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  • There are repeated subversions of Offscreen Villain Dark Matter, showing all the things that a world full of supervillains would need, like expos advertising the latest Doomsday Devices and Death Traps, magazines for aspiring supervillains, and even Hench Co, for all your henchman needs. Drakken, perpetual failure that he is, is constantly strapped for cash and when he can't just get Shego to steal things for him he struggles to get basic supplies; at one point he had to resort to a time-shared lair.
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  • In the "Fearless Ferret" episode, Ron takes the mantle of the retired TV superhero (voiced by Adam West himself). Not only was Kim not fooled and saw Ron through his disguise, but Ron wasn't trained to fight crime or put any effort to act differently at all. And even if Ron did, Kim knows Ron from childhood, and it wouldn't make any difference.
  • In one episode, Ron pleads with two kidnapped scientists how to stop a group of rampaging robots. One of them explained that they're both astrophysicists and don't know anything about robotics. It's pretty jarring when almost every scientist prior is an Omnidisciplinary Scientist. A funnier example similar to that happens in another episode when Jim and Tim asked their dad (who's a rocket scientist) if he can fix their TV. Mr. Dr. Possible said he can send it to orbit, but doubts it will work.
  • In the episode that introduced Dementor, Kim is surprised she didn't hear about his act of villainy in the beginning of the episode (she stumbled upon him whilst tracking Drakken). Wade explains that authorities are investigating... they just thought they didn't need Kim's help.
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  • When Kim accidentally gains Hego's Super Strength, she accidentally breaks things and gets dizzy when she spin-drills her way into a villain's lair.
  • In "Ron Millionaire," Ron wins $99 million. Due to him not being used to having such a large amount of money, Ron becomes big-headed and irresponsibly spends the money. This eventually gets him captured by Drakken. Also, due to him spending the money irresponsibly and keeping his money in his pockets instead of putting it in a bank, he ends up losing all the money at the end of the episode.
  • In "Number One", Kim is recruited to help track down a retired scientist who's been kidnapped. The professional agent who's assigned to work with her assumes that he's been kidnapped for the top-secret missile-defense system he developed. However, Kim points out that he's long retired and Technology Marches On, so not only would any of his knowledge be outdated, but it's been declassified and can easily be found in a public library. Sure enough, the scientist says the exact same thing when the heroes find him, and what his kidnapper was really after was something else.
  • Alpha Bitch Bonnie is hit with this more than once for the consequences of her behavior.
    • In an early episode, Kim concedes the title of head cheerleader to Bonnie after Kim realizes that she can't handle the workload of the multitude of side things she does (including being a super spy who saves the world). Bonnie is initially quite smug about getting one over on Kim until both Kim and Ron take the wind out of Bonnie's sails by pointing out that being cheer captain means a lot of extra work on the captain's part. Suddenly, Bonnie realizes that she's in over her head and can't take it back.
    • After Kim and Ron become an Official Couple, Bonnie kisses Ron in an attempt to make Kim jealous and drive a wedge between them. Kim gets rightfully angry at Bonnie for this, getting in Bonnie's face, clearly mad enough that she's considering getting physical after all of the constant abuse that Bonnie's put her through. Suddenly, Bonnie remembers that Kim is a super spy who knows multiple forms of martial arts and routinely battles world-ending threats, and Bonnie is nowhere close to a physical match for Kim. Not to mention, Bonnie was recently dumped by Brick, and she has no one to physically back her up anymore. Bonnie ends up crying and backing down instantly when she realizes that she has no hope of winning a fight with Kim.
    • Bonnie ditches the last week of school before graduation under the belief that nobody gives out serious schoolwork in the last week of senior year. Barkin tells her that he does, and since not doing the test gets you an F that means she's one credit short of graduating and must now attend summer school to make up for it.


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