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  • Every vampire from Vampire: The Requiem slowly loses its Humanity as the years go by, but the Daeva clan are particularly prone to this. They are presented as sexy and manipulative men and women that ooze sensuality, and maintain the image of the perfect vampires, but inside they're completely rotten. Years of manipulation drain their ability to feel true attachment until they can no longer comprehend human emotions and even though they seem to be passionate and claim to understand desire, they only feel need. This causes many Daeva to became depraved and desperate to feel again. Things get worse each passing decade, because vampires tend to forget to fake breathing and blinking, gradually turning them into Empty Shells and truly establishing their Stepford Smilers status and Uncanny Valley natures. This, of course, makes humans (as well as animals) feel that there's something atrociously wrong with them.
    Such simple creatures. I'm grateful not be one any longer. Still... I do wish to remember just a bit more clearly what it felt like.
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  • Paranoia is set in a dystopic underground complex under the iron-fisted rule a insane Master Computer that demands that all citizens be happy under penalty of summary execution.
  • Every friendly and/or cute looking monster in Yu-Gi-Oh! can be considered Empty and Unstable. Averted in the anime where most of them have demonstrated emotions and even personalities.


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