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  • Lily Allen's "Alfie" is set in a brightly-colored house that looks like the set of a children's show, but is offset by a rude little hand puppet smoking joints, masturbating and generally being horrible.
  • The video for Will Young's "Who Am I?" digitally inserts him into a number of old children's shows, including Blue Peter. Unlike many of the examples on the list, it doesn't have any specifically NSFW content, but the use of old clips set to a slow and melancholy ballad make it clear the video is aimed at an adult audience.
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  • Kate Nash's "Pumpkin Soup" is set in a children's TV set, with certain homages to Bewitched visible...
  • The set for the music video of Hard 'n Phirm's "Pi" is "Zap", which apes the TV show "Zoom".
  • The video for Lostprophets' "A Town Called Hypocrisy" features the band as characters in a parody of kids shows such as Playdays or Playbus called "Town Time", intercut with a debauched cast party.
  • Dizzee Rascal's "Dream" is a spoof of British children's shows in the 50's, with a miniature Dizzee interacting with puppets atop a piano, presided over by a grandmotherly looking woman.
  • Rather than a kid's show, Muse's "Invincible" featured the band on an amusement park ride obviously modeled after the It's a Small World ride. The ride shows a very abbreviated history of man, with an unsettling focus on wars; after the September 11 recreation, everything goes completely insane.
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  • Serj Tankian's 'Empty Walls' video takes place at a day care (where he seems to perform) rather than an actual show. And then the little kiddies start acting out America's 'War on Terror' on each other..
  • Green Jello/Jelly's "Three Little Pigs" consists of a retelling of the classic fairy tale that features rather child-unfriendly elements, such as one of the pigs being implied to be a stoner and the song ending with the pigs hiring Rambo to gun down the Big Bad Wolf. The music video is even in stop-motion animation and features a brief glimpse of a woman sunbathing topless.
  • Inverted on Rob Zombie's I'm Your Boogieman music video for The Crow: City of Angels in which the framing device (a 1950's-esque children's show a la Ghoulardi) is relatively harmless compared with the bits of the movie and Rob Zombie singing...
  • Kanye West has pictures of TEDDY BEARS on his first three rap albums.
    • The bear going cartoon didn't help much.
  • Primus's video for "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" has them in kids-show appropriate cowboy costumes and animations of Winona with a pet beaver to lyrics like "Wynona loved her big brown beaver and she stroked it all the time." It was so well-executed that not even the kids caught on.
  • While Kunt and the Gang never fit the Depraved Kids' Show Host archetype, much of his music fits into this trope; examples include "Fucksticks" (about a phrase the singer and his late grandfather shouted whenever bad things happened to them), "Gentleman's Wash" (about how it's proper etiquette to wash one's genitals in the sink on the off-chance that the woman you date will want to fellate you), "I Was Pissed Out Of My Head" (where the singer mentions incidents where he injured or killed people while extremely drunk) and "Wank Fantasy" (where the singer talks about women in erotic situations he's fantasized about while masturbating), which sounds like The Wiggles' evil twins broke into their recording studio.
  • In Germany, The Smurfs song by Vader Abraham (Vader as in Dutch for "father", not the Star Wars one) is a popular target for this.
  • The Paul and Storm song "Epithets" is a Schoolhouse Rock!-inspired tune (specifically, a pastiche of "Interjections") about the most common applications of shouting profanity.
    • Similarly, "Pirates and Emperors."
  • It's The Bad Ronald Show! (a.k.a. Bad Ronald's video for "Let's Begin")
  • The video for El-P's "The Full Retard" stars both El himself, and a Muppet who kills people (including a little girl!) and injects himself with heroin.
  • The video for Alice in Chains' "The Devil Puts Dinosaurs Here" revolves around one of these.
  • Imagine Dragons' video for "Radioactive" is kind of a live-action Darker and Edgier, Bloodier and Gorier Pokémon pastiche, with adorable fluffy Cartoon Creature monsters duelling in an apocalyptic cockfighting ring, surrounded by grimy criminals betting on them.
  • Miley Cyrus' performance at the 2013 VMAs used a lot of this as part of her Former Child Star persona. For instance, she showed up with her hair in two little childish topknots, and was wearing a teddy bear leotard — the teddy's face had bloodshot, unfocused eyes and was sticking its tongue out lasciviously. She also had teddy bear-costumed backup dancers, portrayed by twerking black women with big butts, while singing a song about partying on molly and coke. And that's just the start. In short, despite being a star marketed towards children for most of her career, her performance in that show absolutely should not be viewed by children. Or anyone else.
  • AWOLNATION's music video for "Kill Your Heroes" takes the form of three children watching a Mister Rogers' Neighborhood parody entitled Awol's Fun Time.
  • The music video for Mastodon's Deathbound is that a solar eclipse has caused everyone in Magicland to go Ax-Crazy while demons rise from the earth and aliens invade, destroying the world.
  • Melanie Martinez's work could best be described as Subverted Kid's Music. The songs' scores typically sound like lullaby-esque pop music, and with her cute outfits and song titles like "Dollhouse", "Tag, You're It", and "Milk and Cookies", a parent could plausibly mistake her for a children's entertainer. Except those songs typically have surprisingly crude lyrics, and even when they don't, the themes are often dark or mature. (The aforementioned songs alone are about a Stepford Smiler's dysfunctional family, a woman getting kidnapped, and the same woman killing her kidnapper, respectively.) The fact that her work runs on Ambiguous Innocence doesn't help.
  • Radiohead with "Burn the Witch", paying homage to both Camberwick Green and The Wicker Man.
  • The music video for "In This Cold Place" by Moby is built around this trope.
  • The first few (English) lyrics in AronChupa's "I'm an Albatraoz" sound like a kid's story. Then "hoe" gets dropped...
  • Slick Rick's "Children's Story" is set like a story told by an uncle to a pair of children. This story just happens to be about a young gangster doing robberies and getting killed by police.


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