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That's what we in the hero business call "A F#@k-Ton Punch."

  • In Attack on Titan, naturally the Titans themselves being Titans are super freaking strong: such as Kruger's Titan who could break a steamboat over his shoulders, Eren's Titan who can lift a massive boulder and especially the Colossal Titan who can smash the wall.
  • The hIEs in Beatless are super strong.
  • Guts's entire life in Berserk has been one massive test of strength, ever since he was given an adult's longsword to fight with when he was 6 years old, meaning Guts had to pick bigger swords to accommodate when he grew up. Eventually Guts graduated to the Dragonslayer sword which weighs approximately 400 pounds/180 kilograms of solid steel which he can even lift in one hand. While it takes two normal humans to lift the "sword" and nearly crushed Isidro when he tried to pick it up, just to clarify what a Herculean freak Guts is.
  • In Black Butler, Finny of all people is able to easily lift and toss a large marble statue. He throws it with such force that it becomes A Twinkle in the Sky...before falling at terminal velocity toward Ciel's head.. Due to this super strength, is the only one able AND willing to play with Plu (a giant, demonic dog).
  • In Bleach pretty everybody has super strength, with the standouts being Yamamoto, Isshin, Ichibē, Yoruichi, Kenpachi, Sado, Ichigo, Ulquiorra and Nel.
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  • All chiropterans in Blood+ are stronger than humans. Even the "lower" chiropterans who have emerged from failed gene experiments are much stronger than humans. But those who look like humans are much stronger.
  • Blue Exorcist's Okumura Rin has this, on dint of his heritage. He tends to use it without thinking, since it was the one power he had even before his awakening, allowing him to lift up a car without even thinking about it.
  • In Brave10, Seikai and Byakugun end up facing off in the finale as the respective big guys from each of their teams since they're both blessed with this.
  • Miyazawa Kenji of Bungou Stray Dogs can pick up a van and toss it around like a beach ball... but only when he's hungry.
  • In Campione!, Godou Kusanagi can temporarily boost his strength to superhuman levels, said to rival Hercules himself, with the power of The Ox. The catch is that he's only allowed to activate it in a situation that would actually require super strength. For example, if he were fighting a bear or someone else with super strength, or if he needed to move a boulder or a train, he could use it. If he were fighting an ordinary person or needed to move furniture around, he has to rely on his normal strength.
  • In Castle Town Dandelion, Teru has this as his Royalty Superpower.
  • Cyborg 009 has Geronimo Jr., a.k.a., Cyborg 005, a massive Native American who has this as his main ability.
  • In Claymore you can see that more often. Even the ordinary youma are stronger than humans. Still, a really strong person can win a fight against a youma. Ironically, the half-youma warriornesses are (usually) much stronger than a ordinary youma. Clare, the main protagonist, easily defeats two human soldiers who were considered the city's best fighters in a short fight. And she has the lowest rank among the warriornesses, making her the weakest of them. A halfway strong warrior becomes a One-Woman Army if she only has to fight humans. Especially strong are the Awakened Beings. They arise when one of the warriornesses loses control of their demonic powers and transforms.
  • Daily Lives of High School Boys
    • Tadakuni's little sister Mei:in High School Boys and Tower she can lift two guys both older and bigger than her on her shoulders, and in High School Boys and UFO Catchers she can shake a UFO Catcher at the arcade which the main trio together couldn't even move.
    Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake, in unison: "Just what IS she?"
    • Habara shows signs of this in the unanimated skits. Remember, she was an Enfant Terrible-level bully when she was an elementary schooler.
      • In High School Girls are Funky — Superficially, she incidentally burst a volleyball.
      • In High School Girls are Funky — Megaton Poke, Yanagin had Habara try out the "punch machine" in the arcade in which the former just broke the new record. While Habara didn't get as many points as Yanagin by far... close inspections revealed a hole on the punching pad after Habara played with it, and upon asking Habara said she didn't know she has to clench her fist in the first place... Which mean she just stabbed her hand into the punch pad.
  • Tade from Delicious in Dungeon is so strong she can manhandle dwarves, they themselves shown to be much stronger than humans, like it was nothing.
  • Barda "The Bear" in Deltora Quest goes from a strong warrior in the books to a full fledged superhuman in the anime. Especially in the Final Battle of Del where he faces a Ak-Baba, pries its jaws open to get the Topaz and then after some reconciling with the ghost of his mom, he gains the strength to slice the Ak-Baba apart. This is most impressive since the canon of the books states packs of Ak-Baba can kill Dragons, making Barda as strong as at least one Dragon. In the manga adaptation, Barda even lifts a boulder above his head.
    • Glock and Nevets are the other prominent examples, and the Ralad tribe have explicit Super Strength to justify their roles as castle builders.
  • Almost all Digimon have this to some degree. Most champions have no problem smashing up trees and boulders and even low tier megas can toss around pieces of skyscrapers like they were footballs. But by far the most impressive showing was when Lucemon blew up three moons at once by pile-driving another Digimon into one of them. A notable aversion would be Lillymon. Despite being an Ultimate level Digimon, and holding her own as well as the other Digimon, her physical strength is at the level a woman of her stature and build would have.
  • Dragon Ball:
  • Shizuo Heiwajima in Durarara!!. Though he was born with the strength, he initially lacked the Required Secondary Powers and repeatedly broke his bones throwing stuff at people. Shizuo's body toughened up, though, so by the time most of the series take place he routinely chucks vending machines around and swings lampposts without suffering any ill effects.
    • Shizuo's Super Strength is somewhat realistic (if heavily exaggerated) in nature. The human body is surprisingly strong on its own, to the point that have a natural "block" on their physical strength so that they don't end up tearing themselves apart whenever they're physically active. Shizuo doesn't have these blocks.
  • Fairy Tail
  • Almost everybody in Fist of the North Star has enhanced strength, but Kenshiro can go from swinging around a iron girder , carrying a huge boulder to breaking several skyscrapers with his fist and letting it all fall on him as he walks through it. Oh and he exploded a tank with a flurry of kicks and punches.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, during Scar's first fight with Major Armstrong, he comments that shiny man's strength is "almost superhuman". Hell, Armstrong and Sig use pretty much Good Old Fisticuffs to kill Sloth.
  • Shizuka Fujiyama, the top engineer on the Daiku Maryu in Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu is the physically strongest person on the ship, despite having no apparent musculature, and can at once lift at least three of the metal plates that the rest of the crew struggle to lift even one of.
  • The Twilights in Gangsta. have enhanced strength due to being descendants of those who used the Celebrer drug, they can easily rip normal people apart like paper, lift up steel beams, smash concrete like cardboard and can even kick cars off the ground. Which makes their preferred use of melee weapons like swords, knuckle dusters and knives against guns completely justified. Some Twilights (like Nicolas) have Super Speed to adequate their strength making them deadly Lightning Bruisers, however overdosing on pills or fighting for too long seriously risks Twilights's physical and mental health.
  • In Gate, the demigoddess Rory Mercury is pretty much the only character who can lift her halberd, which is so heavy that an ordinary person would get crushed under its weight. She can also hit the ground hard enough to shatter it, throw a gun at a man hard enough to send him flying, and knock a dragon back by hitting it.
  • Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell being a cyborg has greatly enhanced strength and Super Toughness compared to the average human woman, one time just her landing on a roof too hard caused the metal tiles to be crushed beneath her artificial body. In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Makoto was shown to be strong enough to pull a helicopter with its own cable worth noting the average helicopter can easily transport up to 44,000 pounds meaning the Major's strength must be far greater. Subverted greatly at the the end of 1995 movie when the Major fights the Spider Tank despite her best effort to physically rip off the hatch on top of the tank, Motoko's arms shatter in the effort showing she has limits.
  • Kagura from Gintama can toss around boulders and cars with ease and stop Gin's scooter by grabbing the back of it, among other things.
  • Apparently a standard ability of the vampires in Hellsing. Alucard dual-wields Hand Cannons that are explicitly said to be beyond human ability to lift, while Seras's BFGs keep getting bigger and bigger.
    • During a flashback sequence in Volume 3, Integra's father tells her during a lecture that vampires can rip humans apart, "like wet rags." Alucard, naturally, does exactly that in the same chapter to a SWAT team, including one instance of apparently bitch-slapping a man in half.
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, this seems to be a trait of several nations:
    • Germany had no trouble breaking a spoon with his bare hands. A better example of his strength would be in Hetalia "Paint it White", when he knocked out several pictonians with ease, and could have most likely beat them all if it weren't for Italy.
    • America could lift a buffalo as a toddler. He is also seen once dragging UK's car with one hand (and apparently he was walking about with said car for an hour). Moreover, during the 2010 Bloodbath, a party (possibly Finland) calls America and Russia "superhuman".
      • The 2011 April Fool's event confirms Russia to have this. He hides in a sewer and tosses around the the manhole cover (they typically weigh over 50 kg) like it's a pillow, even balancing it on his head.
    • One anime episode has a very angry China punching through a wall with eleven chops, kicking through another one with just one kick and even visibly cracking a third one with just his head before America stops him.
    • Greece is also implied to have this "power". One picture shows him wrestling down Germany seemly without trouble, in a strip he knocks out and carries around France's body like it's nothing, and in the Gakuen Hetalia PSP game he manages to move around several life-size stone statues and not even pant afterwards.
    • Belarus' introduction includes her clawing through a door and ripping its knob out with her bare hands. She also is able to break multiple fingers on Lithuania's hand with very little effort.
    • Hungary can beat up entire Prussian armies basically by herself.
  • Loads of characters in Hunter × Hunter but here are the standouts:
  • Standard feature of Youkai in Inuyasha. The titular character, despite being half-human, is in the high side of the curve for Youkai. Not surprising, as his late father was one of the strongest youkai to ever live.
  • Jojos Bizarre Adventure:
    • The antagonists in Parts 1 and 2 all have super strength to some degree. Even the basic zombies in Part 1 are so strong that it's almost impossible for a normal human to beat them without using Hamon. Actual vampires like Dio Brando even more so (as demonstrated by the famous road roller drop in Part 3). Strongest of all are the Pillarmen of Part 2 - as just one example, Wamuu is able to use a stone pillar like a club.
    • Jonathan Joestar is likely the physically strongest human in all of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, given he could shoulder ram Dio (the immortal vampire) with enough force to knock him over, despite being wounded in the shoulder by a spear. This is before he learns Hamon, too. That said, his greatest display of strength was after being revitalized and empowered by Zeppeli's Hamon - he ripped through 3 steel bars clutching his neck, a feat that even the mighty zombie Tarkus outright admitted he was incapable of. Stand users from later parts are actually very grateful a Herculean monster like Jonathan never got a Stand himself.
    • Jonathan's grandson Joseph could break stone with his feet to slow his descent when falling and even send a vampire flying with a whack of his Tommy Gun. Jotaro, Joseph's grandson relies on Star Platinum but he's still strong enough to beat up half dozen thugs by himself.
    • Part 3 introduces Star Platinum, Jotaro's Stand; in keeping with his lineage, it's strong enough to Offhand Backhand a shark, throw a massive tower, and even break High Priestess's diamond-hard teeth.
    • Besides Star Platinum other Stands with Super Strength include:
      • Magician's Red (Avdol's Stand) as seen when with a single kick it was able to shatter Judgement's armor, whereas Silver Chariot couldn't.
      • Cream (Vanilla Ice's Stand) could decapitate a person with a single karate chop to the neck.
      • The World (DIO's Stand) just like its vampiric master has formidable strength, seen when it punches through poor Kakyoin's abdomen and goes on to match Star Platinum.
      • Crazy Diamond (Josuke's Stand) is akin to Star Platinum being able to punch straight through opponents' torsos like butter, it even matches Star Platinum in fisticuffs. Soft & Wet, Crazy Diamond's Alternate Universe counterpart is also very strong being able to kick through an apartment wall. Though it can't break rocks.
      • Spice Girl (Trish's Stand) was able to use a pipe to stab and section Notorious B.I.G into pieces while trying to destroy it and could break off the front of a plane by rapidly punching the walls and roof of the cabin.
      • Sticky Fingers (Bucciarati's Stand) is very strong, especially thanks to its Rocket Punch it's able to crush an opponent's skull into a bloody mess.
      • King Crimson (Diavolo's Stand) could obliterate a fortune teller's upper body in a single punch and throw a pair of scissors with such strength that they completely severed Risotto Nero's right foot off.
  • Kaiju Girl Caramelise: Kuroe Akaishi has a condition that turns her into a Kaiju when she gets emotional, which brings the expected destructive strength that entails. But even when undergoing a Partial Transformation that otherwise leaves her at human size, she still receives a big boost in strength. For example, when her hand transforms after her first date with Arata, she absentmindedly grips a bridge rail, crushes it, and falls into the river below. Another time, when she grows a tail at a theme park, her Tail Slaps manage to fling people pretty far.
  • Eclair from Kiddy Grade has super strength as one of her main powers.
  • The title character from Kimba the White Lion has this power along with Super Vitality.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • In the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS prelude manga, Teana made the mistake of telling Subaru to put more strength into boosting her up during a wall climbing exercise in the Ground Forces Military Academy. Subaru did... and accidentally threw Teana all the way up to the sky in the process. This was our first clue on Subaru's cyborg nature.
    • In FORCE, most members of the Huckebein family sport some degree of boosted physical strength but so far Fortis is the only one who has done a clear demonstration by crushing a soda can to a little marble with barely an effort.
  • Magical Girl Apocalypse: The Magical Girls, as well as the people they resurrect as zombies, are capital S STRONG.
  • The anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic has the warrior folk Fanalis. Each of them is much stronger than an ordinary person. Morgiana, one of the main protagonists, is a 13-year-old girl, yet she was strong enough to defeat a band of bandits effortlessly.
  • In My Hero Academia, this is the power granted by "One for All". While there are other Quirks that grant enhanced strength, "One for All" puts the rest of them to shame. All Might relying on the fading dregs of "One for All" can topple buildings with the mere shockwaves generated by punching into the air. "One for All" is so powerful that it's actually very dangerous for Deku to use it at full strength since it doesn't come with invulnerability. Deku has to figure out how to tap into its full power safely so he doesn't accidentally cripple himself for life.
  • Naruto:
    • Tsunade is the mascot of this trope for the series with monstrous super strength as her trademark ability. In her first appearance, she slams her finger into the ground and splits the earth before her into a large chasm. Orochimaru realized that she would put his life in danger if she was at full strength. Soon after this, she wields Gamabunta's Sword, slamming it down on Manda's jaw. In Part II, she smashes the Nigh-Invulnerable Susano'o on her own.
    • Then there's Tsunade's student, Sakura Haruno. She can now shatter boulders, launch Naruto over 300 meters (over 1000 feet) away with a single punch for no reason other than "comic relief", but it should be noted that this is filler and not canon, and break the highly defensive Hiruko puppet's defense with ease. By the end of Shippuden is the strongest kunoichi in the world.
      • Her daughter, Sarada strongly follows her footsteps from even more a younger age. Sarada is the most physically powerful character of her age. Even Boruto fears her since she demonstrated her raw power to him.
    • Naruto himself also utilizes this: he was able to stop a giant snake from hitting Sasuke during the Chunin Exams while tapping into the Fox's chakra. His most triumphant example is during the Pain Invasion, with him stopping Pain's giant ass rhino by grabbing its horn and then throwing it high into the sky while in Sage Mode; even without Sage Mode, he was able to shatter Preta's now stone body by just flexing his muscles. Later, he was able to fight Kyubi himself, slamming him flat on his back, although this was a Battle in the Center of the Mind.
    • Jiraiya, Naruto's master, was able to kill some of Pain's summons in just a few kicks; in Sage Mode he could punch a giant ram a significant distance out of a massive skyscraper that stood in Amegakure, and he could blind the insanely durable taijutsu body Human Path with just a single kick.
    • Killer Bee and the Raikage, A, demolished Sasuke utilizing this in two separate occasions. Killer Bee could wield Zabuza's BFS with one hand and he doubles as being Made of Iron. A smashed through Sasuke's Susano'o on two separate occasions by just strength alone, and his Liger Bomb... causes mass destruction.
    • Rock Lee and Might Guy's entire philosophy is devoted toward physical power (being practitioners of the Strong Fist Style) and skill over ninjutsu. Lee, as a 13-year old child, was able to uproot trees. Guy can punch so hard that the friction from his hand hitting the air creates a fireball.
  • Ku Fei in Negima! Magister Negi Magi is essentially the Badass Normal of the main cast yet still one of the top fighters. Even Negi has to resort to buffing himself with dark magic to match her sheer physical strength.
    • Quite a few of the girls in 3-A can enhance their strength with either ki or ki and magic combined, Asuna, Kaede, and Setsuna, for three. And if Ku Fei wasn't doing it in the early books, she certainly advanced to it by the Mahora War arc.
  • Most of the characters in One Piece, even Mooks, have super strength, so much so that it might be a requirement in being a good pirate.
    • Luffy is the definitive example. Literally, the first thing we see him do as a pirate is take out a sea monster with one elastic punch. In Syrup Village, he tears off the figurehead of Kuro's ship and uses it to crush Mooks. In Skypeia, he lifts up a solid ball of gold. Considering the density of the gold and by using Luffy's height at the time (172 cm) to estimate the ball's size, it could easily weigh over 600,000 lbs or 300 tons. Even more impressively, in Water 7 Luffy was able to push two buildings apart when he heard the news about Robin. In the Dressrosa Colosseum he flips over a massive gladiator despite being a quarter his size, then in the same arc Luffy using Gear 4 levels most of Dressrosa with his Finishing Move. In Wano we learn even when Brought Down To "Normal" Luffy (wearing Sea Stone) is still strong enough to lift massive blocks of stone, alongside Kidd.
    • Zoro, from a very young age, could lift boulders (even with his mouth) and also overpower several grown adults. In the present, his regular training session involves weights that are literally bigger than his entire body. So it's no big surprise he is able to lift a house over his head and throw it at his opponent. Even before that Zoro picked up Dalton a man twice his size and slung him over his shoulder making Usopp annoyed as he could barely raise Dalton off the ground when he offered to carry him. Even before that Zoro could defeat Amazonian Beauty Miss Monday with a simple Face Palm Of Doom. Zoro's strength combined with his Implausible Fencing Powers is a deadly mix, able to cut steel and even deflect strikes from Giants. Post-timeskip, it's only gotten more ridiculous; Zoro completely cuts through Pica's gigantic stone body without breaking a sweat.
    • Sanji is mainly known for his incredible kick strength which can break stone, send dudes flying, smash boulders, destroy 21 wooden bats, take down dinosaurs, crush steel, defeat Kaiju-sized monsters, smash buildings down, knock Luffy out cold and even topple Giants. However Sanji's upper body strength is no joke either, in his first appearance, he dangled Fullbody by the neck with one hand. In Skypeia he could swing around a 5-ton sledgehammer like it was nothing. In Water 7 Sanji overpowered Chopper (in his Heavy form) with just one arm. Similarly in Thriller Bark Sanji restrained Absalom (whose modified body weighed 300 kilos) by grabbing his leg and in the same fight lift Nami above his head. Then in the next arc Sanji overpowered Duval by choking him one handed. In Movie 6 Sanji during a cooking battle lifted a gigantic pot the size of a truck over his head, then Sanji physically flipped the even larger meal into the air.
    Usopp: Are you guys even human?
    • Cyborg Franky, while not quite as strong as the trio above, is still no slouch when it comes to physical might. Even before he got his robotic parts, he could break Spandam's skull with the butt of a rifle and he briefly stopped the Sea Train (though he was run over almost immediately after). After his cybernetic upgrade, he can lift Blueno by the face with one hand, rip apart the Sea Train's carriage and later physically stopped a sword-elephant from killing Robin then used the same elephant to wreck Spandam again. In Thriller Bark, he makes nunchucks out of two massive stone pillars and uses them to smash the crap out of a giant spider monkey zombie with ease. Post-timeskip Franky could hold back the Smile Factory in Dressrosa and in the One Piece Film: Gold short special Franky equals Luffy in the sumo ring.
    • Chopper is also a prominent example despite being labeled alongside with Usopp and Nami as being the "Weak Trio", in his "Heavy Point" Chopper can take down foes with brute force and he almost smashed Doctor Hogback's skull with a suplex. Chopper's "Arm Point" is even more impressive as his Kokutei Roseo Metel attack stunned Shiki in One Piece Film: Strong World. But by far Chopper's greatest strength comes in his "Monster Point" where he was capable of leveling an entire village in Drum Island, ripping apart the Tower of Justice like it was cardboard and effortlessly defeat Kumdori and toss his unconscious body miles away. Post-timeskip Monster Point Chopper one-shot a energy steroid using Fishman. However the big downside is the fact Chopper is unable to discern friend from foe in this form (pre timeskip) and the amount of energy used can potentially kill him.
      • Even in his Chibi-form Chopper has enough strength to run while carrying heavy iron balls chained to his feet.
    • Usopp initially pretended to have super strength to fool villains, by using comically-oversized hammers (much lighter than they looked, due to being hollow) with "5 ton" and later "10 ton" written on them. Post-timeskip, he's bulked up considerably and it's no longer a facade (though he's still nowhere near the likes of the Monster Trio). Played straight for once in One Piece Stampede where Usopp catches a heavy burning mast that was gonna fall on Luffy, and keeps holding it up with his Heroic Spirit.
    • Fishmen have super strength as a species-wide ability; the average fishman is ten times stronger than the average human, and when in the water they get even stronger. That said, there are fishmen that are even stronger than your average fishman, like Jinbei, Tom, and Fisher Tiger. In the case of Jinbei, his feats put Energy Steroid guzzling Hody Jones (also a fishman) to shame. When Wadatsumi (an incredibly strong gigantic fishman) ate an Energy Steroid, he tried to punch Jinbei, who casually counters with a roundhouse kick, injuring Wadatsumi's fist and causing him to fall to the ground. In Whole Cake Island, Jinbei could even deliver a Megaton Punch to Big Mom strong enough to knock her over.
      • The Arlong Pirates and New Fishman Pirates were built up to be so fearsome, because of their immense strength as fishmen (Arlong himself could lift a house), but all in all, they're just your slightly above average Fishmen that can be outclassed by three aforementioned superhumans. This is one of the reasons why the Straw Hats were able to defeat Arlong's crew early in the series.
    • The Mink tribe make most Fishmen look like pushovers in comparison as they learn to fight from the moment they are born, two Minks, in particular, have incredible strength: Inuarashi and Nekomushi the former stopping Jack's massive trunk one-handed and latter flipping Jack right over. The Sulong transformation also doubles strength as the petite Carrot could crack the ground under her feet and rip off a ship's mast.
    • The Supersoldier Vinsmoke Family children have modified strength thanks to their DNA being tampered with e.g kid Reiju could bend iron bars. Super Strength appears to be Vinsmoke Yonji's power when wearing a Raid Suit as unlike his other siblings he isn't granted special powers ironically when Yonji fought his aforementioned "normal" human brother Sanji, he lost badly because he wasn't nearly as strong.
    • Gecko Moria one of the Warlords of the Sea when he absorbed every single shadow into his body, could smash the island of Thriller Bark with just his physical strikes a rare feat in One Piece. Yet despite all the augmented power Moria is so bloated that Luffy defeats him with only mild effort.
    • Others, obviously, exist. As one goes up in the ranks of pirates, their strength starts scaling quite insanely. Warlords of the Sea were above Luffy for quite some time and remained on par for even longer, and once you get to the Emperors and their crews it gets catastrophic.
    • Kozuki Oden has super strength like the aforementioned examples but he deserves a very special mention for carrying all 9 of his men above his head, while being Stewed Alive and then throwing them all to safety after one hour. Given Oden had a Blade Lock with the aforementioned Whitebeard and even overpowered Kaido his monstrous strength is to be expected, but this last feat in particular is legendary even by One Piece standards.
  • Lots of people in One-Punch Man have this, but Saitama is the main one. His strength is so high that anything he punches, no matter how powerful it is, will die in one punch. The only one (apart from Garou) who put up any kind of fight against Saitama was Boros (who survived three of Saitama's punches, albeit with heavy damage each time). He even survived a "serious punch", though with such severe injuries that he died minutes later. Most of the time, Saitama is so far above his opponents that even a lazily-thrown, effortless love-tap from him can obliterate them in one blow.
  • Ikushima Saya in Onidere is often compared to a demon. She's the strongest Delinquent around and her biggest fear is that her beloved one would leave her.
  • Pokémon: Onix, Snorlax, Charizard, Aggron, Hitmonchan, Blastoise, Machamp, Heracross, Diggersby, Hariyama, Swampert, Conkeldurr, Ursaring, Tyranitar, Diancie, Bewear, Heracross and especially Regigigas.
    • Brock's Happiny is able to lift her trainer with ease, can fling a Seviper by the tail, and can even toss an entire frozen lake into an abyss.
    • Wow Ash as well?.
  • A-ko in Project Ako has super strength as part of her powers of being the daughter of Wonder Woman and Superman. B-ko gains super strength via her Powered Armor.
  • Rage of Bahamut: Genesis has Amira, who is a nephilim. She also shows on several occasions that ordinary humans in combat have no chance against her.
  • In Ranma ½, most of the martial artists seem to have some level of greater-than-human strength, implicitly because of the fact they practice martial arts. Akane Tendo, generally considered the least skilled of the group, can carry a refrigerator up and down a flight of stairs in her arms, single-handed and at a jogging pace. Mousse, who generally prefers fighting with weapons to bare hands, is capable of splitting a huge temple bell with one punch. Ranma Saotome himself is generally considered Weak, but Skilled because he prefers agility and technique to brute force, as opposed to Ryoga Hibiki, who tends to break things around him without meaning to, but is still capable of feats like lifting multiple tons, smashing through solid rock and wood with his bare hands, bending steel and leaping multiple stories.
    • Ranma might be considered so in fandom, but Word of God doesn't think so. In any case, during tests of strength like arm wrestling and such, he's pretty much one of the strongest; whenever he is in a "strength vs strength" sort of lock or such with Ryouga, they're basically dead even.
  • In Rosario + Vampire, pretty much every monster out there is stronger than a normal human, but most especially the vampires, whose primary power is converting their Youki directly into strength - for vampires, muscles really are meaningless.
  • This seems to be a standard power of the titular Saber Marionettes. In her first appearance, Lime is capable of singlehandedly carrying half a sky scrapper (although this was extremely taxing) and Bloodberry is generally portrayed as being stronger still. Even Cherry, who is not as adept at fighting, is shown to be stronger than a human.
  • Sailor Moon has pretty much every single Sailor Soldier when transformed, but two have it even in civilian form and are far stronger than the others when transformed:
  • Sonic, Knuckles, Hyper Metal Sonic, Metal Robotnik all display great feats of physical strength in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. A clash between Sonic and Metal was enough to dislodge a stalactite the size of a mountain!
  • While most of the cast seem to be Made of Iron with regards to being physically injured, a few in Soul Eater demonstrate extreme strength. Outside of gods like Shinigami and Kid putting craters in the scenery when not using their Weapons, Black Star has been known to punch holes in walls thanks to his soul wavelength.
  • In Strike Witches, all Witches have enhanced physical attributes, further enhanced by the Striker Units, allowing them to carry heavy-duty weapons. Gertrud has more powerful version of this ability, allowing her to achieve feats like chucking an I-beam what was implanted into the ground.
  • This is a trait of gravekeepers in Sunday Without God. Scar can flip grown men one-handedly and without breaking a sweat, and Ai, being half-gravekeeper, has a surprising amount of strength for a little girl.
  • Ryoko in the Tenchi Muyo! worlds often has this ability; one manga episode had her rather crudely performing 'brute force barbecue': heat plus (surprised) cow.
  • The Tower of Druaga has ten-year old Coopa be capable of carrying Utu (who was still in armor) and Melt's rod bag with little difficulty.
    • Some time in Season 2, she was able to pull up the (big and presumably heavy) metal cage she was trapped in, while injured. And at the end of the season, she was able to pull up the entire band of True Companions from a dangling cliff.
  • It's rarely touched upon but Vash the Stampede from Trigun has enhanced strength given he can carry two grown women across the desert, kick over The Brute Monev and wield Wolfwood's BFG. In the manga Vash does one arm handstand pushups every morning and even resists Legato's Mind over Matter powers with the strength his body. It helps that Vash isn't human but a humanoid Plant.
  • Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs:
    • Nonko possesses this because she is part oni. She is strong enough to easily use a full grown man as a bowling ball.
    • Kogarashi himself possesses enough spiritual and physical strength to KO a dragon-god in a single punch.


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