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  • Marten in Questionable Content is an incredibly straight straight man.
  • Homestuck has Rose Lalonde. She speaks and types with fully correct grammar and English, is sometimes the Only Sane Man, and her Aspect is Light, so Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness and being Comically Serious are a given for her. Especially compared to John, Dave and Jade, her co-players.
  • Gamal from the webcomic Men in Hats.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Roy Greenhilt, the leader of this bunch, also has shades of Standardized Leader. As the Only Sane Man in a party with a sociopathic halfling, a Quirky Bard, a greedy rogue (is there any other kind?), a dwarf who's afraid of trees, and a power-obsessed elf, Roy has played the Straight Man to each at least once and countless times for most, especially Belkar and Elan.
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    • While Roy was dead and the gang was split, Haley became a Straight Man to Belkar and Celia, while Hinjo became the Straight Man for the others. Haley still often plays the Straight Man to Elan.
  • Cherry is the Straight Man to Hero in the webcomic RPG World. She is, in fact, prophesied to be the Straight Man for the entire world, as she is the only one who thinks there's something strange about a world where all battles are turn-based and groups look like their most important member when viewed from afar, also making her The Chosen One.
  • Shortpacked! has theorised that Batman can make anything funny, because he is the ultimate Straight Man. When you consider that his arch-nemesis is the Joker, we may have the oddest Odd Couple in history...
    • Ethan in the main storyline originally played Straight Man to the rest of the cast (even though he's not straight), but as time went on, his quirks became more pronounced, and now he's just as wacky as everyone else (albeit with more frequent moments of clarity). Now his role is filled by the newcomer, Jacob (who actually is straight).
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  • Zoe often takes up the Straight Man role in Sluggy Freelance, thanks to being the Only Sane Woman.
  • Ozy in Ozy and Millie is usually this to Millie. And his dad. And Avery. Millie is sometimes this to Felicia.
  • Elliot or Sarah in El Goonish Shive. Susan counts more as a Deadpan Snarker.
  • Louise in Miscellaneous Error serves as the Straight Man to her Chaotic Stupid older brother.
  • In ShiftyLook's comic based on Dragon Spirit. The main character Amul is the Comic Foil while Nida is the Straight Woman.
  • Sam in Sam & Fuzzy spent most of the comic's early run being Fuzzy's and Fridge's straight man (though practically everyone is the straight man compared to Fuzzy). Although the comic has since turned a lot more story- than gag-driven, Sam is still usually the one who sets up the panel jokes for more eccentric and/or psychopathic characters, like Sin and the Ninja Mafia.
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  • Max is the snarky straight man to pretty much the entire cast of Paranatural.


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