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  • Metal Gear Solid:
    • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: The Boss. She lost her son on the beaches of Normandy when the Philosophers kidnapped him. She was subjected to high levels of radiation from atomic tests, was sent into space in a highly dangerous test launch of a prototype spacecraft but treated badly because she wasn't the 'official' first in space. She was seperated for years from the man she trained and was a surrogate son to her. During the seperation she was sent on a mission to kill the father of her child. The next time she met the man she trained she knew that she would have to defect and break his heart, even though the defection was a ruse planned by the US Government to get their hands on a fortune to fund their war. During the mission she is blamed for an atomic explosion caused by the insane general she was supposedly defecting to, accepting the blame to stop all-out nuclear war. She knows that she has to be killed by the man who was like a son to her, and can never reveal that she didn't betray him or her country. Finally, she would go to her grave in silence, knowing that future generations would believe her to be a monster who would have allowed the world to burn in nuclear fire. But not once did she break down or abandon the mission. "A normal person would have broken under the pressure" indeed.
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    • Ocelot grew up as a child soldier after being kidnapped by The Philosophers, his best friend and mentor Big Boss gets effectively killed, His arm gets cut off as part of The Plan to revive Big Boss, He gets labelled a terrorist and traitor by everyone (even people on his own side), has hypnotherapy and nano-machines to convince The Patriots he's Liquid knowing that it will lead to his death and he has to play the bad guy to motivate Snake. All to resurrect his best friend (and crush) Big Boss, who he knew he would never get to see again as the plan would lead to his (Ocelot's) death. He suffers everyone on the entire planet Earth thinking that he's pure evil, even though he's trying to free them from The Patriots control and not once does he break down, just grimly continues playing the bad guy until his death at the hands of his best friend's son.
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  • Onmyōji: Let's see what Seimei has to go through: losing his memory, having to keep peace and order for an entire city on the verge of destruction, getting blamed for disasters he doesn't remember causing with the fear of Amnesiac Dissonance on top of that, learning that the bad guy is himself, but not really, and finally having one of his friends turn on him and become the Greater-Scope Villain than the aforementioned, among other things. It's quite impressive how he remains calm and composed through all of that. Still, you definitely don't want to piss him off though.
  • Soren from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn fits this very well, though he sometimes borders on Jerkass Woobie territory. He comes off as being cold and unkind, and is the Greil Mercenaries' resident Spock. You'd never guess that he has a Tear Jerker past...but does he ever. Thing is, though, this past is revealed through support conversations and other bits of the story that are easy to miss, so even the player might not realize it.
  • Fire Emblem Fates:
    • Azura suffered from abuse in Nohr and Fantastic Racism in Hoshido, is cursed with powers that are vital to winning the war but slowly kill her when used, and is literally unable to tell anyone what she knows about the Greater-Scope Villain due to another curse; the result of all this has left her incredibly jaded, but she never complains and never gives up trying to help.
    • Saizo found out who was responsible for the death of his and Kaze's father, and went to go take revenge... which simply resulted in him getting his eye slashed out and almost dying. Oh, and he never told Kaze about this, so he had to suffer alone about it for years, and in their supports Kaze himself is incredibly shocked at the amount of secret suffering his brother has gone through. Then there's the fact that, depending on the route taken, he and Kaze can end up fighting each other, which counts for both of them. And yet Saizo keeps carrying on his duties, keeping his inner troubles aside...
  • In Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Ezekiel, aka Zeke, is a kind-hearted and handsome Reasonable Authority Figure who turns out to have had one Hell of a Dark and Troubled Past as Camus, the Anti-Villain from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. He doesn't have it easy in Valentia either, due to his Trauma-Induced Amnesia and how, despite his girlfriend Tatiana's unconditional love, he was treated harshly until Emperor Rudolf put his faith in him. And he's also Forced into Evil by having Tatiana taken prisoner by Nuibaba, requiring the help of the cast to rescue her (and if she's not rescued, he will die fighting Alm and Co). Regardless, Zeke rarely if ever discusses his huge problems with Alm or Tatiana, remains stonefaced and strongwilled, and keeps going on. Pretty much the only way to truly break him is killing Tatiana off.
  • Gorath from Betrayal at Krondor: His decision to do the right and very difficult thing - trying to bring peace between two nations that have been warring since forever and fully intend to keep doing so - has cost him everything, but don't expect to ever hear anything about it from him.
  • Shinjiro Aragaki in Persona 3. Let's go over his life: First of all, he's an orphan. Second, one of his childhood friends died in a fire. Third, two years prior to the beginning of the series, he lost control of his Persona and accidentally killed a woman, orphaning her son. As a result, he left SEES and began living as an outcast. During those two years, he began taking drugs to help control his Persona. Said drugs are slowly killing him. When he learns that Ken, the boy he orphaned has joined SEES, he decides to rejoin. During that time, he tries to maintain a distance between himself and the others. He has his own Social Link with the female protagonist where it becomes painfully clear that he really is a nice guy, and he slowly falls in love with her. However, Shinjiro is certain that he doesn't have much time left and is extremely reluctant to pursue those feelings, especially since he realizes that Ken joined SEES in order to seek revenge on him. Shinjiro ultimately either dies at Takaya's hands or falls into a coma, waking up just in time to see the girl he loves die. Despite everything, he never complains or gives any indication that he's suffering.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Kaidan Alenko. He joins the Alliance Navy to do good, despite the abuse he suffered as teenager in an Alliance program, and he refuses to dwell on it. Or at least, so he says, in the conversations with him he dwells quite a lot on it, especially if your Shepard is female. It still seems to affect him, but he insists it does not:
      Kaidan: "I've put my personal demons to rest long ago."
    • Thane Krios, the Atoner who's dying of a disease. Was forced into assassin training at age 6, thus had no formal education in anything else and had to continue the job to win money for his family, his wife was killed by people trying to go after him and his son hates him for having left afterwards. Nonetheless, he remains the quiet and calm individual he is, only shedding Manly Tears when the situation warrants it.
  • Princess Zelda gets this treatment in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which gives her a personality of The High Queen. She's suffering deeply for the tragedies inflicted on her people and her kingdom, but she doesn't dare show it because the enemy could easily exploit any perceived weakness.
  • Cyrus from Pokémon. When you get down to it, his entire motivation is his unhappiness with his own life and his failure to live up to his parents' perfect standards, to the point where he refuses to let himself feel anything—and thinks the entire world would be better off not feeling anything either. You don't hear any of this from him, or even while he's still in the game. You don't hear a whisper of his backstory until he's either run off in shame or gone into self-imposed exile (depending on version).
  • When you look at his personality, his goals, and his motive for fighting in the 2nd Maverick Wars never mind him being on the wrong side of said war, Harpuia is quite a complex, tragic character, and people love him for it.
  • Leon is this in Resident Evil. On his first day as a police officer he's forced into the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse, during which he's shot and led to believe his Love Interest died, and after he escapes he's blackmailed into working for the government lest they experiment on the young girl he and Claire were trying to save. He's sent to investigate a drug lord where he meets Manuela, an innocent girl he sets out to protect who either dies in the bad ending or is taken in by the government in the good. Oh, and his friend Krauser resents the role he was blackmailed into doing and as such becomes his enemy. Then he's sent to rescue the president's daughter, in the process getting beaten up a ridiculous amount by the bad guys, injected with a mind controlling parasite that causes him a lot of physical pain and nearly leads him to kill the Back from the Dead Love Interest, and having to watch anyone who tries to help him die. Apart from the occasional instance of Say My Name when a comrade dies you never hear him angsting over it, despite having good reason to.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy VII:
      • Vincent Valentine. Let's start: he never got along with his father. We know that because said father tells Lucrecia, who accidentally killed him by experimenting too much, to apologize to his son for not being a good dad. Next, we have Vincent being employed as the girl's bodyguard. Well okay, the girl is hot, he falls in love with her. Then Vincent finds out that Lucrecia worked with and watched his father die. He's all "Whatever, I still love you", it seems like an unrequited feeling, but why is she flirting with him? Moving on: Lucrecia is in fact Hojo's assistant. Hojo is old, ugly, creepy and downright EVIL. So she sleeps with him. Vincent says that he doesn't care, as long as she's happy. Turns out, they needed a child to be conceived, to experiment on it. Remember Sephiroth? Yeah, this one. That's the child. Still being pregnant, Lucrecia falls ill and Vincent loves her too much to just watch. So he confronts both of them. Hojo kills him because he's 'noisy'. Lucrecia puts him in a tube and brings him back to life by making him the host of Chaos. And then she goes into a cave and seals herself in a Mako crystal, apologizing a lot. Vincent wakes up, discovers he's a bit different than before (no way?) and goes into rage mode. Then he closes himself in a coffin for 30 years (by the way, his body is now nearly indestructible and he never ages), saying that it's the punishment for his sin. Apparently, his sin was doing nothing, but watching the experiment. Then Cloud and co. wake him up in the basement of Shinra Manor and greet him with some great news - Lucrecia's child has become pretty homicidal and is about to destroy the world. And then, when the heroes finally kill Hojo in the game, he tells him to rest in peace. So? Want to hug him yet?
      • Cloud Strife. Lonely, alienated childhood, check. Told that he was too weak to join SOLDIER, which was his dream, check. Watched his mother killed, best friend almost killed, and childhood crush apparently mortally wounded, check. Used as a human guinea pig by Hojo, check. Is dragged across a continent by his best friend while Shinra chases them and can't do anything when they catch up and kill said best friend, check. Resulting in Trauma-Induced Amnesia, check. Manipulated into almost killing a potential love interest, twice, check. Same manipulation and a serious Mind Screw result in him giving the Big Bad the black materia, again twice, check. Watching Aerith die, check. Realizing he'd promised to be his living legacy and to never forget, and then having ''forgotten'', check. Failing to find a cure for Geostigma and coming down with it himself, check...
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy: The Warrior of Light, the protagonist from the original Final Fantasy never falters or stops trying to do the right thing, this leads many of the other heroes to think he has no doubts (which is incorrect). He does let his woobieness show when he and the other heroes are on their way to fight Chaos, and the Warrior opens up about feeling more and more uneasy the others are regaining their memories while he is not. That of course is only the tip of the iceberg, turns out he can't remember a past because he was born during the cycles of war between Cosmos and Chaos. Having been created by Cid in a previous cycle of the conflict and abandoned by his father to fend for himself in a warzone.
  • Max Payne only wanted to live The American Dream and instead turned into a merciless Vigilante Man who carries an absurd amount of emotional baggage with him. Sadly, by the flashback events of the third game, he's washed down any prayer of finding happiness again down in a swill of whiskey and painkillers. He moves to Brazil, where has an unending supply of material comforts, but is still completely down on himself and feels out of place on top of it all. He figures he can live out his life there and, while he'll never be mentally stable again, will be able to get by until whatever kills him.
  • Michael "Iceman" Casey in the first Wing Commander installment. He rarely opens up to any other pilot aboard Tiger's Claw, and will only talk about things relevant to his job - to kill and get revenge on the Kilrathi enemies that destroyed his homeworld, Vega VII, and left him a deep, permanent scar in the heart. Cold, efficient, and calculating, some pilots even worry that he has a freon for blood.
  • Fallout: New Vegas has Craig Boone, a former member of the New California Republic's First Recon battalion. He took part in the Bitter Springs massacre, where, because of a miscommunication, the First Recon were ordered to gun down innocent civilians, including women, children, and the elderly. He was haunted by this until he met his future wife, Carla, who he loved enough for him to forget about Bitter Springs. Eventually, though, Carla was kidnapped by Caesar's Legion to be sold into slavery, and Boone was forced to Mercy Kill her. This event caused him to believe that fate was punishing him for Bitter Springs, and that it would only end upon his death. By the time the player meets him, Boone actively pushes people away because he believes that nothing except death and suffering will happen to him or those around him ever again.
  • Ib: The title character. First she's separated from her parents. Then she has to explore a dark, surreal gallery where the very paintings are out for your blood. We realise later that she's starting to hallucinate - first as a comfort mechanism... then even that turns into her seeing hanged effigies of herself around the place. Depending on your ending, her suffering ranges from seeing one of her friends die, to being so broken that she simply lies down, and doesn't get up again. And throughout the game, she never utters a word, nor does anyone point out the strenuousness of what she's dealing with (aside from Garry during one Not So Stoic moment). Have we mentioned that she's nine yet?
  • Psychonauts' Sasha Nein, a Psychonaut agent who has acquired such a high degree of self-control that the very surface of his mind is nothing but a smooth cube painted with abstract black-and-white patterns. However, he has seen some rather traumatizing things in his past, notably, how his father viewed his late mother, as a little boy.
  • Borderlands 2 has Tiny Tina as a Woobie whose stoicism manifests as cheerfulness that frequently crosses over into mania. In fact, she comes off as in denial of her tragedies, even in the midst of torturing her parents' killer to death. The one time the facade drops is when she admits that she is well aware that her good friend Roland died, despite seemingly leaving a chair for him at her gaming table.
  • Dishonored: dark protagonist Corvo Attano watches his lover the Empress killed, his daughter kidnapped and gets framed for both crimes - all in the span of half a minute. He then spends six months being jailed and tortured by the people who framed him before he can get free to start fixing things. Later on, the people he signed on with to get revenge betray him too because they can't risk him fouling up their own efforts either. In the sequel, if chosen as the player-character, he gets betrayed once again by turncoats, stripped of his arcane powers, watches his daughter be turned to stone, sees his daughter's Childhood Friend murdered in front of him and has to flee the city - all of it done by the government of his own homeland and the embittered half-sister of his lover. That's not even touching on his backstory of being a poor boy whose father died when he was young and had to make a living by self-taught fighting, or how how his newfound voice in the sequel hints to just how much hurt he carries between the events of the two games, or getting a constant running commentary on his misfortunes by his self-involved patron outer god. And yet, not once does he ever seem to actually complain to anyone about where he is or heap his inner turmoil on them - instead he busies himself hunting down all the people who wronged him and making them pay, one way or another.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Knuckles the Echidna, Despite his tough, stoic exterior and his devotion to guarding the Master Emerald, he has been shown to deeply regret the loneliness that comes from his duty and the fact that he's the Last of His Kind, and wishes he could be as free as Sonic (not that he would ever admit to envy him). The very first cutscene in his story in Sonic Adventure shows him musing over it alone, and his Image Song from Sonic Adventure 2 has lines such as "He's searching for shining. But every time he looks for the sun, he can't find it" and "Is this the way, the path I chose? Then why am I living with my heart so cold? All that I see is a storm of stones"

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