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His real name's, and he's a site regular who's been here practically from Day One, but he doesn't really contribute that much to the Wiki Magic.

But hey, does he really need to edit articles, make TLP's on Trope Launch Pad, or anything like that? He's far from useless! Thanks to him, we have money, and this site can keep going! He just wants to help, but tends to do mistakes...


His current residence is "everywhere", but his true location is unknown. Kinda sounds paradoxic, doesn't it?

He really dislikes AdBlock, and so do we, so please... try not to use it... if you do, we'll lose money, and this site will go bankrupt.

Two sad Google Incidents made us lose ads and money. It was grave danger to our site. To try and calm him down, we agreed to delete some pornographic articles, though some may cry, as there is no more Fetish Fuel...

Recently there have been reports of ads not showing. Although some didn't notice any problems. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

If the ads were nice, put them on Ad of Win. If they were wrong, put them on Ad of Lose.

And if he did an ad that harmed your computer, use this thread. We'll try to make him never show these ads again.



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