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  • The First Ones might have made some impressive tech, but not all of it has stood up to the test of time. In the second episode, a security system started tearing apart the building it was meant to protect when it went into lockdown, since the building was so old that it couldn't handle the stress anymore.
  • Transforming, especially if one isn't expecting it, is scary and disorienting, with both Adora and Swift Wind panicking the first time.
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  • Adora knows that, even with her Heel–Face Turn, there will be Rebellion members wary of her and unwilling to trust her, especially at first.
  • When newly promoted Force Captain Adora goes missing, Shadow Weaver is dead set on doing everything to get her back. Hordak, however, just orders her to promote someone else to her position and move on. Just because she was the best candidate to become Force Captain doesn't mean she was the only candidate and besides, the Horde has better things to do than waste time and resources chasing after one unimportant deserter (sure, Adora is She-Ra, but Hordak didn't know that at the time).
  • Catra always had a great deal of potential but felt she couldn't get out from Adora's shadow, and thus either took shortcuts or didn't even try to advance through her training before Adora was promoted at the start of the series. Even with Adora's defection and her own promotion, Catra's bad habits are not easily broken as she skips the orientation that Force Captains are required to attend (though apparently Shadow Weaver hadn't even told her that there was an orientation, given Catra's surprise when Scorpia mentions it in "The Sea Gate"), leaving her in the dark about important topics like the Princesses and their Runestones that she really should know about. In Season 2 her lack of initiative catches up to her again when she doesn't know how to manage the logistics of being Hordak's second in command, e.g. a division of troops refuse to attack a target on her orders because they lack armor.
    • On a related note, during her time as Hordak's Number Two, Catra relies on Mecha-Mooks and uses We Have Reserves tactics with them, figuring the robots are disposable and easily replaced, and can be used to either overwhelm the Princesses through sheer numbers, or keep the princesses distracted while Catra and the Horde make gains elsewhere. But as a quick exchange establishes, even that poses logistical problems, since ore for the robots has to be mined and smelted, forges have to be worked and fueled to make new drones, etc. The aggressive moves work for a short time, but before long the Horde is falling apart and cannot replace the losses.
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  • Entrapta narrowly escapes a flame purge during the mission to rescue Bow and Glimmer by hiding in a ventilation shaft. The fact that she just hides out in the Fright Zone and doesn't try to contact any of her allies about it means that the Rebellion thinks Entrapta is dead when she doesn't report back.
  • During a trip to the Citadel, Adora and Catra go through a Psychological Torment Zone designed to expose the rawest parts of their relationship. In any other show, this would be a bonding experience, or might possibly make Catra face her actions. Unfortunately, in this show, it doesn't even come close. Turns out that forcing someone to relive their most traumatic memories just makes them infinitely worse, and by the end any leftover goodness in Catra has been extinguished by jealousy and ambition. Given later revelations about Light Hope, she was probably hoping for that outcome in an attempt to isolate Adora and bring her further under her control.
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  • Glimmer has been making an "armory" by hoarding weapons. When they go there in the season finale, Angella points out that of course the missing weapons would be noticed.
  • After she gains actual command, Catra realizes that running an army involves a lot of paperwork and logistics and that a large-scale military campaign is exhausting.
  • Catra's leading style comes back to bite her in Season 4. Turns out if you take all your anger out on your underlings, refuse to let them rest, don't tell anyone what's going on, just bark orders without even praising good work, and in general act erratic and unstable as hell, those underlings are going to lose confidence in you quickly.
  • As Catra's relationship with Double Trouble shows, it doesn't matter how charming, personable, or funny they are, or how well you get along with them; if someone tells you up-front that they're Only in It for the Money and will gladly defect for a better offer, it means just that. Double Trouble even says as much when they give Catra a vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • In Season 4, Glimmer has a really hard time adjusting to being queen, alternating between throwing her newfound weight around, and wishing she didn't have it at all.
  • Fighting back to back during a musical number about friendship doesn’t do anything to change the fact that Adora’s and Glimmer’s trust in each other has been deeply shaken, and the fractures in their relationship continue to deepen for several episodes thereafter.
  • Catra's Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, anger, paranoia, and refusal to admit she's ever in the wrong drives away everyone that cares about her. By the end of Season 4, not even Scorpia can defend Catra anymore, and defects to the Rebellion.
  • After Scorpia leaves the Horde in Season 4, Catra suffers from some serious Sanity Slippage and overcompensates by performing a continuous blitzkrieg on Etheria which not only leaves her troops tired but spreads her forces too thin to properly protect each of their new territories. Therefore, with the power of the Heart of Etheria and Double Trouble's help, Glimmer is able to lead the Horde into a trap that completely dismantles their empire in one fell swoop.
  • Sea Hawk's habit of burning down ships, including those that aren't his, has not won him many friends. And since he deals with pirates and sailors on a regular basis, at least one of his former friends has no issue kidnapping him and selling him to the Horde.
  • At the start of the fifth season, Adora has been pushing herself to her physical limits and getting insufficient sleep. Without her She-Ra powers to help her heal, this soon takes a toll on her body and mind, with Bow even lampshading it in "Launch".
  • Mara's ship might be so old that Horde Prime's sensors can't find it, like trying to use radar to track a wooden glider, but if he knows its general location or has a signal on it, he can find it regardless of that technological issue.
  • Glimmer narrowly gets off Horde Prime's ship, then willingly partakes in a rescue mission to get Catra back. Throughout "Save the Cat", she displays noticeable discomfort with her surroundings, verging on symptoms of PTSD.
  • Catra undergoes a redemption arc in Season 5, but this doesn't mean her lasting issues disappear — she still harbors trauma from Shadow Weaver's tutelage and is explicitly mentioned to be "working on" her anger management. Glimmer even lampshades this In-Universe, asking if Adora thought that Catra was going to change for the better right away.
  • After Catra is freed from Horde Prime's brainwashing, though she manages to get a few useful tidbits of information with some reminders, Catra is correct in pointing out that Horde Prime wouldn't just have told her about any weaknesses that he may or may not have when she's asked. She was basically just a means to try to manipulate Adora for him, after all.
  • Catra's Heel–Face Turn means working with Shadow Weaver since she's also working with the Rebellion. Catra wants nothing to do with her and realizes that Shadow Weaver could have taken the power of the fail-safe for the Heart of Etheria, so if the power-hungry witch didn't take something that could grant ultimate power, there had to be a good reason. Since Shadow Weaver has previously shown she is very untrustworthy, Adora's friends quickly want answers as well since they know she has some plot going on. Sure enough, taking in the fail-safe is too dangerous for anybody besides She-Ra.
    • Catra and Adora's friends call out Shadow Weaver for being out to grab more power, but Adora silences the argument and goes along with the plan anyway. It doesn't matter if Shadow Weaver has her own agenda or not, following her plan with the fail-safe is the only way to stop Horde Prime from using the Heart of Etheria.
    • Even though Adora has to follow Shadow Weaver's plan, she still delivers a "The Reason You Suck" Speech at Shadow Weaver for driving a wedge between Adora and Catra and for causing approximately 80% of Catra's flaws. Adora made it clear a long time ago that she was done being Shadow Weaver's pawn and Shadow Weaver helping her save the world isn't going to change that when the witch shows that she hasn't changed.

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