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Surprisingly Realistic Outcome / Wander over Yonder

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  • In general, Wander's relationship with Hater. Throughout the show, Wander repeatedly acts like Hater is his friend, which is very much false, even to the most naive of viewers. Befriending an enemy is not going to make them magically befriend you, it annoys them even more.
  • In "The Liar", Wander tries to rescue a nest of baby birds and their mother from a volcano. Every time Wander gets close enough to grab the babies, the mother bird attacks him. Do you seriously think a protective mother animal in real life would let her babies be handled by a large, unfamiliar creature?
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  • Basically the premise of "The Hero". Brad Starlight learns the hard way that everything that happens in fairy tales does not apply in real life. The main highlight of this trope is when the episode reveals that Drakor being an evil king who kidnapped Princess Demurra to wed her is just made up by Brad: Drakor is a really nice guy and Demurra genuinely loves and willingly wants to marry him, and the hero is actually Wander. Demurra, meanwhile, gets annoyed with Brad's constant attempts to steal her back, outright saying that life isn't a fairytale.
  • "The Box" as the duo on a quest to deliver a box to its destination with Wander constantly tempted to open it. Eventually, they reach the recipient who tries to impart the lesson of "The Journey Being More Important"... except Sylvia points out stuff like that goes completely over Wander's head and he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. So they just throw a bunch of trinkets in there to appease him.
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  • The season 2 premiere shows what happens when someone neglects their duties for one goal. Peepers reveals that Hater has wasted so much time and energy chasing Wander that his empire has fallen apart from neglect and has been snatched up by other villains, and that he also lost any, if not all, credibility as the "Greatest in the Galaxy". Later, when Hater demands to know why they don't have all of Dominator's weapons, Peepers reminds him that he wastes so much money on things like a hot tub, an arcade, and a food court that they can't afford it.
  • Wander happens to go by a rule: "an enemy is a friend you haven't made yet," which has worked on baddies such as Major Threat and Sylvia herself. In the season 2 opener, Dominator has become the first baddie Wander actually failed to reform, and the first he's completely afraid of in return. His angry tirade upon realizing he cannot reform Dominator no matter how hard he tries even makes the situation more harsh.
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  • Dominator is essentially what happens when you throw a megalomaniac into wacky space cartoon. Namely being completely all business and wanting nothing more than destruction. She ultimately makes that painfully clear in "My Fair Hatey" to Wander and Hater.
  • In the episode "The Axe" Lord Hater decides he could do better without Commander Peepers and fires him. He actually does better at conquering and manages to gain back the territory he lost to Sourdough in record time, only to realize that he never actually secured the planets and Sourdough could just take them back without a fight.
  • Dominator never conquers planets, only destroys them. She only cares about destruction and has no other interests except destruction. So when she succeeds in destroying every planet in the galaxy, she suffers from an existential crisis because she has nothing else.
  • Specific details throughout the second season which hint that Wander is orphaned. When asked by one of Sylvia's brothers where he's from, Wander's answer is simply, "Wherever the stars take us." Peepers also points out Wander doesn't have a house. It's also revealed he has been helpless as a child, and only seeks to help people because he knows what it's like when you have no help. It's also strongly implied he's the Last of His Kind.
  • At the end of the season (and the series, unless it gets a third season to fans' demand), Wander once more tries to talk Lord Dominator into being his friend. She ultimately rejects him and flees out into space much to his disappointment. Sylvia even comforts him at the beginning of the episode for at least trying, but states some people are just too coldhearted like that, and he needs to quit trying to reform Dominator. This is even the case for Hater, as even after gaining the respect he desires from everyone else (including SYLVIA of all people), he immediately reverts to conquering the restored planets of the galaxy.


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