greatly. He is a tough guy with high physical stats, but he is also the party member that joins for the shortest period of time. He dies after being shot in the back while protecting the same child he traumatized, during an operation gone wrong involving a large celestial body being altered by supernatural forces. That operation also puts the world on the verge of destruction, but no one knew that. That child goes on to save the world.
    Shinjiro Aragaki of Persona 3 was predated by Heat O'Brien of Digital Devil Saga.
  • This main protagonist of a Playstation 2 game woke up under bizarre circumstances and discovered that while they were unconscious, they were infected with a virus that gives them superpowers. This virus gives them the power to transform and turn their arms into weapons, including swords, but more notably gives them a Cannibalism Superpower. Eating other living things makes them stronger and restores health, and has some other beneficial effects. They have some form of amnesia, and they encounter a few people who knew them before they find out the truth over several reveals. One reveal is that they used to work for the shady government organization that developed the virus, were incredibly evil, and had a heavy hand in its development. The Crapsack World that they live in is actually their fault. The other reveal is that they actually died before the events of the game, and the last reveal shows that they're actually copies of the scientists who were responsible for the virus, and they were created without any input from the scientists.
    The viral clone of Alex Mercer from [PROTOTYPE], or Serph not Sheffield of Digital Devil Saga?
  • This main character of an Atlus game is put into life-endangering situations by a mysterious entity, as part of a test. When fighting for his life, the only stitch of clothing he wears is a pair of shorts. He is also a Horned Humanoid. The most chaotic ending of his game involves him defeating the King of Hell (or local equivalent), and transforming into a full demon. In that ending, he still looks mostly human, except his eyes change to red and he still has those horns.
    Vincent Brooks of Catherine, or The Demi-Fiend of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne?
  • This Persona character is the hero's best friend. They were star athletes in track, but their legs were severely injured in an attack. They have an antagonistic relationship with the teachers and principal of their school. They are first shown as bitter delinquents who have given up on their dreams, and start hanging around with a shady crowd of Persona users, becoming one of the masterminds of an infamous group of criminals who attack the minds of their victims.
    Ryuji Sakamoto of Persona 5 was preceded by Anna Yoshizaka of Persona 2.
  • This orphan was trained in the military as a child. They technically weren't conscripted, but they didn't have much of a choice in the matter. They display great combat prowess and are hailed as heroes, but only want to live a quiet life with a sinecure. Unfortunately for them, they're the Only Sane Man in a warlike empire where their heroic reputation gets them constantly sent to the front lines. The god of their empire is real, and the orphan sometimes thinks that it's his fault they're in such dangerous situations. However, despite the orphan's distaste for the church, some believe them to be incarnation of this god's will. They are accompanied by an aide who buys in to the empire's propaganda, and support their boss wholeheartedly. The men and women in their unit also admire them despite the harsh punishments the orphan metes out.
    Commissar Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!!!, or 'Tanya von Degurechaff of Youjo Senki?

Storygirl 000

  • So, we have two teenagers–a girl and a boy, named Gwen and Kevin, respectively. Both gained superpowers at some point in their lives, and they’re rather close to each other, with plans to combat the forces of evil as a duo. Am I talking about Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin, or Gwen Stacy and Kevin?
  • This purple-haired girl is the daughter of the greatest villainess in her universe; however, while she does indulge in the occasional mischief, she doesn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps, much to the chagrin of said mother. This eventually leads to the daughter having to defeat her mother when she escapes her magical prison, and she manages to win with the help of her friends. Is she Raven Queen or Mal?
  • This Anti-Villain seeks to reclaim their father. However, the actions they use to achieve this goal are...less than moral. And by less than moral, we mean they’re straight-up resorting to murder. Is this Varian or UA!Charmcaster?
  • Long ago, there was a species of reptilian humanoids who occupied the Earth when we were little more than monkeys. A catastrophic event forced them into a deep sleep underground, but now they've woken up...and they're plotting to take the planet back. Am I talking about Homo reptilia/the Silurians/the Sea Devils, or His Eminence's people?
  • A bespectacled middle-aged man voiced by Keith Silverstein is the Big Bad of his story, seeking nothing less than ultimate power. He treats those who work under him terribly, and is a bad parent to his handsome teenage son, who is on the side of the heroes that oppose himnote . He also happens to be a pretty big Walking Spoiler. Who am I talking about: Masayoshi Shido/Samael, or Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth?
  • An Earth woman ends up stranded in space for years due to circumstances beyond her control. She befriends an alien man associated with the colors blue and green who seems to have her best interests at heart, but he is later revealed to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who's only using her to further his plans for planetary conquest. Are they Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and Yon-Rogg, or Della Duck and General Lunaris?
  • Our main characters are a trio of high school-aged best friends, two boys and a girl. The first one is a socially awkward dork who isn't high on the popularity totem pole and whose life is only further complicated by the fact that he lives a double life as a superhero, which only a few people know about. The second one is a computer nerd of color who normally serves as the first kid's assistant in dealing with his superhero life. The third one is a snarky, slightly macabre, but ultimately good-hearted girl who also knows about the first kid's double life and serves as his love interest. Which trio am I talking about: Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley, and Sam Manson or Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, and Michelle "MJ" Jones?
  • A moody teenager with control over fire and serious daddy issues initially serves as an antagonist to our main character, but after some time (and a fight with an extremely cunning villainess) they end up bonding and become close friends. Who am I talking about: Zuko or Warren Peace?
  • A dark-haired fourteen-year-old is chosen to become the latest in a long line of magical defenders. To do this, they receive a piece of headgear that allows them to transform into a red and black-colored superhero. Their best friend is a redhead with an older sister who, while occasionally selfish, will support them through thick and thin. They also face villains that seclude themselves in a dark room and take advantage of those feeling anything negative in order to turn them into monsters to fight the heroes for them, primarily targeting the hero's teenage peers. Who am I talking about: Randy Cunningham or Marinette Dupain-Cheng?
  • This character is one of the main characters of a Humongous Mecha show: a lanky alien (but human-appearing) teenager with black hair styled in a mullet. He's initially the most serious and stoic person on his team, but over the course of the series, he learns to loosen up. We also learn his backstory, which involves his father dying at a young age and him going to a military academy. Am I talking about Keith or Lance?


  • A young boy loses his mother in front of his eyes. After being gifted with a special power, he decides to search for his mother's killer, who happens to wear a trechcoat and a beanie. For a while, he fights alongside the killer, then eventually confronts him. The killer reveals that that it was not his intention for the mother to die. The two are attacked, and the killer protects the boy. The boy later makes a resolve to fight for both his mother and the killer.
    Are they Hope Estheim and Snow Villiers, or Ken Amada and Shinjiro Aragaki?
  • The plot concerns two sisters who were close until an incident in which the younger sister almost dies. The younger sister’s memories are repressed to avoid any further psychological damage, only for her to endure crippling loneliness after the older sister repeatedly neglects her, leading her to develop an obsession to cope with it. The younger sister continues to desire a bond with the older sister, even after learning of the secret the older sister has been keeping from her for years. Eventually everything is settled, and the two share an awkward sibling hug.
    Are they Elsa and Anna or Lana and Ema?

  • A Tall, Dark, and Snarky man from a harsh working-class Northern background ends up proving himself smarter and more competent than quite a few of his social betters. He knows more magic than some of his contemporaries expect, has an affinity for an aspect of the magical setting considered "dark", and is the trusted servant of an older, higher-class sorcerer, though his loyalties are complex and he is also on good terms with his master's rival. In the end, he plays a vital role in thwarting the magical villain, and is something of an Ensemble Dark Horse. Is he Severus Snape or John Childermass?

Tasty Horse

  • A blonde woman who through genetic manipulation involving a militaristic race becomes one of the most powerful people in the galaxy. Are we talking about Carol Danvers or Samus Aran?

Taylor Hyuuga

  • The leader of a revolution against a corrupt government with a name related to a dragon and a red mark on his face who is also the father of a main character, but having left him in the care of someone else, with said main character's brother being a member of his revolution, and with a stare that is enough to terrify anyone in the vicinity. Dhurke Sahdmadhi or Monkey D. Dragon?

That Good Good

  • This blue-haired teenage girl lives in a world where it's possible to time travel. As the storyline for the series progresses, it gets incredibly dark. The girl is reckless and impulsive, which lands her in a good deal of trouble. She is slated to die in all timelines. Is she Sayaka Miki or Chloe Price?
  • This is a girl who is seventeen at the start of the series. She is a boisterous, quick-tempered, fiercely protective Blood Knight. She has near inhuman physical strength, can take a great deal of physical punishment, and favours the use of fire in combat. In the final few episodes of the third season of their respective series, they are nearly killed, left with severe, lasting injuries, and are so emotionally beaten from their Trauma Conga Lines that they shut themselves off from their loved ones, and for a while, can no longer bring themselves to do anything, let alone fight. Yang Xiao Long or Korra?
  • The main two teams of RWBY seem to have counterparts between one another.
    • Both socially clumsy, shy leaders with a penchant for strategy. Both feel that they have to prove themselves to their peers, and the death of Pyrrha Nikos damages them emotionally. Both have a female teammate who always looks out for them and supports them wholeheartedly. Ruby Rose or Jaune Arc?
    • Both wear long ponytails. They’re at the top of their classes.Their style of fighting is graceful and measured. They’re partners with their respective team leaders. Both grew up isolated with no friends, despite having what would normally be considered a blessed childhood. Weiss Schnee or Pyrrha Nikos?
    • Both black haired and light-skinned. They are quiet recluses who find themselves exasperated by their more high-strung peers. Each of have a Boisterous Bruiser Big Girl for a partner. They’re crushed on by at least one of their peers, but don’t exactly reciprocate. They both end up so fixated on defeating their respective nemeses that they take self-endangering actions in an attempt to defeat them. Realizing that they are needlessly risking their lives, their partners have to literally knock some sense into them. Blake Belladonna or Lie Ren?
    • Both are rambunctious girls who serve as the muscles of their respective teams, despite their cute/sexy appearance. They both gain power from taking blows. They are the most outgoing and laid-back member of their respective teams. Their respective partners are introverted, serious brunettes. Yang Xiao Long or Nora Valkyrie?
  • Many parallels can be made between the Sailor Team and Team Korra.
    • She is a Physical Goddess and the protagonist of the series. She is destined to save the world, and has unbelievable power to use for that purpose. She is sheltered for much of her childhood, and is impulsive and emotionally-charged, though she matures with time. She is uncouth and has her moments of being a Gasshole. Despite her selfish, impulsive tendencies, she is altruistic to the core, and would die to keep her world and her friends safe. She endures plenty of trauma and heartbreak over the course of the series, and uses her pain to relate to her foe in the finale, rather than trying to overpower her. Usagi Tsukino/SailorMoon or Avatar Korra?
    • They are the straight-laced mentor of the protagonist. They often struggle to get their charge to behave in a manner befitting the world’s saviour, and their charge often laments how uppity they are. They still want what’s best for the protagonist, and often find themselves worrying about the protagonist of the story. They can be resentful to their more laid-back partner. Luna or Tenzin?
    • This woman has extensive combat experience, which shows in her hardcore leadership and badassery. Her intense sense of duty causes her isolation and personal suffering. She had a romantic relationship fall apart due to conflicting goals with her partner. She mentors the protagonist, and garners great respect. She also acts as a disciplinary figure to the protagonist, having to reign her in before she does something impulsive. She wields metallic chains/whips and uses metal to fight in general. She can be dismissive and blunt, but she’s ferociously loyal to her loved ones, and will sacrifice herself without hesitation. Minako Aino/Sailor Venus or Lin Beifong?
    • She was born into great wealth, and tends to shock their friends with how much luxury she has at her disposal. However, she is estranged from her father, despite loving them deep down. Despite her fortune, she is utterly selfless and gentle, and her loyalty to the team is never questionable. In contrast to the team’s fire-wielder, her relationship with the protagonist is harmonious and free of any vitriol. She uses her resources to help her teammates. She is composed, ladylike and embarrasses herself the least of her teammates. She isn’t naturally a powerhouse, but makes up for it with technology, and her intelligence. Despite her gentleness, she can be ruthless towards her enemies. She knows her way around an automobile. Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury or Asami Sato?
    • They have Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, wield fire as a weapon, and is red-themed to match. They’re the self-reliant, rough-around-the-edges, no-nonsense member of the team, which makes them The Comically Serious around the sillier characters. They have a tumultuous relationship with the protagonist, and initially have tried to sabotage the protagonist’s authority, feeling as if they’re unfit for their position. They prove they’d do anything to defend their friends and innocent people. When push comes to shove, they are a pure Determinator, fighting while simultaneously taking ungodly amounts of damage. They are a professional-level athlete. Rei Hino/Sailor Mars or Mako?
    • Their powers relate to nature to some extent. Their thematic colour is green, and they have green eyes. They are sweet and optimistic to a point of naivete, despite having lost their parents as a child. They fall in love easily, though they get burned several times by it. Their sheer physical strength shows in their chunkier-than-average figure. They are sensitive, guileless, and none too cerebral, but possesses more than enough raw power to be a serious threat when the going gets tough. They are also a professional-level athlete. Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter or Bolin?
  • Likewise, Fairy Tail characters have much in common with those of Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • The main female protagonist. No matter what, she’ll defend anyone that needs them. She’s The Heart of her group, and is emotional and overtly compassionate. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a temper or a bossy streak; in fact, under extreme circumstances, she can be downright vicious. She remains optimistic and keeps moving forward despite suffering many traumas. She starts off lacking in combat skill, but becomes a formidable fighter with time, and slowly gains confidence in her abilities. That said, she fares better in the magical aspect of fighting rather than the physical. She’s introduced in the series as having a dead mother and an estranged father. She’s feminine and takes pride in her appearance. Katara or Lucy Heartfilia?
    • The second female protagonist. She has great confidence in her powers, and for good reason. She’s an exceptionally strong fighter from her introduction. She accomplishes feats deemed impossible over the course of the series. Violent and aggressive, she abhors showing vulnerability, despite being more sensitive than she lets on. She tends to push others unreasonably hard. She has some degree of blindness, and uses metal as weapons. She’s a tomboy, but enjoys girlier pursuits. Toph Beifong or Erza Scarlet?
    • The secondary male protagonist of the series. A sarcastic cynic that plays Straight Man rather often, though is just as quirky in his own way. He lacks the raw magical power of his peers, but makes up for it with strategy and skills, which he’s shown training to improve. He makes a point to show protectiveness over his female comrades. He has a clearly defined love interest. He’s associated with water/ice, and the colours blue and white. Sokka or Gray Fullbuster?
    • They are an innocent, adorable 12-year old kid. They’re unassuming, peaceful and good-natured and dislike fighting more than their peers do. However, when their loved ones are threatened, all hell will break loose. They primarily use air to fight. They’ve had to face the loss of a group of people they closely identified with. Avatar Aang or Wendy Marvell?
    • He starts off as a villain working under a bigger bad. However, he gradually makes a Heel–Face Turn, allying himself with the protagonists. He eventually earns his place alongside said protagonists after initially taking some abuse from members of the group. He has an elderly family member he looks up to, through he may not have given him the treatment he deserved. In contrast to the more easygoing heroes, he is antisocial, dark, and quick to anger, though he comes off as The Comically Serious rather often. Zuko or Gajeel Redfox?
    • Despite his old age, he is one of the most powerful characters in the series. He’s part of a council of elderly authority figures. He’s temporarily lost a son-like figure, only to welcome them back once they’ve had some time to repent. He’s deceptively wise, giving out sage advice, though he enjoys flirting with younger women. General Iroh or Makarov Dreyar?
    • The Team Pet and the closest companion of the main character. He’s a flying animal and generally used as a means of travel. Appa or Happy?
    • She’s the daughter of a bigger villain, and enjoys watching others suffer. She was abused at the hands of her father, and taught that compassion was a weakness, and strength meant everything, which made her the monster she currently is. She breaks down when faced with defeat, but not before coming within a hair’s breadth of killing the main protagonist. Princess Azula or Minerva Orland?
    • A mysterious young girl who dies, but remains in another plane of existence and actively aids the protagonists. She had a star-crossed lover, and died as a teenager. Princess Yue or Mavis Vermillion?


The Unhappy Twins

Theweb 0123

  • This character's race was wiped off long ago in a cataclysmic event. He, however, managed to survive that event and awakened many years later. After receiving some training in the art only his people knew, he becomes the last of his kind (aside from the occasional side-story partner or antagonist) and the defender of his current home.
    This could be Superman, Goku, Aang, or Sub-Zero. (Feel free to add more examples guys I'm sure this isn't all of them)


  • That lady with the initial E sing with the powerful voice of Idina Menzel, her "I Am Becoming" Song celebrate her new freedom after being crushed by the system, is close to a fair-haired other lady who is virtually the only one who trust her, have Big Sister Instinct. She have an incredible power everyone fear, and is considered evil while actually good. Still she was the villain in the original book her story is adapted from. Elsa or Elphaba?
  • Those two sisters are princesses of a northern country, and the eldest, who is very pale-haired, have powers on cold and ice. Until a tragic day when the youngest, in order to save her kingdom from a climatic disaster, must reason her big sister with the help of a blond young man she just met. Elsa and Anna or Hilda and Freya?
  • This baby boy was dropped on Earth, and found by a kind couple of peasants who raised him. Still, as a teenager, our hero learns that his real parents are rather extraordinary persons who couldn't keep him with them. It notably explains his supernatural strength, which tended to scare people in the small town of his youth. After years of training and the new found power of flying, said All-Loving Hero start a career of world-saving while wearing a cape and with an awesome Fanfare theme. And he have a lot to do mostly due to the tenacity of his archnemesis. Still, our hero is finally well adapted to the life on Earth, especially thanks to the love of a spirited, sarcastic brunette Damsel out of Distress with purple eyes. Is he Superman or the Disney version of Hercules?
  • He wears (a lot of) red, can fly, have his home in the north pole, is kindness and generosity incarnated and many children love him. Superman or Santa Claus?
  • That purple-haired student in a Royal School is the daughter of a fairy tale powerful witch. As such, everyone fear her, thinking she is a villain as well- but actually she is not, using her magical powers to do good deeds. The love of a prince charming who believed in her certainly helps. Is she Mal or Raven ?


  • The main cast of this webcomic is composed of eight teenagers who go to two different high schools in the same town. The group contains lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, heterosexual, transgender and genderfluid members. Two of them are brother and sister who now go to different schools but at one point attended the same school. The genderfluid character is androgynous enough to pass as male or female easily just by changing their clothes, more often presents male, and is uncomfortable sticking to one gender but was not aware of the meaning of the term transgender until it was explained to them relatively recently. They live under the same roof as another group member who has brown hair, green eyes and, moved in recently. They're not related to her and they go to a different school than she does. An older close blood relative of one of them, who also lives under the same roof, acts as a mentor for the group and is privy to many of their secrets. One group member is a cisgender lesbian who is fiercely protective of the ones she cares about and currently has two-color hair. She is romantically dating another group member who is a non-lesbian girl. Said lesbian's previous relationship was non-romantic and was with a heterosexual guy in the group. Said heterosexual guy has a Germanic last name and is not afraid to defend gay guys from bullies. The gay guy has blue eyes, has feelings for another group member who doesn't feel the same way toward him and is a Secret Keeper for someone outside the group who's secret is similar to a secret kept inside the group. The transgender girl has brown hair, has a name ending in "n" with two vowels, over 15 years of memories of living as a boy, was presented as a female New Transfer Student, and whose relationship to the aforementioned heterosexual guy has secret aspects to it that are known to few outside the group. The pansexual girl has green eyes, has had a difficult childhood but tends to hide it from almost everyone through the personality she projects and also hides physical aspects of herself in public. She's now in a relationship with another group member who is non-cisgender and has a four-letter name. The asexual girl has dark hair, blue eyes, exceptional height, has issues with her body's proportions, is the youngest of the group and was initially intended to be just a minor character. The lone heterosexual girl has blonde hair and has a little bit of life experience of what it's like to be a boy but never identified as one.
    Rain or El Goonish Shive?


  • A gruff, middle-aged Anti-Hero who uses a revolver, had a daughter named Sarah who died, and later adopts a young girl whose name starts with "El", has special powers, and is hunted down by the government. Hopper or Joel?
  • A woman with a blue Color Motif who hails from another planet, travels on a spaceship to escape an all-powerful Lovecraftian entity, and has died multiple times. As a result of her Dark and Troubled Past, she believes she is the only person who can properly protect her friends, and in doing so enacts a series of risky plans that ultimately do more harm than good. She is attended to by a man who appears mentally challenged and emotionally placid (a condition she herself caused), but who when provoked is extremely powerful and dangerous. She is a Base-Breaking Character, viewed by some fans as the bravest, most heroic character in the story and by others as an evil Magnificent Bastard who deserves a horrible death. Lucretia or Vriska?
  • A Reality Warper named Hugo who is the closest thing to a god that exists within his story's canon, and spends his days influencing the ebb and flow of the universe from within a monochrome void room. Though the full extent of his powers is incredibly unclear, one fan theory speculates that he willed most of the other characters into existence. He is ultimately killed by a protagonist who, while originally on the side of good, has spent the plot becoming evil (and his death cements this character as completely irredeemable). Also, he has incredibly odd-looking eyes. Is this Hugo an ill child or a really stupid CIA agent?


  • This video game character looks young, around 20-30, but is actually much older due to being placed in a form of storage for decades, and they work for a Science Innovation Corporation. The building where they work is ridiculously large and dangerous, full of moats containing toxic goo and turrets with an improbable number of bullets. Escaping this facility is a near impossible goal, but they manage to do so anyway, despite having no supernormal abilities other than the unusual guns they are supplied with and a status as a Determinator. Neither of them says a single word through their entire journey, which gets a touch of lampshading. Their signature weapon is a gun with somewhat physics defying properties, and they're almost always portrayed in orange clothing.
    Chell or Gordon Freeman


  • Wealthy, feminine teenage heiresses to a major industry run by their fathers, but strongly disagree with their fathers' ethics, so they rebelled and forged their own paths, aligning themselves with the heroes. Both wish to turn their fathers' company around for the better. Both of them have lost people important to them due to politics of their respective worlds, and both grow to become the main characters' closest female friend, despite initial tensions. Neither have the most raw power out of their team, but make up for it with strategy and cunning.
    Asami Sato or Weiss Schnee?

Troper No. 9001



Turtlehats 0519

  • This redheaded Tomboy has an absent mother and spends her days palling around with a group of male friends in the backwoods, causing mischief and besting them at physical feats. She lives in a seemingly sleepy town with a dark secret and winds up facing off against a hammy, Chaotic Evil Eldritch Abomination. She has exceptionally good physical aim. Her male friends are gaga for her, and one of her admirers is an insecure, bookish nerd who's new in town. Wendy Corduroy or Beverly Marsh?


  • The protagonist of this Sci-Fi action animated series is a rebellious yet kind hearted teenager who lives in a 20 Minutes into the Future world,lost a parent in a tragic incident, and spent most of their days lashing out against authority. Until one fateful day, when they meet a bitter, reclusive and outwardly cold old man who happens to be the face of a major corporate power. This man was a dashing hero in his prime, but has been marred by tragedy and alienated those who work with him. The kid volunteers to work for the old man as they fight to save their world from dark forces. The teen eventually steals a powerful craft belonging to the old man and despite the latter's initial hostility, proves worthy to be behind the controls. Along with a fellow teen/Love Interest who mostly serves as side-support, the hero encounters a myriad of futuristic villains, including an ink-black shapeshifter with a white face who isn't as evil as first perceived, a pompous, white-palleted crook who styles himself and his crew with a 16th century theme, a powerful, intelligent robot who desires to feel true human emotion, two rowdy clown-themed girls skilled in combat, and the manipulative, power-hungry,horrifically amoral being behind their parent's death, who can decay anything he touches and is introduced killing a seemingly more powerful character. Oh, and it turns out the old man is the kid's father.Is this Terry McGinnis or Eva Wei?
  • He appears to be an ordinary man, but is really a brutal, unfeeling killing machine in human flesh. While he started out as an ordinary child, the evil within him was nurtured from a young age, eventually leading to him taking his first life by stabbing his sibling. While at least one continuity posits he was infused with the power that drives him by an evil organization worshipping an Ancient Evil, the result was the same. He bleeds and ages like a human, but he's gifted with nigh-supernatural pain tolerance, immeasurable strength and stamina, deadly skill with blades, and a terrifyinglack of emotion for the people he mercilessly cuts down. Known to have wiped out entire groups of armed men he's no less deadly in his senior years, even blind in one eye. His final showdown was with a survivor of his most infamous massacre, who eventually wore him out after a brutal fight and even blew off parts of his arms. But he still maintained absolute calm and showed no regret in his defeat, even being stared down by the angry woman whose loved ones he killed. Is this man Fuhrer King Bradley or Michael Myers?
  • The true main villain of this animated series is an ancient, monstrously evil alien being, who thousands of years ago, was given the role of protecting and guiding the world. Unlike his fellow protectors, this entity viewed all life as weak, flawed creatures deserving to be wiped out by superior beings like himself. Sealed away in an underground prison for his treachery, the creature was nonetheless able to extend his influence beyond his cage, ruining countless lives and ultimately bringing together the heroes in his long bid for freedom. Although he wasn't active for most of the show, the entity's presence and plans were alluded to and forwarded by several other characters. Come the series finale, he is released from his prison and resumes his quest to destroy all life in the universe. When the heroes confront him, he reveals that he was the author of their entire lives, creating them as pawns to free him, with the sheer existential horror nearly breaking them down. Though he comes dangerously close to succeeding in his omnicidal plans, the entity is ultimately annihilated once and for all by one final act of heroism. Is this monster the Nibiru Entity or Canaletto?
  • This horror comic character has been around through the 60s. He was born from the odd union of two undead beings who died before his birth, one a mummy. Though he has a relatively human, albeit dirty and unkempt appearance, he can come back from things that'd kill any ordinary person. Despite his ghoulish, morbid demeanor, he isn't really evil and actually has a strong sense of justice. He's also very well connected to the supernatural forces of the world and has been featured in many short comic stories, but he mostly enjoys hanging out with his fellow ghouls. Is he Hakaba Kitaro or the Crypt Keeper?
  • This madman only made one appearance in his respective series, but that was more than enough to cement him as one of the most disturbing, depraved characters. He's introduced to the boy protagonist as a reclusive, friendly and slightly eccentric inventor who shows him around his lab and lets him study in his building. He is noted for his scientific skill, producing an array of strange and fantastical creations generally thought impossible. It's only later that the boy discovers, to his horror, that the scientist has been using human lives as ingredients for his experiments, even children. To take it further, the madman refuses to see anything wrong with this, claiming his atrocities are a necessary step to achieve progress. He's killed in an act of retribution not long afterwards.Shou Tucker or Mr. Toggle?
  • An elderly, stoic man who has the solemn duty of guarding an ancient, powerful relic. The power of this treasure has extended his lifespan beyond a normal human's, and he has spent centuries keeping it hidden. When the villain, a ruthless, greedy capitalist, interrogates him for the artifact's location, the old man warns him of the danger that seeking this object will bring. The villain ignores his warning...and comes to an unbelievably horrifying end from its power, his body grotesquely mutating before disintegrating into nothingness. Is this old man The Grail Knight or King Kidagakash?
  • An immensely powerful giant robot from a series of war-machines beyond the clouds crash lands on earth. Despite it's terrifying purpose, the machine befriends and protects a small child while pursued by the military and a crazed, power-mad government agent. In its final battle, the robot gives its life to save the kid from a nuclear missile. The Iron Giant or The Laputan Robot?
  • The Big Bad of this series is the ruthless, cruel ruler of a high-tech Steampunk inspired fortress that wages war across the world. A charismatic dictator, his armies capture innocent children from villages to mold into soldiers while feeding them the lie that his conquests are benevolent and just. His empire's main enemy is a fabled girl with an object that grants her ancient,world changing power. However, beneath this mask he's incredibly emotionally insecure,constantly paranoid about his allies betraying him and flying into a rage at any sign of insubordination. His soft side only comes out around his loyal female right hand, who he dotes on never to betray him. He is motivated by a constant need to prove himself and is terrified of being undermined and stripped of identity. But is this warlord Hordak or King Hamdo?

  • A Western Animation starring a female caucasian teenager with brown hair and big, round glasses, a green jacket, skirts and boots, and usually seen with a backpack. The impression this protagonist gives off is that they are a nerd and antisocial, which they are. The problems this protagonist faces in the show involves dealing with problems that present themselves in the world she feels alien to. Is this Daria or Tulip?


  • Although not originating in the main canon, this villainess became an Ensemble Dark Horse among some fans. Basically, her story is that she started out good but ended up being corrupted by a more powerful and famous male villain. Ultimately, she became his consort. Portrayals vary greatly in different stories, but she's virtually always highly sexualized and defined by lust for her man. Her characterization often relies on sexist tropes, but nonetheless, she has a good number of female fans, including feminists. Lilith or Harley Quinn?
  • Born and raised in a prison setting, this villain of a popular comic book series (and its multiple animated adaptations, some of which changed his character significantly) quickly proved his physical prowess and was selected for an experiment to create a transhuman Super Soldier. This experiment involved an injection of Applied Phlebotinum that destroyed all the other test subjects; our villain was the project's first and only success. After his enhancement, this man took on an intimidating noun as his name and became one of the story's most imposing enemies. His brawn is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but the real reason he's dangerous is a combination of burning fury, cold calculation, and sheer grit. Despite his callous brutality, he nonetheless displays a warped sense of honor and views several of his foes as worthy opponents. Bane or Wrath?
  • This nonconformist character serves as an expositor/teacher figure to the main cast, due to her expertise in her scientific discipline(s). She's infertile and suffers from a chronic illness that causes her to cough up Blood from the Mouth. Oh, and she wears dreadlocks and, frequently, a long white coat. Izumi Curtis or Cosima Niehaus?
  • This group of characters, created in a lab as part of an experiment, is on the run from the unethical scientists who created them. These characters include (along with others):
    • The tough, streetwise, boot-wearing Action Girl. She's the main character and the first one we meet. Her on-and-off Love Interest is a charming, clever, mysterious badass who sometimes separates from her and does his own thing but is always there for her in the end.
    • The Smart Guy, a chill, laid-back scientific expert who has a chronic disability from back in the lab. This character has a somewhat more childish and comical friend who is nonetheless a skilled expert and an invaluable ally.
    • The Fashionista, who is talkative and seemingly ditzy but also surprisingly perceptive. She appears to have a happy life but is actually lonely and just wants to fit in.
    • The Cute and Psycho blonde. She has a childlike personality and outlook but often seems off her rocker and can be terrifyingly vicious if you piss her off. She also shares a mysterious connection with the main character.
    • The sassy guy with dark hair. Technically, he's not one of them, but they consider him an honorary member of the group.
    • Other characters in the same series include:
      • A fatherly figure who helped design the main characters but ended up defecting from the scientific institute when he saw how unethical it was.
      • The main character's adoptive mother figure, who turns out to be more closely related to her than she knew.
      • The main character's biological brother. Initially, he appears insane and dangerous and works for the scientists who created the heroes. Later, he ends up doing a Heel–Face Turn.
      • A cold, unpleasant Baroness figure who works as a scientist in the institute that designed the main characters.
    • Now, is this the series about the American bird kids or the Canadian clones?
  • Easily recognizable by her blond Quirky Curls, this character was adopted by an abusive religious cult and raised to be a killer. After growing up as a Cute and Psycho Tyke Bomb, she was reformed in her adulthood by love and friendship from the very people she was trained to hate and kill. The cult tracked her down and forced her back into the fold, but she rejected their attempts, spectacularly defeated them, stuck by her newfound friends, and was rewarded by the love of a cute guy. Helena or River Song?
  • This famous British children's series is a wild, fantastic romp of a story, loaded with spectacular locations, strange inhuman creatures, and a cast of memorable characters that come and go from story to story. These characters include:
    • The last surviving member of an ancient, decadent species of Sufficiently Advanced Human Aliens, the rest of whom this individual wiped from existence to prevent a war from ending unfavorably. This high, lonely entity wanders from world to world (and visited London at least once) and can charm many people into alliance (sometimes by offering them sugary jelly candies).
    • An Omnicidal Maniac, with immense powers of darkness and a vulture motif, who serves as The Anti-God to the story's God of Good. One of his followers is a young nobleman who turns out to be not that evil and ends up joining the good guys.
    • An ordinary woman who is at first unready to accept the fantastic elements of the universe. Initially aloof and even hostile at times, she eventually opens up her heart and mind and becomes one of the most beloved characters, which is a setup for heartbreak when she forgets all her fantastical adventures and settles into a mundane life on Earth.
  • Descended from a historic monarch and destined for a high life in the royal court, this character had a difficult childhood due to the loss of a mother and the death of an older male family member in war. As a teenager, this character ended up leaving The Empire after disagreeing with an unethical decision being made by some adult authority figures. After wandering for some time with nobody except a trusty companion with a similarly traumatic backstory, this teenager joined the company of several foreign travelers, including at least one fellow teen and at least one animal companion. With the help of these foreign travelers and the trusty companion, the teenager abandoned the mindset of The Empire, learned morality and spirituality, became pals with Crystal Dragon Jesus, participated in a climactic battle against The Empire, and ultimately got to experience royal life as the monarch of a more benevolent kingdom. Aravis or Zuko?
  • This character, heir to the throne of a fantasy kingdom based on a real country, endures years of abuse and Parental Abandonment for making an accidental misstep, and has a younger sister who receives preferential treatment. After being isolated from the world and forced to hide a Cover-Blowing Superpower (which is of an elemental and psychoactive nature), the heir briefly reappears in the royal court and has an opportunity to claim the throne, but ends up willingly going into isolation again after rejecting parental rules in favor of guidance from the heart. A period of exile allows the character to mature emotionally and to channel that newfound maturity into successful use of the aforementioned superpower. After returning with a group of new friends and defeating a manipulator who took over the kingdom, the heir is finally ready to take the throne and usher the kingdom into a new era of prosperity. Upon coronation, the new ruler takes a name that uses the formula of "[Element Name] [Monarch Title]." Zuko or Elsa?
  • This eccentric old man rules a fantastical realm that seems like a child's dream come true, complete with delicious junk food and the opportunity to indulge in all manner of vices that simply wouldn't be possible in the outside world. Unfortunately for those kids, those vices seem to have been put there to tempt them so they can be punished in horrific ways. Not much is known about the mysterious old man or his bizarre humanoid minions, but it seems like he specifically designed his fantasy world as bait for bad children that he wants to punish. Only one boy manages to escape (with the help of his wise companion), despite initially succumbing to the temptations and nearly meeting the same fate that the other kids met. Is the old man known as the Coachman, or Willy Wonka? And are the boy and his companion named Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, or Charlie and Grandpa Joe?
  • Despite being portrayed by a number of actors over the years, this man is one of the most iconic characters in cinema and can be considered the central character of the equally iconic film series he stars in. His Leitmotif is every bit as badass and recognizable as he is. Virtually always cool and collected, he serves as the ruthless enforcer of a powerful empire and of an aging boss who prefers to work behind the scenes and let lower-ranking agents (like our main man) do the dirty work. Although willing to brutally and nonchalantly kill any enemies in the name of the realm, this agent occasionally has his doubts about whether what he's doing is the right thing. James Bond or Darth Vader?
  • This villain, whose name begins with K, isn't one of the most famous baddies in his franchise, but he's certainly one of the most subtly chilling. He has terrifying mind control powers that he uses to manipulate and victimize innocent people for his own primal needs. Over the course of the story, he repeatedly tries to prey on the main protagonist, who only narrowly escapes. One really disturbing aspect of this character is that his actor also played a beloved children's character. But despite how depraved and predatory he is, certain segments of the audience actually view him in an erotic light, largely due to the Power Perversion Potential of his mind control abilities. Kaa or Kilgrave?
  • This campy and seductive Evil Brit, played by an equally campy and seductive English actor and singer, is the main villain and Mr. Fanservice of a famously campy and bizarre cult musical film, and easily the most famous thing about said film. Although he outwardly resembles an attractive man, he's actually a completely inhuman creature with an amoral, hedonistic worldview and a number of strange humanoid lackeys (some of whom ultimately betray him, despite the cruel punishments he metes out to those who cross him). His outfit, makeup, hair, and mannerisms are downright fabulous, but in a decidedly cool and sexy way. Despite his effeminate sensibilities, he's not gay, at least not exclusively. In fact, he attempts to seduce the movie's sexually naïve female lead (played by a young actress who would later win at least one Oscar), although this seduction is dubiously consensual (but that hasn't done anything to turn off his fans). He also gets a number of highly catchy and memorable villain songs over the course of the film. Dr. Frank-N-Furter or Jareth the Goblin King?

Vulgar Bee

  • A pink haired lesbian schoolgirl voiced by Rumi Ookubo.
    Is she violent, twintailed and sometimes delusional? You might be thinking of either Chinatsu Yoshikawa or Urara Kasugano
    Is her love interest a character called Yui, voiced by Minami Tsuda, from a series that starts with "Yu"? Then it's either the aforementioned Chinatsu or Yuzuko Nonohara
  • Related to the above, is the aforementioned Yui black haired or blonde?
  • This half-British half-Japanese character voiced by Nao Toyama speaks in accented Japanese with some Gratuitous English thrown in for good measure. Is she a boat or an actual schoolgirl?


Waddledeelover 29

  • their true identities have been kept secret for a hug section of the show. Fans suspected who they actually are from the beginning, only for details to throw them off until later episodes show that wasn't the case. only one member of the main cast knew the truth about them and their actual fate, but kept everyone in the dark about it. They used to think fondly of the main antagonist until events involving hurting a close friend of theirs and eventually found what is they actually plan on doing with the earth. once discovered, they vowed to do everything to prevent their scheme from happening. a decent portion of their backstory has been told the episode after the truth about them has been revealed. They are also related to the main protagonist in some way and have someone helping them before tragic events that lead to said friend being damaged from it prior to the secret keeper getting in on their work. is this the author of the journals or pink diamond?


  • A hermit-like solitary figure possesses unparalleled combat abilities in his chosen style. Rarely speaking, he seeks to make himself grow in power and desires to challenge the strongest warriors in existence, wherever they may be found. While an antagonist of the main character of his series, he is not evil in any real sense and will fight against evil just as much as the main character in his own way. However, when he encounters the main hero of his series he will not hesitate to start a huge and usually very dangerous fight with them. He is usually considered to be That One Boss and, in the Wii-PS3-XBOX 360 console generation, quite throughly broke competitive tier listing.
    The question is, is he Meta Knight or Akuma?
  • Thousands of years ago, he committed an atrocity in the name of ending a terrible war. Although it succeeded, he is still haunted by his actions today and has since then been abandoned by those he holds dear to himself. In the intermediate time he was wandered seemingly aimlessly, looking for something new he can devote his efforts to.
    Is this man The Doctor or AZ?
  • A strand of alien genetic information that fell from space and underwent DNA mutation. It possesses a great level of power and is known to bond very strongly with humans.
    Is it the good and benevolent Deoxys or the chaotic and destructive Venom?
  • Similar in a way to the above one: Whilst on the surface they seem fairly normal, they possess the ability to copy any technique perfectly just by watching it. However, they have a limited memory of techniques and must displace certain memories to record new ones.
    If 'they' are a species, then it's Smeargle. If it's a person though, then he's Taskmaster.

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