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  • A neighbourhood in Richmond, BC has a road named Riverdale Dr., then Forsyth Cres. a few hundred meters away. Forsyth is the real name of Jughead, a character in a comic series set in a town called Riverdale.


  • In Bally's Star Trek pinball, there's a small passage loop, hidden behind one of the bumpers, which is labeled "Where No Man Has Gone Before"... because it's practically impossible to intentionally hit it.
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  • Stern Pinball's Batman pinball game has a construction crane that swings around the playfield. It is associated with the villain Scarecrow, whose real name is Jonathan Crane.
  • In Cirqus Voltaire, spelling RING increases the bonus multiplier, but only up to 3X — because this is a three-ring circus...
  • In Star Trek (Stern), the Warp ramp leads to a Ramp Jump across the table ...making it a literal Warp Jump.

Print Media

  • One issue of Private Eye, covering the scandal after Jacqui Smith's husband used her expense account to buy adult films, ran with the joke "At least he's not a banker!", the unspoken pun being that he is however (literally) a wanker.
    • Private Eye also often refer to themselves as an "organ". On the obvious level, it's a pun on the fact that the eye is an organ, the Stealth Pun comes in with the fact that this then makes them a "Private Organ".
    • Stealth Running Gag — A Private Eye Caption Competition photo showed Chris Woodhead (former Chief School Inspector, who had a relationship with an ex-student) and a teenage girl looking at a large book. The winning caption was "Look, there it is, next to Kenya." - the suggestion being that they really were "discussing Uganda," a long-time running gag for an excuse they took as an Unusual Euphemism.


  • From The Very World of Milton Jones:
    ...and when we were naughty at school, we used to be sent to this man with no arms and no legs and no body. He was the Head. And if he wasn't in, we used to be sent to this other man with no arms and no legs and no body and a cowboy hat. He was Mr Roberts.
    • The correct punchline is, of course, "the deputy head".

Sport Team Mascots

  • The University of Connecticut has, as its sports mascot, the Huskies. Huskies are a breed of sled dogs normally found in the Yukon. University of Connecticut = U. Conn.
  • The local highschool for Papillion, Nebraska, has "The Monarchs" for its mascot. Given that the town's name comes from the French word papillon, or butterfly...
  • The mascot of Arkansas School for the Deaf: Leopards.
  • Allegheny College's sports teams are called the Gators. The word "Allegheny" is often abbreviated as "Alle." Thus making the team the "Alle. Gators."
    • San Francisco State University, also the Gators. Hint: they're the Gators, and one of the school colors is gold. Golden Gators=Golden Gaters
  • One animated music video for the West Coast Eagles theme song has the Eagles' mascot giving the Fremantle Dockers' mascot (the Eagles' cross-town rivals) a wedgie. Aside from the act of pulling someone's underwear up from behind, "wedgie" is also Australian slang for a Wedge-Tailed Eagle, Australia's largest and best-known species of eagle.
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  • Washington DC's Horace Mann Elementary School has a centaur as its mascot. "Horace Mann" being pronounced similarly to "horse-man."

TV Tropes

  • Spanner in the Works: Aside from being a wrench, "spanner" is also British slang for a stupid person.


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