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  • Teen Titans' Raven is a Deadpan Snarker and seeming Emotionless Girl, but she has to be because if she loses control of her emotions, she loses control of her demon side, and that would be bad news for the world. She doesn't really have the option of angsting about the fact that she is the daughter of Trigon, born to be an Apocalypse Maiden, and the day of his coming is near. She just tries to do what good she can do until then.
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  • Samurai Jack is the epitome of Stoic. And with all the trials and near-victories he endures, who doesn't wanna buy the guy a beer? One episode even deals with him controlling the very justified emotional turmoil he experiences on a regular basis.
  • Hank Hill from King of the Hill expresses zero emotion throughout the entire series. However, he refuses to show any emotion at all because he fears that bad things will happen to him if he ever feels a moment of happiness in his life like when he seriously injured his ankle during the final game of a high school football season. As a result, Hank grows disconnected with acting normal and always seeks enjoyment in activities that nobody else enjoys. His life only gets worse due to being Surrounded by Idiots.
  • If you've never wanted to just hug a martian before you've obviously never watched Justice League, because J'onn J'onzz has it rough. He's the sole survivor of an alien attack that obliterated his entire species (including his wife and children) and has nowhere but the Watchtower to call his home, no family to speak of save for the rest of the League, and doesn't even have a secret identity to fall back on. To make matters worse, while he's very kindhearted and empathic, he's also lacking in social skills, shy, and an absolute fish out of water who has trouble comprehending Earth customs, making it next to impossible for him to fit in or make friends with anyone. While he does love the rest of the League dearly and warms up to them somewhat (and they make an earnest effort to include him), he's always the odd man out and lives a very lonely life. Towards the end of the series he finally Earns His Happy Ending where he assumes a human form and ends up happily married to a woman in China.
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  • Aqualad from Young Justice, big time. The "love of his life" (who was dating his best friend) dies. And then, just a little while later, he finds out that Black Manta is his father. He pretends to go over to the other side in a deal with Nightwing. His friends despise him as a traitor, he has to make morally dubious choices to maintain his cover, and could potentially Become The Mask. And just when things couldn't get any worse, he gets Mind Raped into a coma and his psyche is shattered. The only despair he shows during this is when his mind is so destroyed he's psychologically incapable of controlling his emotions.
  • Milo Murphy's Law: Milo Murphy maintains a constant air of cheery goodwill in the face of the fact that he was cursed from birth to experience misfortune in every area of his life, and has to deal on a daily basis with every element of his environment trying to kill him while his classmates studiously avoid him because the curse effects everyone in his immediate atmosphere.

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