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"We’re the Sanchezes. We deal with more dimensional who-ha than a Doctor Who/X-Men crossover."
Lacey Alexis Sanchez, referencing Marcy trying to explain her absense

Sanchez Chronicles (the collective name for the Sanchezes franchise, going from The Chronicles of Zander and Thom Sanchez, all the way to Sanchez Chronicles: Beyond Dimensional and Mortal Bonds) is a series about Zander Sanchez, a godly being who leaves reality to create his own paradise far away from the world of the humans and follows his immortal family gifted with insurmountable power, travelling through space and dimensions and all the friends and allies that they encounter. It premiered on the now-defunct Skwid as God Squad on July 8th, 1988, before the channel was bought out and became Ultra TV in 2003, around the same time that God Squad: End of Ends had reached its final season, and was revamped as The Chronicles of Zander and Thom Sanchez. To date, the show's cast, counting its sister series Ballistic, boasts over 80 characters, most of which are not human and phenomenally powerful.


The series' most enduring concept is adding anyone into their universe with little context, Even if this can backfire. Most of this comes from the fact that nothing is impossible or improbable, though some of the team is questionable at best.The Sanchez’s, for the most part, are more often ‘recruited’ because of three reasons: 1) they have powers, 2) they are mistreated and/or unhappy in life, 3) they want a chance to succeed in something greater or want something that would be impossible. It’s mostly the majority of them and, with few and far between exception, all of them became Sanchezes mostly due to losing their original memories or because of Zander’s manipulation, though this is mostly for the best and some even join voluntarily and most even stay after The Reveal. However, Zander doesn't just use them or kidnap them, rather genuinely makes their lives better and tries to fulfill their wishes; there is a reason he called it the Dream Realm after all.


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