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  • Gorillaz
    • Type -1: The kids from Dirty Harry.
    • Type 0: 2D, Paula Cracker.
    • Type 1: Noodle, Russell, Bruce Willis.
    • Type 2: Murdoc, Cyborg Noodle.
    • Type 3: Del, Giant Russell.
    • Type 4: The Boogeyman and the other horsemen.

New Media

  • Baman Piderman
    • Type -1: Pizza, Bug
    • Type 0: Pumkin, Tuba, Tuba's Dad, Those Guys
    • Type 1: Squib, Red Squib, Boss
    • Type 2: Baman, Piderman (neither of their ability would help them much in a fight, though)
    • Type 3: Wanda

  • Creepypasta
    • Type 0: Typical narrator, most normal human beings.
    • Type 1: Anyone who manages to survive an attack from most of the below characters and Jane the Killer.
    • Type 2: The Rake, Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack and Jacob Emory.
    • Type 3: BENnote  and Laughing Jack.
    • Type 4: Smile Dog,note  Sonic.exe, the Corruptus and RED.
    • Type 5: The creature responsible for Dogscape and the Slender Man.note 
    • Type 7: Zalgo.

  • Darwin's Soldiers
    • Type 0: Dr. Bailey, Shelton, Shakila all nameless background characters.
    • Type 1: Dr. Zanasiu, Zachary, Sharon, Neville, Cobalt Squad bar Spc. Crota and Sgt. Masters, Dr. Landon, Aisha, Trinity (pre-Super Serum use).
    • Type 2: Aimee], Alfred, Gustave, Spc. Crota, Sgt. Masters, Trinity (post-Super Serum use).
    • Type 3: Soundwave, all experiments, Gustave (post-Super Serum use).
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    • Type 4: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death, Neku (post-upgrade), Hailey.

  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged

  • Epic Rap Battles of History

  • Fluffybooru
    • Type -1: Nearly all fluffy poniesnote .
    • Type 0: Most fluffy pony owners.
    • Type 1: Marshall Conagher.
    • Type 2: Robofluffy.
    • Type 3: Mercurynote .

  • Funny Business
    • Type -1: The residents of the Model Towns.
    • Type 0: Lucy, Lewis, Isabella in preschool and the first half of kindergarten, Kylie, Coco, most other characters.
    • Type 1: Frederick, Tom Cobleighnote .
    • Type 2: Isabella after Christmas of 2021note 
    • Type 5: The paradoxical vortex Jeanette accidentally createsnote .
    • Type 7: Jeanette, the Big Bang.

  • Girlchan in Paradise!!
    • Type 0: The Store Owner, Girlchan, Maytag, various minor characters.
    • Type 1: Kotomaru, who uses an old-fashioned gun highly effectively. Possibly Galactimaru, who turns out to be very weak for a main antagonist.
    • Type 2: Yusuke, Green Guy (Only has one ability, which involves suicide).
    • Type 3: Kenstar, Swirly Glasses.
    • Type 4: Supposedley Kotobaru-san-sama.

  • Homestar Runner and sub-universes
    • Type -1: The King of Town, most peasants.
    • Type 0: Most of the main cast, Rather Dashing.
    • Type 1: Homestar, Pom Pom, Strong Mad.
    • Type 2: Strong Badnote , Homsar, Senor Cardgage.
    • Type 3: Stinkoman, 1-Up.
    • Type 4: Trogdor.

  • Inferno Cop:
    • Type -1: The Baby, the Pregnant Woman.
    • Type 0: Most people.
    • Type 2: Inferno Cop at the beginning of the series, the Baby transformed, Khnum-Khufu.
    • Type 3: Mecha-Cop, Hellfire Boy.
    • Type 4: Inferno Cop as a Cyborgnote .
    • Type 6: Third Destroy Finale, Claudia, Glitter Inferno Cop.
    • Type 7: Real God.

  • Less Wrongnote note 

  • Moviebob's The Game Overthinker

  • Orion's Arm:


  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum

  • Red vs. Blue
    • Type -1: Caboose mentally, Lopez after being reduced to a severed head, Alpha-Church just after his Mind Rape.
    • Type 0: Most of the Red and Blue soldiers, the Director, the Counselor, Mongoose.
    • Type 1: Most non-Red and Blue soldiers on all sides, most Freelancers without AI, aliens, Warthogs, Pelicans, Alien Shipsnote , Motorcycle note .
    • Type 2: Freelancers with AI, Caboose physicallynote , Agent Maine, Agent Texas, Agent Washington, Felix and Locus, tanks, falcons.
    • Type 3: Church and Tex as "ghosts", Wyoming/Gamma with time distortion unit, the Meta with all his active armor enhancementsnote , Church in the Monitor, MANTIS droids (like Freckles), Agent Carolina post-season 10.
    • Type 4: Anyone in charge of a starship (such as the Director's Mother of Invention and the Chairman's Staff of Charon), Loco's machine.
    • Type 5: "Santa", the wielder of a Great Keynote .
    • Type 6: Church during the events of season 9note .

  • RWBYnote 
    • Tier -1: Amber (on life support)
    • Tier 0: Most humans.
    • Tier 1: Mobsters, White Fang Mooks, Atlas soldiers, Young/weak Grimm.
    • Tier 2: Atlesian Knights, Huntsmen and Huntresses in training and other Aura users, most common Grimm, Roman Torchwick.
    • Tier 3: Atlesian Paladins, larger/older Grimm, Zwei, Pyhrra, Penny, Neo, Team RWBYnote note , White Fang Elites, trained Huntsmen and Huntresses, Winter Schnee, General Ironwood, Qrow Branwennote , Ozpinnote 
    • Tier 4: Glynda Goodwitchnote , Goliaths, Maidens, Cindernote , the Grimm Dragon, Silver-Eyed Warriors, the Nuckelavee Grimm, Salemnote , Ozmanote 
    • Tier 5: The God of Lightnote  and the God of Darknessnote 

  • SCP Foundation:
    • Type -1: SCP-014, SCP-173 when being looked at, SCP-1364, SCP-1370, SCP-321, SCP-085, anyone negatively affected by an SCP.
    • Type 0: Ordinary humans.
    • Type 1: Dr. Kondraki, Agent Strelkinov, Human foundation officials, SCP-029.
    • Type 2: Most safe-level SCP humanoids, Iris, SCP-999, SCP-173 when not being looked at, SCP-048-D, Dr. Clefnote , SCP-1000 before being mind wiped, SCP-1048, Lord Blackwood if his stories are true.
    • Type 3: Dr. Bright after activating SCP-963, Cain, Able, SCP-053, SCP-040, SCP-017, SCP-106, SCP-457 if uncontained, SCP-752 inhabitants in groups.
    • Type 4: SCP-096 in a rage state, Dr. Gerald when driving a vehicle, SCP-531-Dnote .
    • Type 5: SCP-682, SCP-1055 uncontained, most Thaumiel-class SCPs, any Keter capable of causing a XK-Class Extinction Event.
    • Type 6: SCP-239note , SCP-106 in his pocket dimension, SCP-1548, Dr. Clef's Proposal for SCP-001, SCP-2935's effect, SCP-3999. (Extended Canon note ) SCP-343, SCP-239, SCP-076, SCP-682, SCP-1440, some SCP-001 proposals, Robert Bumaro, Grand Karcist Ion, Old Gods like Mekhane and Yaldabaoth, The Scarlet King/SCP-2317, The Brothers Death.
    • Type 7: SCP-343 (allegedly), SCP-1230 in the stories it creates, at least one version of SCP-001. (Extended Canon) He-Who-Made-Light and He-Who-Made-Dark.

  • Super Mario Bros. Z
    • Tier -1: Stuffwell.
    • Tier 0: Princess Peach, Toadsworth, Toads, Professor E. Gadd, Goombas.
    • Tier 1: Most of the Koopa Troop.
    • Tier 2: The Yoshis of Yoshi's Island, Koopatrolsnote .
    • Tier 3: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Sonic, Shadownote , Yoshi (character), Mecha Sonicnote , the Koopa Bros., the Axem Rangersnote , Basilisx.
    • Tier 4: Chaos Emeralds, the Breaker Beam, Semi-Super Mecha Sonic, Invincible Mario and Super Sonic, the Omega Doomship.

  • That Guy with the Glasses

  • A Touch Of Madness
    • Type -1: Luna (Pre-Divine Revelation), by virtue of her divinity creating incidents in which she injures herself without knowing it, the people in San Fran during the Virus From Hell.
    • Type 0: Normal People.
    • Type 1: Agatha, Cindi starts here.
    • Type 2: Sophia.
    • Type 3: Tobias, Cindi is here most of the story.
    • Type 5: Cindi, during the final battle.
    • Type 7: Luna (Post-Divine Revelation), The Author.

  • Trinton Chronicles
    • Type 0: Some Undergrounders who have no powers at all.
    • Type 1: Some Undergrounders, Members of the Silence Cult, or members of the Relic Link who are trained at fighting or have unique skills.
    • Type 2: Rex, Renard, Elisha, and some Undergrounders, the Silence Cult, and lower ranks of the Relic Link whose powers are not as useful or powerful.
    • Type 3: Xiion, Coatl, Jay, Sabella, Boris, Elijah, Sakura, Frost, Kalinda, and the mid-rangers of the Relic Link.
    • Type 4: Sara, Dan, Robert.
    • Type 5: Aurora, Jasmine.
    • Type 6: Isis, Grala.

  • Enter The Farside

  • Yogscast Minecraft Series


  • We Are All Pokémon Trainers
    • Type -1: Lone Unown, most baby mons.
    • Type 0: Most humans.
    • Type 1: Badass Normal humans.
    • Type 2: Most humans on the Auric spectrum, first stage mons.
    • Type 3: Advanced level humans on the Auric spectrum, most fully evolved mons.
    • Type 4: "Lower tier" legendaries (Mew and expies, Latii, etc), Psuedo legendaries.
    • Type 5: Non-creation trio box legends (Weather trio, tao trio, etc.), Mewtwo, Deoxys, The Ghost Lord, Annoski.
    • Type 6: The creation trio, the vitality trio, Unown hordes, Arceus.
    • Type 7: Narrators.

  • Destroy the Godmodder
    • Type -1: Rare, but a handful of summons ended up here, as well as a few self-summons after the godmodder reversed their modifiers, Dave.
    • Type 0: The members of a handful of armies. Characters native to Earth.
    • Type 1: Anything of a lower level than this is toast. Anything or anyone that survives for a significant amount of time anywhere near a battlefield. Standard Minecraftians, and some of the weakest summons.
    • Type 2: The level of many summons. Specific examples include individual Vord members, Itchy, and the ghost space pirates.
    • Type 3: The most common level. Dr. Christoff, Pootis, and the goldisaurus are all examples. Descendants who haven't yet learned their full potential.
    • Type 4: Many self-summons, the UOSS, the Preston Cole, Mechs, and the creepy dummy among others. Most Descendants.
    • Type 5: The Operator, many other bosses, Twinbuilder, Doc Scratch, several of the stronger players.
    • Type 6: The Secret of the Void, The First Block, Lord English, Terminae, a Game Master during an update, universe eaters, the Employer, the Narrative and Conflict.
    • Type 7: The Black Monolith.

  • Ruby Quest
    • Type -1: Bella (discounting her control of the facility's systems), Jay
    • Type 0: Red, Ruby before her mutation, Filbert pre-mutation
    • Type 1: Tom without his mutation
    • Type 2: Ruby with her Third Eye, Tom with his extra arms
    • Type 3: Ace, Tom Nook
    • Type 4: Cjopaze (only this low because of being confined to the Metal Glen)


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