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  • LayCool are Unstable. The two of them are best friends with genuine affection for each other and are bubbly and friendly whenever they're on commentary. Then in the ring....they are devilish little villains who are out for themselves. Michelle and Layla even give off nice toothy smiles whenever they're insulting the other divas.
  • Melina's last heel turn implied she was an Empty face. The announcers have said "this is the real Melina, not the smiling happy diva we've seen in the past"
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  • Eve Torres is Unstable. She would frequently wave like a Pageant Queen and give a gleaming vapid smile - right before she would brutalise other women in the ring.
  • Madison Rayne was depressed, or at least jaded over a lot of things going wrong for her in TNA, though Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, the cause of most of her problems, said that she was a "horrible person"(unstable) and took credit for making her that way.
  • Hania The Howling Huntress was a Depressed as Saturyne. While she seemed happy to be teaming with Dasher Hatfield at CHIKARA Just Shadows in the Fog and generally smiled a lot while playing that character, she talks in this interview about how miserable she was in that role.

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